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Per drives Formula 1 racing car in Germany

Written by roxeteer on April 22, 2001 to .

Per’s dream came true last week when he was allowed to drive a McLaren Formula 1 racing car in Hockenheim, Germany. The car wasn’t their official race vehicle, but a 2-seated version (on the left in picture) for promotional use.

  Per is known for being a Formula 1 enthusiast. He had to pay 200,000 SEK (almost 20,000 USD) to get this chance. However, not everyone – even if they have the money – is permitted to drive the car. McLaren only lets people with promotional value to test their Formula 1 car.

  Per was in the car only as a passenger. The person who drove was McLaren’s test driver Darren Turner.

“Room Service” moves up a notch in Germany

Written by Lars-Erik_Olson on April 20, 2001 to .

Looking at only at Top Ten chart positions, Roxette’s “Room Service” moved up one notch to the #3 spot on the German album chart this past week, while retaining their top #1 position in Belgium and Sweden. In Switzerland, the album dropped from #2 to #4; in Austria, from #4 to #7.

Swedish radio listeners vote IMHBL best love song ever

Written by roxeteer on April 20, 2001 to .

Today’s Metro Helsinki has published Top 10 list of best love songs ever, as voted by the listeners of Stockholm radio station Lugna Favoriter 104,7 RTL. The listeners of Lugna Favoriter (“Easy-listening favorites”) voted Roxette’s “It Must Have Been Love” as their all-time favorite.

  #2 was Michael Bolton with “When A Man Loves A Woman” and #3 Bette Midler with “The Rose”. Elton John was the only one to have 2 songs in Top 10, “Can You Feel The Love Tonight” at #4 and “Sacrifice” at #10.

See the cover, hear the mixes

Written by roxtexanet on April 18, 2001 to .

Sweden’s features the remixes of “The Centre of the Heart” as a new release this week (entering the dance charts at #35), and shows the cover of the maxi CD. Fans can preview clips of some of the remixes and vote “hit” or “miss”. So far, the highly critical visitors to this site have voted it a hit!

Billboard’s Eurochart shows Roxette in the top 10

Written by Lars-Erik_Olson on April 17, 2001 to .

NEW YORK - Billboard magazine, in its current issue published here, shows that the Eurochart for albums has Roxette placed at #6.

  London-based Billboard reporter Paul Sexton, in writing about the additions to the top 10 in the online edition at, refers to Roxette as “chart evergreens.”

Fans eager for tour turn - again - to an online petition drive

Written by Lars-Erik_Olson on April 17, 2001 to .

The feeling is, “if it worked before, why not try it again?”

  With the memory of a “successful” petition drive last summer still fresh in their heads – a campaign that was credited at least with convincing Marie Fredriksson to tour Sweden – Judith Seuma, along with several other fans, have launched a similar effort to urge Roxette to mount a “Room Service” world tour.

  A joint effort between RoxSpain and the OIRFC in the Netherlands, hundred of fans have already signed the petition being hosted at

Nout Van Den Neste contributed to this article.

EMI contest offers trips to Madonna Inn in California

Written by Roxmaniac on April 17, 2001 to .

With a prize package that seems both obvious and brilliant, the EMI companies in Germany and Austria began contests today, in conjuction with various online partners, where the winners will receive airfare for two to Los Angeles… and a week’s stay at the Madonna Inn in San Luis Opisbo, California, where the “Centre of the Heart” video was shot!

  Cleverly designed to be fun and engaging, the “Room Service Internet Competition” takes you through some of the rooms at the Madonna Inn, where you can click on certain items. There are some hidden specials there, including soundfiles, pictures and interviews. After collecting the passwords to be able to visit the last room, the contest entry form awaits.

  The contests are open to residents of Germany and Austria only, but anyone (even without much knowledge of German) can “play” the game.

Stefan Schönhacker contributed to this article. Photograph of the “American Beauty” room (named after a type of rose) ©2000 by Tom Meinhold. Used with permission.

“Entering Your Heart” on Japanese “Room Service”

Written by roxeteer on April 16, 2001 to .

The Japanese edition of “Room Service” features a previously unreleased bonus track, “Entering Your Heart (Extended version)”. The same song, but 30 seconds shorter, appeared as the b-side for “The Centre Of The Heart” single. The extended version contains lyrics missing from the single version.

  “Room Service” was released in Japan by Toshiba-EMI on April 11th. (Ryan Cameron contributed to this article.)

Expressen’s series on Roxette concludes with columnist claiming they “aren’t hungry anymore”

Written by roxeteer on April 16, 2001 to .

A couple of days ago, we had an English summary of part one of Expressen’s article series on Roxette’s history. Now we’ll continue with parts two and three. Expressen also published a column by Anders Nunstedt, entitled “Roxette is not hungry anymore”. We’ll have a summary on that one later in this article. So, read on! (Probably the longest article in TDR ever :-)

Read more…

#7, #5, #4, #1..... Top ten chart success for Rox in Europe

Written by Lars-Erik_Olson on April 13, 2001 to .

Perhaps it’s different for say… a Madonna fan. You pick up a copy of Billboard, her latest song is at #1… no big deal.

  But for Roxette fans, who have gone for long periods without such gratification or validation, this is a special time. The Daily Roxette’s SmallTalk forum is full of messages from excited fans talking about the success of Roxette both on singles charts, with “Centre of the Heart”, and on album charts, with “Room Service”.

  Looking just at the album charts, Roxette has cracked the Top Ten in Norway, where it’s at #7; Spain, where it’s at #5; Austria, the Czech Republic, and Germany, where it’s at #4; Switzerland, where it’s at #2; and in Sweden and Belgium, where they rule at #1.

  TDR reader and RoxNorthAmeriFan board member Jim Greulich has been known to the Roxette online fan community for years as “the chart guy”. He spends hours compiling chart data from around the world, and he’s finally found a “home” on the Web for his listings:

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