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The story of “The Look” now available online

Written by Jud on January 17, 2010 to .

As we reported in December, Swedish television, SVT, premeired its new show "Hitlåtens historia" ("The Story of the Hit") with the story of Roxette's "The Look" yesterday. You can watch the program online on SVT's website.


What a great documentary! Really enjoyed it. Nice to hear the build-up of the mix, how they created some of the sounds, and great vocal cuts! Absolutely inspirational! And of course, the success story is always exciting.

Never before heard the elk in this song.

Any chance of an English subtitled version?

Yeah, i’m watching it now and as fun as it is to hear some of the tracks etc.. i’m sure i’m missing something.

any idea about where/how to download it?

I enjoyed it despite not understanding a word of Swedish haha

But I think Dean Cushman has been eating a few too many pies!

But he did a great job. Without him Roxette where half so famous as they are now.

@ randall: This way. Scroll to the bottom ;)

thank you shirley

I don’t agree that without Cushman Roxette would have been half so famous as they are now. It was an American exchange studend this time, but it could have been anybody from Germany or the UK. They had everything to get an international hit, it was just a matter of time. Cushman or no Cushman.

Dean Cushman definately helped. If he hadn’t have took the CD at that time then they might have had success later meaning that It Must Have Been Love may have never been in Pretty Woman and meaning that they would be without their biggest hit. It might have never been re-recorded and people may have never asked them to do another film soundtrack meaning Almost Unreal may have never existed.

Little acts like Cushmans go a long way

Lots of hypothetical scenarios there.

Who’s to say that if The Look got pushed by the record company, picked up by radio leading to a major hit, giving their management time to work out a schedule to best take advantage of the situation on their own terms.

We’ll never know.

It was what it was, and we should all be thankful for it.

i disagree most major lables in the usa passed on roxette more than once especially during their renegotiation a fre years back ifit wasn’t for their 80’s break after joyride we might have never heard from them again

so say we all

Are there English Subs available.

Also EMI America reject look Sharp three times. Whilst it is true Dean Cushman did help, and Roxette recognised that my throwing him a party, per also said a while ago that the Look was getting airplay in LA around the same time Dean bought it to his DJ.

I sometimes think if that hadn’t happened Roxette may have signed up to a better label.



Never Left The Joyride..

What’s happening with / RoxetteService?

That about the record label is true and a pitty... But it helped for the breakthru of Roxette what Cushman did.

ditroia said: I sometimes think if that hadn’t happened Roxette may have signed up to a better label.

Good point. Once again, hypothetically if that happend, their whole career could have been completely different. Their stint in the USA may have lasted longer and who knows what from there.

@ ditroia: I started to make a translation, but it’s far from perfect & even farther from being complete yet. Will add bits & pieces when I find the time to do it. Of course everyone’s welcome to contribute sth. ;)

Wow!! Thank you, Shirley!! You rock!

You’re welcome, Majdy!

Any native speakers around, who’d like to help with the translation? ;) Guess this would take a Swede 1-2 hours while it’s an agonizingly slow process for me.

Nice documentary. But that DJ is a little theatrical.

I’m not sure Sascha, I haven’t heard from Marcus or Handrich in Ages.



Ummm I seemed to have missed this post somehow!


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