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Radio Halland’s annual Per-interview

Written by tevensso on December 29, 2009 to and . Source: P4 Halland.

HALMSTAD - Radio Halland's Pelle Hörmander has met Per Gessle for their traditional after-Christmas interview. These are the highlights of the 13 minute interview:

About the new album:

"We're thinking '80s, that immediate in-your-face production. We're looking at 'Look Sharp!' production wise. The songs are short and effective. Clarence calls it "fool proof production" meaning not so many instruments and they all are very clear to hear. I'm trying to think that way when I write [for this album]. It's hard to explain."

- Is it as danceable as 'Party Crasher'?

"No, not at all. Not at all. Maybe next year when we sit here again, the album's out."

"Half of the songs are written for me, half for Marie. Marie hasn't written anything for the album. I'd like Marie to sing it all, but I guess that's not possible so I have to fill in here and there."

About touring:

"I do see Roxette performing again, that's what we want. Why not in Sweden? If not, we'll have to make room for Sweden. This is not written in stone though, but if you had asked me 6 months ago I would have said no."

- Next big Roxette tour, will you take more space on stage?

"Yes I might, since I've been touring a lot solo lately I now feel more comfortable to be on stage."

- Still interested in the US?

"Sure, but that will never happen again. We're too old and vintage. But there may well be a cover of a Rox song that will climb the charts. The songs still have power, not sure that Per & Marie have it anymore…"

About 2010:

"We're in the studio until midsummer for starters. Then possibly rehearsals if we're to do concerts."

"Next year there will be nothing but Roxette."


“But if you had asked me 6 months ago I would have said no.”

I guess that sums up pretty much everything concerning Roxette and you can change the “6 months” term of course. Let it be “6 years, 2 years, 1 year or ...”
I still can’t believe they are doing this. Per and Marie may not have the power to climb the charts in the US, but they still have the power for everything else it seems. ;-) So thanks to Per and Marie. Looking forward to that 2010 80’s stuff we get..


I think that: if in the United States Roxette had the right promotion, as have other groups such as U2, Red Hot Chilly Peppers and many others, even for them there would be more space, and would return to climb the charts ... Per and Marie are still young! Today 50 years have very few!
However, I am very happy and it makes me happy to think that our favorite band, still has so many projects and then in 2010 once again give us the opportunity to listen to their great album and they can listen to radio and watch them on TV!
Bands and singers tremble Roxette returned and soon the charts have only room for them!
by from Italy

ps. Happy New Year for all

They never fail to surprise me this year! Not only a proper album instead of some bonus-tracks, even a full Roxette tour on the agenda. So much we didn’t dare to dream about the last seven years. Just great! :-D

Thank you, Marie & Per!

Fear I still don’t get the meaning of Clarence’s “idiot obvious production.” Can anyone explain?

Thanks for this!!! It really seems that NOTP helped to glue Roxette together again. Yipppieeh!!!
Happy New Rox-Year....but please let us earn some money again before you release and go on tour and everything.....:) :) :)

“Next year there will be nothing but Roxette.”

another words
“Next year will be Happy year” !!!


THANKS dear Per and Marie!!

@Sascha: Bad translation from me. Better now. :)

Thank you, Thomas! I had already problems with that description in the other interview.

folks, save money and pack your bags to stocholm..::)

Hi There,

I’ts great to hear so much good news from Per en Marie.
Also great that they played on the Proms in Holland.
One of my memorable concerts.
On the new album I hope there will be a DVD included with the songs from Night of the proms.

I am also very curious about the new material.

It wil be a great Rox year.

I wish a happy new year to all of you...

so we’ll sit here and wait :)))
Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true

“idiot obvious production” means that instruments are perfectly audible, even an idiot could hear every instrument separately..
In Software Development we have a similar phrase ...

Thanks! That’s cool. Imho one characteristic thing about 80s music is the catchiness of intrumental parts, like the synthie line in Dangerous, the strings in LTYH or the keyboard riff in Take On Me. This stand-out elements got somehow lost in the music of the later 90s and 00s. Hoping to get those hooks back! And real middle-8s please! :-D

It will be very interesting, to return to read these interviews about how new album is rising and how it sounds, during listening finished new album.

Didn’t listen “Look Sharp!” for years, but these last news has forced me to play it again. Almost forgot that last 3 songs on the album are really excellent.

To say truth, hope there will be also some Joyride arrangies/production on new album, cos this album has real Roxtte sound to me. ;-)

This sounds great! Hopefully the new album will have lots of catchy synth hooks and catchy recordings like Goodbye To You from Pearls Of Passion (a very underrated Roxette album, not least by themselves!)

Hi there you all!

This is great news indeed! Ever heard of the expression: “Less is More”?
No overly produced albums but back to their roots!
If that is what they are planning, I’m very happy!
They don’t have to prove themselves, I mean, they have already done that, haven’t they?
They have a large group of fans that stick to them, like Chris de Burgh for example.
That guy goes on and on without any new hits.

As long as Per and Marie are happy I am!

Have a Roxfull 2010 you all!


Long time ago, I’d complain, What, no songs written by Marie? Right now, I just don’t care. I am just SSSSOOO damn happy that Roxette is back.

It seemed though that I am going to lose more money next year though ;) but.. who cares!

I’m just so excited!! Something great to look for in this depressing world of ours!!
I just hope the album kix ass!! Big ballads and power pop songs!! Yea!! That’s what Roxette is about.

Thanx Per and greatly to Marie!! Thanks girl, you’re the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!

God bless!

Marie is a lady who’ll ROCK us like a baby!!!

@CoyRoy: Big ballads and power pop songs!! Yea!! That’s what Roxette is about.
Totaly agree. Joyride 2010?

I guess we’d better start saving up!

“Short & effective” sounds great... I’m imagining an uptempo song like Opportunity Nox!!!! Looking forward to the combination of Marie’s and Per’s voices in the new songs. And yes, saving up money for the tour. Awesome. Thanx, P&M:))

I am so going to Stockholm if they were to do concert! Been waiting so long for this opportunity!

Wah from Malaysia

Strange to see Per talking about them not having the same power of gone days. Big deal. Nothing EVER really happened in a planned way for Roxette. Starting with The Look, the biggest lucky strike a nordic band could benefit from. Their “singles” in South America: same. The ENTIRE Joyride and CBB! albuns played in radios here. And i really doubt EMI ordered that. They’re talented, they’re unique, they just push a little more in order to have a minimum of decent promotion in US and they would kick the asses of Paramores, Colbys and Gagas (that’s a little harder) for good. I see a lot of teenagers checking music videos and even tv series and cartoons from the 80’s and getting “misty”, even tough they of course have never been there and witnessed it. But they recognize the superiority of the artistic achievements from 20, 15 years back. That’s a big thing. Go on, P&M, you got nothing to fear.

How innately wise and realistic PER is!

Per is right the songs still have power and they may make it in the US properly covered but when he said they were too old and vintage I guess he meant that it would take a lot of Marie’s strenght to work on another US promotion tour and stuff. Let us remember that websites and magazines still remember them and include them every now and then in their articles. It’s a matter of being human and enjoy what you have rather than fight again. I am convinced that if Marie hadn’t had that awful episode in her life they would still be thinking of another try in the US. But then again, thanks to the internet US is not a referential anymore so pity them if they cannot recognize such talent and divine music...their loss not ours.
My only hope and dream, apart from US’s and records, is to see Marie and Per performing in my town again, just one more time....
Can you make it happen Mr Gessle?
To you Per and Marie both a ROCKIN’ 2010 and to my fellow members of this community my best wishes for a beautiful new year

Anybody want to take a guess to what the album title would be??
“Monster Hangover” sounds like a good title.

I’d risk “Three darn chords”.

A new album?!!!!!! I can’t wait!!
“’80’s, immediate-in-your-face production??!!” Awesome :)
The possibility of live shows?!!!!!
Wow, this is going to be a very good year after all :)
...and if the show/s are just going to be in Sweden, I’ll still definitely be there!
But I know for a fact, based on the recent successful tours here in Australia by other artists who were huge (but not as huge as Roxette) in the late 80s / early 90s, there would be thousands of people buying tickets to Roxette concerts in Australia.
There are those of us who still see Roxette as our all-time favourite band - and then there are many, many more who LOVE it whenever a Roxette song comes on the radio or in a nightclub. SO many people I know would attend the concerts!
And... this is regardless of recent album sales.
Another one of my favourite artists in the world, Bryan Adams, who had several #1 albums and singles in the early 90s, but has barely sold an album here in the last 14 years, still tours Australia every 2 or 3 years and he sells out arenas every time.
And... what’s old is new again. Whenever people ask me what my favourite song of all time is, and I reply with The Look, they’re like, YEAH! And it always leads to a discussion on our favourite Roxette songs, and an inevitable sing-a-long!!
By the way, if an Australian leg of a Roxette tour were ever to eventuate, I know the PERFECT pop group that could be a support-act! We’re called Insight, and we aim to create ridiculously melodious pop songs! We’re going in to the studio in February. I’m also in an instrumental rock group called Mibus, which features electric violin, piano, and rhythm section, which is also available!! Just putting it out there... :)
Congrats Per on the interview, for adding an extra layer of excitement to this new year! All the best for the recording!!!!


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