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Documentary about “The Look”

Written by tevensso on October 2, 2009 to . Source:

STOCKHOLM - Head over to and check out the brand new photos of a fresh looking Roxette, taken at Cosmos Studios, former EMI Studios, in Stockholm. The occasion was a documentary Magnus Broni is making about Roxette's hit single "The Look." Magnus has interviewed Brian Phillips and Dean Cushman, among others.


After years of reading about the ’exchange student’ story, I’ll be interested to actually hear this guy discuss it in his own words!

I´m also interestet to hear something from Dean Cushman. I always wanted to hear the story from himself - “of the first hand” and (like ChrisWilliams already said) in his own words.

Strange that he was never interviewed before (or maybe I just don´t know it...).

A yummy pic indeed! Thanks! When is this documentary due to come to light? Will be nice to hear the first person story, but I hope theres going to be some insight into the history by Roxette themselves as well.

Gessle: Det spelar ingen roll vad som skrivs, bara bilden är bra :D

So, Roxette were interviewed in EMI Studios, eh?? Wonder what they could be doing there...? :-D

Dean sounds a bit bitter in that 1992 interview. Bitter with either EMI or Per & Marie.

I guess he was expecting a bigger thank you than a Joyride Casette Tape and dinner?

He got more than that, according to Per. At least a gold record with his name on.

That’s mentioned :”A few weeks later Cushman was presented with a gold single for “The Look” at a KDWB party in their honour.”

But he expected more, at least a job at EMI. Well... I’m sure he got over it later – and maybe the article exaggerated his feelings.

And yes, I’d love Roxette to record at EMI Studios too! :-D If possible... wasn’t sure it’s still in use.

Dear Mr.Gee & Mrs. Fff, you are incredible ! I look at your picture in 2009 and see you at 1989! You are my gods! I listen your music from 1991 and your songs for me like i‘m listening like a first time. Wish you all the BESTEST, 100% health, great shape, peace for you and your families.
ROX ON !!!

PS Song of the day, “Small talk” ;)

Wow!! Roxette are like 20 year’s old ago!

The Look track list is interesting reading. 24 tracks? Hopefully we will hear the song broken down in the studio like they do on Classic Albums.

imazombieinthem... said “Hopefully we will hear the song broken down in the studio like they do on Classic Albums.”

Would love to hear that. I’ve always hoped Rox would be on classic albums.. but not just yet sadly...

can you tell me where did you read the news about 24 tracks?

News? 24 track recording of ’The Look’.

@zombie, I’m guessing its in regard to your last post about the tracklisting for the look being interesting reading...where did you read this? where can we read this? And what do you mean by 24 tracks? Will there be 24 Rox tracks in the doco?

I might be way off here, but i’m assuming imazombie... is talking about the paper that is on the mixing desk shown on the photo. It shows “The Look” broken down into a grid of 24 with comments such as keyboards, guitars, per - lead vocal, bass, drums etc.

The tracks are each of the individual instrument/vocal tracks recorded for the song.

Yes, it’s from the photo.

Oh ok, I see. Had a look at that but couldn’t really make it out that well. Now that I know what it is, its a nice ’behind the scenes’ glimpse into the music world.

@Sascha: Thank you for the link to the interview. I´ll read it now...


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