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Written by tevensso on January 31, 2010 to and . Source: d&d management.

Here's the correct information about the Roxette tickets, as many of you already know: Tickets for the Roxette concert at Anderstorp are available through SEK 605 (€ 60) plus service charge.


I’ll just wait than... Unless someone would recommend to buy a combinationticket.
I really don’t know what’s best to do. Hope it all get’s cleared up soon.

From Facebook:

The Race Legends: Roxette Concert tickets are released Monday February 1, at 09.00! The Race Legends is happy to announce that Biljett Nu is the official agency for tickets to the evening concert with Roxette. There will be a limited amount of tickets. Only standing tickets for 650 SEK including booking fee are available.

It´d be great if the organizers are planning to include a full package containing tickets to travel as well, making also some kind of discount on the price, for those who live abroad...haha just kidding. A friend from here (Argentina), is planning to go to that concert, and he wants me to go with him, he was very enthusiastic and he also made me feel that everything is possible and that I can go to see Roxette. But as I calculated how much money I was supposed to put aside from the salary...well there was only a few pesos left.....So we´ll see :)

Okay, I am totally confused! Is Biljett Nu the official ticket seller now or what? I will not buy tickes on the first Febuary untill I get an official statement when the only concert tickes goes on sale and where!

Talk about conflicting information! First Biljett Nu should be ignored now it’s being said they are the official ticket seller... tickets for the concert are 650SEK but a three day race ticket is just 800SEK, seems a tad strange to me! Thankfully not a problem that I chose not to go to this event this time around, other things have to take priority this time!

The reason TDR isn’t posting that info is that our sources regard it as incorrect. We’ll post something good as soon as we have it. (Hopefully already this morning.)

23 minutes to go until the sale starts and people might buy the wrong tickets. Wow, what a chaos. Unfortunately, this is anything but professional!


this is damn incredible, what has been going on this weekend regarding the tickets.

First tickets should only be bought from theracelegends, tickets bought in other stores might not allow entrance to the event.
Now all of a sudden, biljettnu DOES sell tickets for the concert.

All according to TRL of course.

The thing with the capacity is also interesting. Per says no way it’s for 45000 people, TRL say it is..

Hope Per gets the right information soon, will only believe what he has to say :)

At least they got the date and the band right ;)
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“At least they got the date and the band right ;)”

Who knows.. :P
Roxette on #1 spot already. Site crashed at 9:01 am but is back now.


Just purchased my ticket through 5 minutes ago. No problems at all. 605 SEK plus fees, Now I just have to wait until August!


well if the race legends website says that is the official ticket agency, there´s not much to talk about
Daniel: I just bought my ticket too, no problems at all.

randall: Well, actually I’d say you’re right, but the race legends gave out different information throughout the whole weekend - first they said tickets from may not be valid or can cause problems now it’s the official “ticket agency”. So, I don’t dare to believe whatever they say from now on.


Hi all,

I just bought my ticket as well from Biljnettnu for 650SEK including fees

Hope to meet other fans and go to the concert together. Let’s plan this!

I plan to have Europe trip starting on the 1st of August. I’ll be coming from Malaysia


Don’t know what I should do. Hardly dare to buy tickets at Biljettnu.....

Call me fool, call me wise, but I got my ticket from this morning. I have never been to a real Roxette concert. So I really don’t want to miss my chance :)

I wish you the best there is before you go to sleep

@Sandy, the only real problem with is their traditionally high prices. This time it seems they have the ticket sales altogether,

Strange thing german we ’d say...first it’s “hü” it’s ” hott”....LOL
Soon I need my own Ms. Dimberg to solve all these strange organisation problems tsss....

@AURYTE: Me to. Just one question. Did you already received email with your .pdf ticket? writes it takes some time, but how long? I’m going to be nervous. :D

I received my email with ticket in about an hour and a half.

Really strange that sells the tickets. They usually only sell tickets to outsold events.

Anyway, in an article in expressen ( they say that there are gonna be two kind of standing tickets. One for 605 and one for 900 that are closer to stage. That’s strange since I only see tickets for 605 on their webpage.

Also agree that this tickets are really expensive. Am I the only one that still hopes for more concerts? Will they really rehearse this show to do it just once? Per didn’t confirm in the interview that this is the only show.

I bought 3 tickets yesterday 19.00 and until now I don’t get any email :(

The “golden circle” tickets don’t exist, probably never did.

@abysmo and others: I bought my ticket yesterday around noon CET. I couldn’t enter’s site in the morning :( When I was done with payment, I checked my e-mail and the ticket was there. I woulnd’t be surprised if people that bought tickets in the morning, like around 9-10 am, hadn’t received tickets, cos there was lots of traffic on the site. But you, who bought, in the evening, if you haven’t got your tickets yet, I’d recommend you to contact Biljettnu. I rang to them 3 times yesterday. They are really friendly and helpful :)

I wish you the best there is before you go to sleep

Thanks for the info AURYTE. I will wait day or two. Then I’ll contact them by email or ring them. Still hope that tickets will arrive without needed any urgencies.

The only way to buy tickets through biljettnu is Visa/Mastercard/American Express? Are there any other possibilities to pay for the tickets? I can see a couple of other choices in the list, but it’s not translated in English...Is it not possible with a bank transfer? (since the IBAN-code is on the site) I really would love to see Rox in their home country! ;-) Greetz...

Hi, I live in Chile and i tried three or four times to buy a ticket, finally I got a reference numbre succesfully buy i never got the ticket to be printed in my email. Then I read that only sell ticket in sweden and europe, how do I know if I´ll get the ticket? how can people from south america buy a ticket? There´s no way I miss this concert, please I need your help!!!!!!!!!!!!! please please please!!!!!!

Hi caritosofia, you should be able to buy your ticket from Chile (provided you have a valid international credit card) If you have already got the reference number you might have already completed the transaction succesfully. Depending on the site traffic it might take longer to get the tickets on your email, if you don’t get them by end of day just drop them an email. It worked really fast for me. Best of luck !


My ticket arrived me today and i have booked my flight to Göteborg and back at home, today. Now all is done and I must wait a half year for the concert.

Some info I got after sending email to

1. How close to the stage is the floor standing area for this ticket? What’s the difference with the one included in the race ticket?
They are all the same its just standing tickets to this event.

2. How do I go and see the race, activities and exhibitions but only on Saturday before the concert? Do I have to purchase separate ticket?
We only sell tickets to the concert and there will be two different entrances one for race and one for conserttickets.

3. Any recommendations for backpacking accomodation in Anderstorp?
You can call turist center in Gislaved: 0371-81541

Thanks for sharing.

Hi, check your spam inbox if you are missing your ticket - that’s where mine was (specially if your email account is in English)

Also, I might not need my ticket if anyone is interested (for the concert in Sweden) as I think I might go to the two russian concerts instead so if anyone wants it drop me a message on this (I will sell it at the same price as I paid for it)


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