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Roxette to play Anderstorp

Written by tevensso on January 28, 2010 to and . Source: Aftonbladet.

(Updated) - Roxette will play Anderstorp Raceway August 14, for the Race Legends. The stadium holds 45,000 spectators. "Roxette hasn't played Sweden since 2001, it feels great to be on stage in Sweden again. This will be extra fun, since I've raced there myself several times" says Per Gessle. Urban Stamming, CEO The Race Legends, says "This is the first and, as far as I know, only concert Roxette will do in Sweden this year. Roxette is a dream come true for us. Per is excited as he is very interested in racing!" The concert will last 1.5 h says the CEO.

Everyone that has bought tickets for the race will be able to see the concert. There will also be a very limited number of tickets sold for the concert only. Racing tickets are from 800 SEK and up.

Update: The Daily Roxette has managed to get hold of Per for a short interview.

So Per, Anderstorp, it must be like the mothership is calling you home?

Yes sir - when a racing track calls out for you you just have to answer!! (Sounds like a pop song, doesn't it?) I visited their race legends event two years ago and had a great time. This year it looks like they're gonna have loads of really really fantastic old Formula One drivers attending the race among many other things. So it will be a special set up for a Roxette concert for sure.

Hmm, yeah, a song that's already written… Why did you pick this place?

We're slowly but surely trying to get Roxette back on track. This is one of several major things we're gonna do this year and it feels perfect to kick it in on home turf. And, you know, the recordings of a new album have already started. 2010 is off to a good start.

It's a big race track, isn't it?

Yes, I've heard that they can hold 45,000 people around the track. However, I think the capacity is around 8-10,000 where we're gonna play.

Is it true you will play an entire full length show?

Yes, it will be a "real" Roxette concert. I can't say how long it will be though, we'll decide during rehearsals. But we expect something like 60-70 minutes. And I'm sure there will be more artists announced pretty soon. If the weather's good it will be a magic night.

The CEO says this will be Roxette's only gig in Sweden 2010, can you verify this, or will there be others?

I don't know at this point, a year is very long. It's definitely the only one confirmed as I'm writing this…

Will there be any surprises for the audience?

I guess just the fact that we're doing a concert is a surprise to most people!!!


Need to get tickets for the concert!!! Where will the ticket be sold??


Thanks Thomas!! Finally get myself to Sweden! Not gonna miss this one!

Wow cool anyone know anything about ticket information!

Ahhhh I see tickets... but I’ll pass on this one I think, too close to me starting university and the cheapest price means you’ll see perhaps nothing!

Wooooooooowww Amazing news!!

So Happy!!
like magic and love lots of forgotten words

Ok, just to clarify that:

It’s ONLY Roxette and they are going to play 90 minutes? Did I get this right?

If yes: How the heck is that going to work? :D

@Kiwein: That’s the info given.

Woohoo! Really a full Roxette concert? I imagined Rox performing in some sort of festival with other artists over there... :D

Thanks Thomas. Takes some time to believe this..


@Kiwein1 I’m with you there - Seems Almost Unreal doesn’t it! :-)

does anybody have experience/info from previous years concerts? was it only 1 artist? or can be really sure that it’s a 1,5hrs ROX show? :O
It makes a biiiig difference :D
Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true

Full concert. >> “There are many who have longed for a real Roxette concert, so this has all the makings of this year’s peak”, says Sofia Gynge, press officer at Ticket Now.


What a great news! :)
But how much are the tickets for the concert only?
And when will sell these?

the link which is on the post above says that tickets for the concert only go on sale 9am Monday 1st February. It doesn’t say where online though...

Per just commented on my status update saying they’re probably going to play more than an hour.


Well, aren’t you the chosen one!! ha ha

Well..just now I am not that happy about being chosen or whatever. My comment about certain things BEFORE he commented were quite ironic and not so nice when you don’t know how it’s meant to be understood. ;-) I just hope his German isn’t good enough so he didn’t understand it. Did you, Per? I deleted the comment in the meantime..blushing now, I admit.


Year 2010 just started, but I like it more and more.


Thanx for the interview!

So both is true: Full concert and sort of festival. The big racing ground should have possibilities to adjust the capacity to the demand. Looking forward to additional concert announcements during the coming months! :)

God this is amazing!. I´m really excited, so excited about this concert!!!!They´re truly going to kick ass with this show. Roxette is finally back on track again!

a very limited number of tickets sold for the concert only

Oh oh...that doesn’t sound nice.....*getting panic*

It’s 950SEK for a ticket in the Golden Circle - closest to the stage if you go to the ticket link and read the information! :)

Oke, thank you.

@Thomas as I asked you in the mail
does live nation have anything to do with the ticket??? and will they work ( be vaild in the end)

great news!
I think it will be the occasion to present a preview of what will be their new single!

Why only one day? Are they planing to sell so less tickets that they think one day is enough?

As we fans have been asked by Per to write down our song suggestions for the Anderstorp we go

Sleeping in my car
Watercolours in the rain
Do you wanna go the whole way


Roxette concert tickets are included in the race tickets, that can be purchased now at From 800SEK

A limited number of concert tickets will be released in a couple of weeks.

Official race and concert tickets can ONLY be purchased at,

For further information please contact [email protected]
Welcome to a spectacular weekend!

“Official race and concert tickets can ONLY be purchased at”

What about ??? tickets go on sale monday 1 feb:

I don’t know why, but I’m starting to panic now... Where, how and when to get the real and valid tickets for the concert???

I wish you the best there is before you go to sleep

The only official sale point is theracelegends website. Everything else is just resellers who sell tickets for a higher price. Simple, if you want tickets, head to :))
Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true

Good to get that clarified, not that I’m going anyway!

Yeah right, you surprise me ;-)


It’s not possible to book any tickets with non swedish credit cards. What a perfect organisation. Sometimes I think there only fools on this planet. They don’t think a little bit in advance before they do something.

Ticnet will be involved. Maybe that works.

@tomsen2: As far as I can see, you’ve got the options to pay via MasterCard or Visa. Do they distinguish between swedish and international card holders then? Where did you get your info from?

I tried to book some race tickets, and my VISA Card got rejected.

That’s the answer from Big Travel who sells the tickets:

We only accept Swedish credit cards, so I’m guessing that’s the problem!

I’m sending your mail to the department that is in charge of The Race Legends, and hopefully they can help you!

@ tomsen2: Did you try one of the other options? Maybe only Big Travel doesn’t accept foreign credit cards, but what about One Touch Travel or The Race Legends themselves? Maybe it makes a difference, which of the three boxes (under the form where you enter your personal information) is ticked. It’s just a thought. I can’t try it since I won’t go (and don’t own a credit card :P).

This three companies share one site together for the race. There is only one possibility to buy tickets.

@tomsen2 I think you have the wrong information there. I go through the booking information and if they have something in the address system that allows all countries to buy tickets why would they only accept Swedish Credit Cards... ?

Perhaps it was just your Credit Card that was declined ??? It’s an international organisation, they’ll sell tickets worldwide!

The Dibbs payment processing service is Danish by the way.

If this is really the case then maybe they’ll work like Ticnet Telephone order tickets and transfer the money via bank transfer.

I’m not wrong. I’ve got the information that they accept only swedish credit cards direct in a email from Big Star Travel who sell the tickets.

I could purchase without problems, with an Austrian card!
Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true

You bought your tickets already? So you have a combinationticket for the race and the concert?
Do you expect the concerttickets to be cheaper? Would you recommend to wait for the concerttickets or should I
buy a combinationticket? What is everyone else doing?

As it was told earlier... they accept Credit Cards from everywhere... the website was just very busy yesterday!

Glad you got your ticket Judith!

Very excited about the concerts... even got up extra early to try and get some before work today but think i am going to hang fire, im also very confused about the tickets and slightly put off (at the min) by the location.... not really expecting a sell out in the first day to be honest anyway! Hopefully see you all there!

Now I’ve got the definitiv answer from Big Star Travel.

They accept credit cards from all around the world except Switzerland. Great.

Now I booked at billjetnu.

Hi all Roxette’s fans!!

I’ve been a fan since I was like 8 years old and this is like my first ever chance to see Roxette live!

I’m so excited with this concert. Just bought my concert ticket via Biljettnu for 650SEK

I’m from Malaysia and will have my Europe trip as well in conjunction with this concert

Hope to meet other fans there and we can all go together!


Like many of you, I will be flying into Sweden to catch this show (from the USA). I know very little about the country and since I am seeing the show alone, it would be really great to meet up with other fans and enjoy the show together. I know we’ve got several months to go, but let me know if an official meet up is put together!


I’m also up for the official meeting. Like going together from Stockholm to Anderstorp :) Would be great.

Regarding tickets, I’ve bought mine from Biljettnu, but now I’m confused. Maybe I should buy a combinationticket as well?

I wish you the best there is before you go to sleep

Since it’s in the summer, I’d recommend Halmstad for a fan meeting. It’s much closer to Anderstorp, even more rox-related (Leifs Lounge etc.) and generally nice for vacations!

I checked for flights into Halmstad because it was considerably closer but I couldn’t find anything. Assumed I was limited to Stockholm. A group ride down from Stockholm could be fun!

@dbarwai: I think, I’ll also be going from Stockholm. Have plans to visit my Swedish teacher :)

I wish you the best there is before you go to sleep

Official meet up is cool.. Hope to meet you guys prior to the concert.. I am still planning the itinerary for my trip and probably will come from Germany but if many of you would like to meet up in Stockholm then I’ll try to arrange my trip accordingly.. Where’s the best place we can all arrange this and post any updates about this? Perhaprs TDR can help us.. :)

for Germany I’d visit the german forum:, there are some discussions going on already.

For Spanish: contact [email protected] if you really plan to travel to Sweden and want to get in touch with other Spanish fans.
Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true

This is great news...

Haven’t been in here for a while, even longer since I last posted anything....

Was already starting to plan a Euro trip for this year, (my 1st since 2001), popped into here and saw this and so that settles the question of what dates I want to be in Europe for! Sounds like heaven to me, Roxette and motorsport, all we need is a beach next door some, hot weather (and I’m talking hot for us Australians), an airshow and lots of Swedish girls and you have what I would describe as heaven!

Anybody know the best way to get to Anderstorp, is there a train line anywhere nearby?

Now I guess it’s time to find a decent airfare from Melbourne (so far best I’ve found is $1800 into Amsterdam on Qantas and KLM), dig up some cheap accom (are there any backpacker hostels in the area?) and pray that there are tickets left once have those two bits booked.

cooooooooool !!! :-))))))


Hey all !
Would be great if we could meet in Stockholm and go everybody together to Anderstorp
I’m honestly freaking out about the idea of how am i going to go Anderstorp ! I thought about sleeping in Jönköpig and on August 14th going to Anderstorp, but i didn‘t find anything in the internet on how to get to Anderstorp :S
Also, are the tickets purchased via valid ? I purchased mine in
This will be my first time in Sweden after 15 years of planning ! Can‘t wait for that :)
Cheers from Brasil

Finally got everything sorted... (I think)

Have my airfares from Australia to Europe, got Roxette concert ticket (wanted for race as well, but my credit card wouldn’t work with Big Travel), some tours booked, and tickets to the Singapore GP on my journey home after 2 months away!

I’ll be arriving at Gothenberg from Berlin on Aug 12, will spend the 13th looking around and then plan to hire a car and drive to Anderstorp on the morning of the 14th before continuing on to Stockholm on the 15th. If anybody is up for the ride, drop me an e-mail as I wouldn’t mind having a navigator and somebody to chat to on the way out. (and you can make sure I don’t try to drive up the left side of the road...... lol)


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