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News Archives: July 2006

“One Wish” – Roxette’s long-awaited new single

Written by tevensso on July 26, 2006 to .

STOCKHOLM (UPDATED) - Roxette’s forthcoming single is titled “One Wish” and is described by Per as an uptempo song… and a duet. “It’s short, thank God!” The single is slated to be released September 20 in Sweden and September 22 in Germany, as previously reported. Per also confirms that the B-side is indeed “The Rox Medley.” The single has the catalog number 0946-3718902.

  Per is probably the only one who thinks it’s great that the song is short…

  Update: Per’s let us know that since people seem to be concerned with the length of the new song, “…it’s 2:59 or 3:01 – depending on the mood!”

New Roxette medley appears on iTunes, reaches #1

Written by roxeteer on July 26, 2006 to .

The first new Roxette single in more than three years is now for sale on iTunes Music Store. The single contains one song which is a medley of the biggest Roxette hits remixed with a dance beat.

  Earlier it was announced that the song would only be released as a radio promo and later as a b-side of a new single.

  Update July 26: The medley reached #1 on iTunes Sweden yesterday beating the ever-so-popular “Boten Anna” by Basshunter, who also is from Halmstad by the way.

New promo single from Marie out

Written by tevensso on July 25, 2006 to .

STOCKHOLM - From Marie’s latest album “Min bäste vän” a new 1-track promo single for radio only has been released. This time around it’s the song “Complainte Pour Ste. Catherine,” or as it’s called in Swedish: “Ingen kommer undan politiken.”

  The song was originally recorded in Swedish by Marie Bergman and the Swedish lyrics are written by Ola Magnell. “I owned the record by Kate and Anna McGarrigle and I was blown away by the way they sang it” Marie says.

Roxette single and album release dates revealed

Written by Jud on July 22, 2006 to .

According to different online sources, Roxette’s new album and The Rox-Box will be released on October 18.

  The single will hit the stores in Sweden approximately a month earlier, on September 20. The release date in Germany, Switzerland and Austria is September 22. Dates for other countries are still unknown. Nothing has been confirmed by either EMI or d&d yet.

  The sleeve is taken from an EMI promo folder and may or may not be the real sleeve.

Marie Fredriksson wallpapers available on

Written by Jud on July 20, 2006 to .

STOCKHOLM - Three wallpapers of Marie Fredriksson are now available on The wallpapers, designed by webmaster Pelle Piano, feature some of the pictures from the website’s gallery and are available in 1280x1024 format.

  Follow the links below to download the wallpapers. Enjoy!

  Big thanks to Micke Bolyos and Pelle Piano.

Gyllene Tider declines Halmstad 700

Written by tevensso on July 10, 2006 to .

HALMSTAD - Per Gessle says in Hallandsposten today that he’s honored to have been asked to play at Halmstad’s 700 year anniversary next year, but Gyllene Tider has now officially turned the offer down. “Hi Elenor, thanks for your note regarding the 700-year anniversary. I have totally different musical plans for next year so another GT-performance will unfortunately not be happening. Sorry to disappoint you and so many others. I hope your summer will be super anyway. All the best, P,” Per writes to Halmstad 700 AB’s CEO, Elenor Nilsson. Elenor sent a request to all of Gyllene Tider’s members last week that “so many people would like to see nothing but Gyllene Tider at the anniversary next year.”

  Halmstad turns 700 on May 31 next year.

It was 20 years ago today...

Written by tevensso on July 7, 2006 to .

STOCKHOLM - Sweden, July 8 1986. “Neverending Love,” a new single was released by a group called “Roxette.” No one in Sweden knew at that point what Roxette was, or who, except for the precious few Gyllene Tider fans that knew of the US version of “Heartland.”

  “Neverending Love” was an English version of the song “Svarta glas” that Per had composed for Swedish artist Pernilla Wahlgren. She turned it down, and gave it to her brother Niklas Wahlgren who recorded it and was about to release it when EMI called his record company and told them to remove the song from the album; Per Gessle needed it himself, but in English, and together with hot rock artist Marie Fredriksson. Enuff said.

  When the single was released Per, 27 and Marie, 28, didn’t want their picture on the sleeve, therefore a ’50s style drawing was used. The song went straight into the Sommartoppen chart, I don’t remember how high the first week, and as a matter of fact, I was in the USA so how could I?

  I arrived back in Sweden on July 16th after 11 months in the US as an exchange student. I met up with my friend who immediately told me that Roxette had a new song out. That’s not possible, I said. Roxette broke up last year. So he gave me the 7” single. I was blown away. In June 1985 Gyllene Tider called it a day, and here was a new Per Gessle project! Amazing! There was a God after all. So I turned the record on… and was disappointed… I felt Per had sold himself to Eurodisco. Nevertheless, I started listening to the one song, hoping for more, and needless to say, it grew on me.

  Now it’s 20 years later, I’m 20 years older (what happened?) and Roxette is still with me. And Roxette has sold over 70 million records so far. Quite a feat for two timid “hillbillies” from the south of Sweden, don’t you think?

Per partied with Robbie

Written by tevensso on July 4, 2006 to .

GOTHENBURG - Per attended Robbie Williams’ second monster show at Ullevi stadium in Gothenburg the other day. Robbie has gotten rave reviews in all Swedish newspapers. Per isn’t as overjoyed though. “To be honest, Robbie’s music means nothing to me, even though ’Feel’ is one of the best songs in the world,” says Per. Per gives the show five out of five, while the music reaches only three.

  After the show there was a VIP party at restaurant Swea Hof which Per attended. “Of course it got late…”


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