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New promo single from Marie out

Written by tevensso on July 25, 2006 to .

STOCKHOLM - From Marie’s latest album “Min bäste vän” a new 1-track promo single for radio only has been released. This time around it’s the song “Complainte Pour Ste. Catherine,” or as it’s called in Swedish: “Ingen kommer undan politiken.”

  The song was originally recorded in Swedish by Marie Bergman and the Swedish lyrics are written by Ola Magnell. “I owned the record by Kate and Anna McGarrigle and I was blown away by the way they sang it” Marie says.


so it’s only for radio stations?:(

see how it does i guess, still think they should have gone with min baste van as a single.

Hopefully they won’t choose this song, if there’s going to be a 2nd single out of “Din bäste vän”.
I can’t even understand why they release a promo single with this track...
I’d like to have the title track” Din bäste vän” or f.e. “Här kommer natten” as new singles, just my 2 cents :-)
BTW I really like the cover of the promo single and I really like to have a 2nd single release.

Marie is so beautiful on this picture! I really like the cover, but I agree with room-service - they shoud‘ve chose Din baste van for the second single. I would‘ve chose it even for the first one.
Anyway, fantastic cover - go for it Marie!

It´s only promo single? :( well it´s a little sad,but the picture is very nice,I love the picture

I’m STILL waiting for my “Min Basta Van” cd to arrive in my South African postbox, so I can’t somment on this song for I haven’t heard it yet. I have heard “Din Basta Van” and I like that song, so it would have made a great 2nd single. Really really really nice picture of Marie. She looks so cool!

God, she looks so beautiful!
I love this song, btw

Yeah. really nice song!! Well done Marie!!!!! :)

My Min Bäste Vän CD arrived today and I just listened to it one time yet, so I can’t comment on the single choice.

But... that cover looks great! Cool photo of a beautiful Marie (reminds me of the CBB tourbook questionaire) and a nice clean design. Can’t wait for the Rox20 sessions!

yes i like the new promp picc aswell, :-)

Ingen kommer under politiken = the best song on the album by far! Such a good one and perfect lyrics! Very good choice!

Inte struntar man i politiken ;)

Great Marie ;) it is one of me favorites songs.

The song is OK, but it’s not the best choice. The strongest track on the album is “Din bästa vän”, I have said this from the very beginning. If they don’t release that song as a single they are missing a great chance to get some airplay.

Anyway, it’s only a promo to radio stations, I don’t care much about it.

In my opinion, the song is very nice, good choice, but... why only a radio promo?? :(

My favourites from album are Din bäste vän, Om jag vore arbetslös, Aftonfalken, Ingen kommer undan politiken. So I like new singl. But yes, Din bäste vän is the best, it´s masterpiece.
Promo only? Maybe because of weak sales of new album and single.

hi!wonderfull news, again! I think, this is the best song in the album, and she looks so pretty and young..!!!HEY Per! I have a question for you!!!why just one new song for roxette this year??here in argentina,We don‘t want another greatest hits! Please!! ROXETTE & GYLLENE TIDER , are the biggest bands in the world ever!!If you want to be my friend, write me! [email protected] Thanx!!!

Great Marie, nice cover!

I WANT ONE!!! *however unlikely*

I think it’s a nice song, and Marie has done a really good work, but I also felt in love with the original version by the canadian sisters!
The Marie Bergman’s version’s also nice ...and the words are so true!

I like the cover on this Marie looks so good!

Gotta say she looks great on this cover. One of the best photo’s of Marie for ages I think

Sold for almost 100 dollars! That’s crazy!

edit: forgot to ad the link

How many copies exist? It doesn’t seem to appear a lot on Tradera or eBay. I had to pay USD 95 for my copy...


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