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Gyllene Tider declines Halmstad 700

Written by tevensso on July 10, 2006 to .

HALMSTAD - Per Gessle says in Hallandsposten today that he’s honored to have been asked to play at Halmstad’s 700 year anniversary next year, but Gyllene Tider has now officially turned the offer down. “Hi Elenor, thanks for your note regarding the 700-year anniversary. I have totally different musical plans for next year so another GT-performance will unfortunately not be happening. Sorry to disappoint you and so many others. I hope your summer will be super anyway. All the best, P,” Per writes to Halmstad 700 AB’s CEO, Elenor Nilsson. Elenor sent a request to all of Gyllene Tider’s members last week that “so many people would like to see nothing but Gyllene Tider at the anniversary next year.”

  Halmstad turns 700 on May 31 next year.

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“I have totally different musical plans for next year” Maybe a new Roxette album/tour? Not a GH, but an all new album.

Or maybe Son of a plumber part 2. I hope for Roxette.:)

Hopefully a new Rox album. Everyone is waiting for a brand new Rox stuff! (Not GH albums) Am I right?

Hi everyone.

This is the first time I have logged in and made a comment in about 4 years, usually I just read everyone else’s comments. However I had to make a commet about this.

Yeah sounds interesting doesn’t it? maybe we will get a whole new album next year - i hope so - or maybe Roxette will spend most of next year recording a new album?


Yes, Marie came with new songs idea for GH this January and Per wrote that she enjoyed recordings, so new album is possible. Lets hope we´ll see brand new album next fall or spring 2008.

Let’s not get our hopes up just yet.

Maybe it another Swedish solo album, or a 2nd SOAP. Who knows? But maybe something totally different.

Yeah, Gessle is writing a book, title: “How to release 5 GH albums in 3 years with nearly the same content!”

Only time will tell....

im thinking hopeing roxette tour next summer ? ? ? :-DDD

Roxette won’t tour again. I guess Per is writing a book ;)

joyrider: how do you know that? Of course p & m says so. They don´t wanna do the fans dissapointed, so if they say they won´t tour again, no one can be dissapointed if they do not tour. But, thats not the first time they say one thing and do another.

If everything p&m have said throughout the years there wouldn´t have been a Mazarin yout, GT25 tour and no mf tour in 2000.

And no, marie is not ill anymore. She might have recovered very well the last couple of months.

And as Per say: he has totally different plans for next year, i don´t think that recording a “mazarin 2” or “SOAP 2” would stop him from one gig in Halmstad. A (promo)tour with Roxette though..

Edit: And to write a book isn´t really “other music plans”, is it?

Maybe The night of the proms?

I hope for a mazarin 2 tour or a Roxette worldwide project

I guess there will be a new Gessle album next year: solo, SOAP or Roxette. We’ll see......

I don´t think there will be a new SOAP, I don´t know, but i think that mazarin almost sold more in Sweden than SOAP “worldwide”.

If the record company has the last word there will probably be “Mazarin” or Rox. They of course want to sell as many records as possible, not least in these days.

either per solo or roxette. we will see......

fair enough with other plans...but i think it is a bit selfish given that GT are actually part of Halmstads history...well, maybe only the last 25 years (in fact now 27) of the 700...haha.... maybe Im being selfish on behlaf of the rest of sweden and want GT play agaIN! :)

Maybe Roxette will perform at the gala instead? Roxette is also Halmstadhistory...

I don’t think GT is getting along very well since is pointed to dynamit and Per made a new adress for his GT site... If they were best friends wouldn’t be pointed to Pers SOAP/GT/Rox/PG site then?

PS! Per is really funny, read his note about icebears in the streets at *lol*

Cool to read Per’s newsflash at! So they’re brainstorming for video ideas right now, again with Åkerlund. Seems like we’ll get the full single/video/promo package afterall! :-)

Per’s excuse for Halmstad 700 is really interesting! I think a swedish solo project wouldn’t outrule a GT gig, that’s not really “totally different musical plans”. Either he’s given a fake explanation cos he doesn’t wanna play with GT anyway or Gessles already planned something special, international, maybe rox...?

No big surprise, Per likes The Raconteurs but I am really suprised and kinda happy that he likes “Maneater” by Furtado ... cool track, great drums and catchy backing vocals.

...mmm but I hope that they should read the request... I like GT!

Rox-van: Did you read the same article as i did? This was NOT good news for GT fans. But very expected.

Well, at least thanks for the “warning” that I should not plan anything for next summer (year)... I am eagerly awaiting news. :)

I think we are all waiting.... but so much can happen in a matter of weeks / months!

Åkerlund?? Oh please...give us an Åkerlund-break.....may he continue enjoying collecting concert biljetter..;) ..and well I would prefer Roxette to GT too of course..let’s wait and see. Hej Per..get out of the sun...icebears in Sweden :)))) ROFL

well no big surprise Per has plans for 2007, or? he cannot be quiet at all :D

it woudl eb so nice if emi got off its arse and devided to re-release all the albums of roxette remastered with bonus content, a box set of their dvd concerts, and maybe a box set of all their singles? well ok 2 boxed sets lol

@coyboy: spelling dude!!

It is a pity that GT can not find some time to practise together for a week and perform on such a big party in their home city.
Even if there are other plans, I would say that a GT concert for the 700 years of Halmstad is worth a delay of a month (we are used to some delays).
And most Rox/GT-fans would not mind, especially if they have the chance to see that performance.

The reason why GT will not play is of course not that Per is busy, it´s because they don’t get together very well. At least that´s what i think.

“I have totally different musical plans for next year so another GT-performance will unfortunately not be”.
It would be great to attend GT on 2007! :-( BUT something inside me tells me that we´re all going to get a new PG Tour! MAZARIN PART II, WHY NOT??? :-)


Imagine: PER is sitting now at his computer and he is reading this debate, of course he is laughing.
I can see now what is happening in his head “Little boys and girls you would know the truth, hahaha...”

If there’s any tour - PG/GT/Rox - I will go ;)

I think most of those in Europe will attend a tour!

I’m glad to see that Per sometimes also talks a little bit swenglish...the funny icebear suddenly turned into a polar bear. ;)

“have totally different musical plans for next year”

Hummm... I smell a new compilation for 2007 !!! :)

PS: Please, no SOAP 2... please

If there’s a Rox tour, i’d be tempted to go!! :-)

Havent Roxette only have 1 more album in there record deal? So after this GH, they wont have one at all, which means you would think no new album would be planned yet until they signed another contract.
I wouldnt mind a SOAP 2 :D But Im thinking its a Mazarin 2.

Don’t know if that’s correct, if they actually have a “number of records” or “time frame” contract. They don’t have to sign a longterm contract anyway: Per didn’t have any for Mazarin before presenting the recorded album! Rox could do the same.

I thought the band Gyllene Tider isn’t existing anymore? So I don’t think they will ever be on a stage together..

In Expressen Micke syd says he´s very surprised what Per has said about this, since the band haven’t even discussed it.


they said in 2004 that the band is over, so there shouldn’t be any discussions over this.

They said in 1996 that Gyllene Tider was over as well.

And what about Expressen? They quoted Micke Syd, why would they lie about this?

This peace of news won’t make it sell any more really..

Well, if Gessle do have other plans, why even discuss it with the other guys?!?! Without him GT is rather pointless IMHO.

Well, not knowing what the plans are or might be, I gotta say it’s rather disappointing to know that the band that put Halmstad in the map can’t go and play at the town’s anniversary.
I’m sure they don’t make this kind of celebrations too often...

Now he can be proud of being from Halmstad... :/

I rolled eyes because EXPRESSEN always tries to make big headlines...If the guys are having problems with each other they should talk with each other and not with Expressen. And if Per said no..than it’s no...I just don’t care about reporters who are trying to make a big WAR-story out of this again...yawn,,it’s just not our business..doubleyawn

Well, it’s summer and newspaper make an elephant out of an ant ;)

I would have thought he would have loved to have done this... maybe he don’t do history!


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