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Roxette single and album release dates revealed

Written by Jud on July 22, 2006 to .

According to different online sources, Roxette’s new album and The Rox-Box will be released on October 18.

  The single will hit the stores in Sweden approximately a month earlier, on September 20. The release date in Germany, Switzerland and Austria is September 22. Dates for other countries are still unknown. Nothing has been confirmed by either EMI or d&d yet.

  The sleeve is taken from an EMI promo folder and may or may not be the real sleeve.


Wow, I just came back here to see if anyone (else) was still torturing the IKEA chat bot, and now this... cool! So airplay should be beginning around... now?!

thats fantastic!!! hopefully the us will be included too.....

“The single will hit the stores in Sweden approximately a month earlier”. And what about the second one? I hope there will be two new songs.....

That’s interesting news, even though I was hoping for an earlier release.

Of course there will be TWO new songs. Per said so before and re-confirmed that some days ago. However, I think they will only release the second song as a single if the first single and the album sell well and achieve good chart positions.

Time will tell.

:) Hurrah - now we just need to hear it !

YAY!!!! My brothers laughing at me now, cos I was sitting on the floor LMAO going ’yay!’ and rocking like some kind of nutter. No UK release date yet? I’ll start brushing up on Swedish postal costs...

The rumour mill is going into overdrive! Lets hope this is true!

so there will be only one release? i thought roxbox and GH album will be released separately.

agnethamaria - two new songs does not mean two new singles.

I’m a little bit confused about posting this ’news’ today...
These unconfirmed release dates float around the net since the beginning of july, for example in the soap forum and the german roxettforum:

Wouldn’t it make more sense to post either these unconfirmed dates at that time of first rumors or when they were at least confirmed?
But today? there’s nothing new revealed since these rumors first came up.

But I think I understand, you collected trustable sources to keep the risk of invented dates low ;-)

@Bunio: GH album and the Rox Box are still two releases, they’ll only be released on the same date.
Two different release dates are not really necessary, because one of them is more for the fans and the other one for the ’normal’ CD-buyers.

god i really hope thats not the sleeve ick

Hope this is not the real sleeve!!!!! i will new Photos!!!!

What do you think? They made this bowling-alley photoshooting for their private photoalbums? ;-)
I thought we’re over with this promo-sleeve discussion, aren’t we? ;-) The promo-sleeve was published before the new photoshoot took place.

room-service - you are right, sorry my mistake :)

Only Two months for the new song!!!!
As Shakespeare said:
Ballad or Bubblegum song.....that is the question!!!!

@Bunio: Which article have you read?
In the article I read, the following is written down:

“Roxette’s new album AND The Rox-Box will be released on October 18”

’Roxette’s new album’ is the GH-album and the ’Rox-Box’ is probably the Rox-Box ;-)

of course thats not the real sleeve!! I reckon he UK release date will be either 16th or 23rd

Don’t be afraid. There are 2 new songs, new phototshot, new campaign. All these pics are out of date. Let’ s wait for the bowling session. New songs? I’ m going crazy. Can’ t wait. . . .

I hate this sleeve!I think it sucks!!
Hope for a brend new picture as sleeve

i think it was a bad idea to use this picture with the news. It brought once again this silly disscusion about whether it’s the real sleeve for GH or it’s not.

room-service - you’re right. my mistake. i was too excited probably :)

Although we’re over with this promo-sleeve discussion........... the star should remain as a reminiscence from those Joyride and Tourism times.


So awesome!

I REALLY don’t like this sleeve and I think Per and Marie is good-looking enough to make NEW photos!!!!! Let’s pray for loads and loads of NEW photos. Furthermore - I’m SO glad about this news!!! Hope to see the Rox-Box and GH album in sunny South Africa too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

YYYEEESSS!!! I‘ve been waiting for 3 long years to read this news! Finally new Rox songs! I‘m so eager to play those bonus CDs as well and hold the luxorius RoxBox in my very hands! A new Rox Era is coming - hold on tight!

Do we know yet whether the new single will have a video? Cheers, Rich ;-)

@Bunio: That may be the rerason :-)

And you’re right, using this promo-picture in the article is as ’unadept’ as posting unconfirmed dates, most of the members in here probably can’t handle it, if they’re finally not correct ;-)

@Rich-UK: Nothing new, but that what Per wrote on on 10th of july:

“At the moment we’re discussing possible video scenarios. Did someone say Jonas Åkerlund? Will keep you posted on this.”

So there’ll be a video, they’re just discussing the scenarios.

There’s a video planned according to Per’s comment on SOAP.

if the new hits album did look like that i wouldnt be to upset, but shame they havent done another shoot similar to that one for this. maire with red hot lips and glasses and per looking all rocky hehe.

What do you guys think will be the release date for the titles of the new Singles? LOL

Don’t you think that there’s too much mystery for another Greatest Hits album?? I mean, we’ve already had three of them, this is going to be the fourth in ten years. Nothing new under the sun, so...
I guess we all are expecting the two new songs as a miracle... we’re thristy of Roxette music :D

Don’t let them use that photo as the sleeve!!! Thats what, 11 years old? I agree, new photos! I agree tho, I like the star

i totally missed the star on rs album :-(

The dates seem to be real! Just found the following in the new releases list of EMI Germany’s press site:

0094636797229 ROXETTE Roxbox 86-06 20.10.06
0094636797823 ROXETTE Roxette Hits 20.10.06
0094637138427 ROXETTE Roxette Hits Deluxe Version 20.10.06

The single isn’t mentioned and there’s no new promo material or updated biography yet. Roxette’s discographie doesn’t contain TBH, TPH and the CBL video anymore. Maybe that concert is coming on DVD after all..? Both DVDs, the LiveIsm and Look Sharp video tapes are still there.

ROX20’s coming closer! :-)

Roxette Hits Deluxe Version?


I think it takes a very little time and we will read all these details (release dates, titles, real sleeves) on SOAP.
It´s time.

But hopefully the info will be release on and not

Re. the Deluxe version: it might be the digipack as Tev said, but it might also be that this version comes with a bonus DVD with the video or who knows what. I am just speculating, based on the latest release by German Superstar Tobias, there are 3 (!) editions of the same album, one is just 10€ (without booklet), the 2nd is with booklet and some other bla bla, and the Deluxe has all and more :)

So we weren’t that wrong after all? ;) Note that releases in this part of the world (AT/DE/CH) are on Fridays.

Yes, it’s time to switch the focus of the whole Gessle website to! Just look at the traffic of the soap forums: Naturally Roxette is the most active board (beside off-topic). The url should turn to and the banner has to be a nice roxette logo. SOAP time is over! ;-)

“Superstar” Tobias is at Sony-BMG. As far as I know EMI doesn’t follow that 3 prices idea. I bet for a digipac or additional video/trax. Or an included poster! ;-)

Yes, it´s time to revive

i wondered what everyone was saying this stuff was from soap site ect ect ? its roxette how they getting the info LOL , BUT silly old me ey /

The German low priced release is a way to try and fight illegal downloading. Beats me if it works or not.

yeah, I don’t know if it works or not, but in this specific case, Tobias has sold gold with his single, I suppose his album goes the same direction.. will see be if it’s worth it on Sept 2 (live)

I cannot believe we don’t have official news yet! I cannot wait anylonger!!!!

Any word on a US release?

Anything American fans can do to help encourage EMI to release it in the States?

I think this release, both single and album will be Roxette’s biggest flop ever..

ebay: It CAN’T be worse than the Pop Hits and Opp. Nox.

I’m sure with 1 or 2 good singles, a bit of promotion and advertising it has good chances to sell a lot better than TBH & TPH together!

People want an one-in-all package of greatest hits, not compromise with different selections. Remember that TBH & TPH were overshadowed by Marie’s tumor. TPH got almost no promo at all.

There’s many, many potential buyers left after those releases. And I feel there’s a growing interest and respect for Roxette’s music again! :-)

let’s just hope for a good song(s) :)

I’m not a fan of having multiple releases of the same item. But the idea of having a CD only for a low price is good, i for one would be interested mainly for bands that i’m not a huge fan of but like their music. It’s alot better than all of the digital downloads anyways.

Interesting to note that CBL has been deleted. I’m still hoping for DVD releases of it and Live-ism.

I just don’t understand why they release another greatest Hits CD.

Why not just release the 2 singles and the 4 CD Rox box? Why another “normal” Hits CD? Who the f... would buy this one?

People will think, Roxette are only looking for making money with always the same songs.

I think they should release something new and innovative like Singstar Roxette (for Playstation)! I’d buy right away...

Well, if the new song is going to be absolutely amazing, something like Joyride, than the GH Album will be a success.. it all really depends on the first single..

Great news!

September 20th rings a bell and I don’t know why!!!!!!!!!

I don’t know! Damn, where was that timeline!


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