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“One Wish” – Roxette’s long-awaited new single

Written by tevensso on July 26, 2006 to .

STOCKHOLM (UPDATED) - Roxette’s forthcoming single is titled “One Wish” and is described by Per as an uptempo song… and a duet. “It’s short, thank God!” The single is slated to be released September 20 in Sweden and September 22 in Germany, as previously reported. Per also confirms that the B-side is indeed “The Rox Medley.” The single has the catalog number 0946-3718902.

  Per is probably the only one who thinks it’s great that the song is short…

  Update: Per’s let us know that since people seem to be concerned with the length of the new song, “…it’s 2:59 or 3:01 – depending on the mood!”

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Cool!! An uptempo song + duet....many fan’s prayers have been heard :-)

I guess the other song recorded is ’myth’... if I remember it correctly it was mentioned by Mr Gessle that it was going to be recorded for the new Greatest Hits album As Per once told this song has his lyrics and Marie’s music...must be a ballad than.

Can’t wait to hear the new songs!!

and when do you think Per will tell us of a UK release date....

By the way it is good news for those who country will see the single release!

September20? its toooooo late!!!! why not tomorrow?XDDD.

Myth will be inside The Rox Box.

and why not a “One wish” remix-single too?

WoW I am happy and astonished :O :D !!!!!

*put’s down Ummagumma and listen up*

“One Wish”....sounds cool...! Hope it will be a new #1!!=)

Yes!! Can’t wait to hear it.

Because it’s Roxette - and ONLY because it’s Roxette - I’m going to overlook this cheesy title and assume the song kix ass... let’s hope radio promo begins soon!!

Okay, so let’s start the countdown...

I say it leaks to the net by August 8th and will be released to radio on August 14th... anyone other bids?

I’m gonna bet that it’s already out on various download sites, all fake naturally.

they are coming back and with an uptempo track !!! this are the best news we had in a long long time!!!

We only have to wait a few weeks, and i’m sure we will find a crapy mp3 with the song recorded from a strange radio station and with a nice dj saying things on top of it that none of us undestand.

Hmm I would have thought it was a ballad title - but then Per defied expectations with the title “Crash! Boom! Bang!” I can not wait ! Release a snippet soon please !!!!! Thanx for the info TDR - where would we be without you?

*lol* do you waited with this info till the 1st fan discovered the title on his own? ;-)

Perhaps you got that order from EMI/Gessle to keep the news as long as possible or it is just a big coincidence :-)

I’m really looking forward to this news single, the title sounds great.
I’m a little surprised that it’s not a ballad (you know at the end of the year there just ballads *g*), but I like it being a uptempo-song with both voices :-)

Maybe the short comment refers to squeezing the track onto the “Roxette Hits” cd. Just a thought.

Woohoo, finally some news! :-D

As I read the title I thought: “Oh, a ballad! No surprise for a pre-christmas album.” But it’s up-tempo! And a duet!! Best possible combination. I only hope that it’s more melodic and a bit longer than ON with it’s 3:00. And a few remixes would be a nice upgrade for the single. Maybe they’ll release a ballad single in december...

*goes singing possible tunes: One wish – na nana na na. One wish – na nana na na...* :-) :-D ;-P


can’t wait to hear....

ROXETTE 4 ever!!!

Great news! Can’t wait to hear the song! ROX RULEZ!

Great!!! uptempo + duet!!!!!!!! I love when both voices mix toghether

@sascha .:LOL:.

Yeah!! Finally a songtitle! Nice one! Uptempo? Brilliant? Duet? Fantastic!! Short? Not so brilliant...but we all have a repeat button I think! Short..grrmmpf....a quickie so to say..;)

one wish indeed!

Is anyone not excited...

room_service: ;-)

ok i think i am dreaming, they havent had an uptempo duo in ages this is freaking fantastic but what is with you guys posting fake single sleeves ?

The sleeve is just for fun, awaiting the real one.

ONE wish!!? I’ve still got several ;-)... But soundz amazing :-)!!!

...NOT only PER’s happy about a short single, also the radio stations will be: the shorter the better... So let’s hear it twice or a hundred billion times instead!

@Judith: That says everything ;-)
So everybody can praise me for getting this info today *g*
You insiders are so mean to us ;-) I’m wondering how long you would have kept this secret, if I haven’t accidentally found out something about it.

One wish.....a snippet of 30 seconds :-)

Oh, really fine news!!!!

Can’t wait to hear the song (-;

How short is the song exactly?
Hopefully longer then 30 seconds...
Otherwise the snippet is the whole song;)

Finally!!!!! Can’t wait to hear the song. Hope it’s not too short, minimum has gotta be 3 mins really. But that doesn’t matter!!! New Roxette Song!!!! YAY!!!!!!

I really really thought it was gonna be a ballad, I’m so happy it’s gonna be a up tempo song

3 minutes are very okay, i think. And like you said - very radio friendly! (-;

Hope the best for the new single!!!

Every shit climbs into the top 10 these days! Can’t believe it.

Would be great to hear Marie’s thoughts of the new track?

Why Per says: it´s short Thank god? I don´t understand.

The most Roxette Songs are short. Hope it´s not shorter than 3.00 minutes!!!!!

But very great news!!!! and nice Song title!!!

@harriej: If the song is only 30 seconds long, the snippet would be 5 seconds or like that ;-)
For me 3 minutes would be enough :-)

Uh, I just got a shock when I saw that fake cover! :-S

Hope that Per’s “It’s short, thank god!” relates to the difficult task to keep the song short dispite the unlimited possibilities to take it further and further instead of being bored already after 2:30 minutes. ;-)

WOW!!so great!!

My ONE WISH is that the song reaches South African shores also!!!

Hey, Purps!!! I guess I’ll contact you again to order the single?????

@room-service: Thanks for getting us this news a little earlier than we might have gotten it otherwise (-: My guess is that Thomas was able to say to Per, “Hey, the single title is already all over the Internet, can I tell people now? Anything you want to say to your fans about it?” and, voila, the article appears. Just a guess though!

I am also really surprised (and delighted!) to hear that it’s not a ballad... we need some GOOD pop to save us from all of this Christina Aguilera horns-and-trumpets shit!


Maybe something like Run to You?

So awesome!

’One wish’ , what a wonderful title that is, sounds perfect for them. im feeling a weight of the world speeded up. there voices work so well togeather on that. or maybe a real sugar feel to it ? with a title as one wish i would think ballad, but im waiting for something different to suprise me with.

Is it per and marie’s wish !

New Roxette... woohoo!!!
And it’s a duet.. can’t wait to hear it :)

Can’t wait that long... I want it now!

Hope the radiorelease is soon...

Can’t wait to hear it !! I am just counting the days!!

Rox The Best !!


People it’s happening!!

One Wish love the title!!

Can’t wait!!!!!!!!

_Roxette is back..with a new song...great news...
one wish for Roxette...Be number one in radios for one more timeeeee

The best new in YEARS...

september 20th my BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

it would be great the single like present!!!!!

Hey hey hey it´s saturday...

I have more wishes than one, but if i have to have just one, I would like to see Roxette on the top of the charts again ;-)

Very good news! Short or small they are beatyful PER! Thanks yours album, its great 10 points! Marie yours album is very good, thanks to you too, happy summer!

Yay yay yay!!!!

Im hoping for a FLAF type of song structure(not type of song) with Marie singing first then Per coming in at the bridge and and towards the end. That would be cool. Bring on the 30 second snippet :D

OMG! I agree with Ally though-wheres the UK date guys? I’m not going to have to ask my Dad to get it when he’s in Malmo again for work, am I?


An uptempo duet: great news! One more wish: some guitars please :-) Best wishes from Rich

Excellent news!!

Love the title, and it’s an uptempo duet - what more could we ask for :-D

Now the hard part is going to be to try and not listen to it before it’s released.

:D I’m so happyyyy. :D

After so long... NEW Roxette! Yay! Now I’ll have a good reason to remind people (and listeners to my radio station) about alll their hits. And especially bore them with this new one! Can’t wait! :D

:-D Can’t wait to hear the song!

One BIG wish coming true! Wonderful to see it fullfilled, we’re getting a new single soooooon! Can’t wait to hear new stuff :-)

x Nienke

I think the titles a bit apt, from a fans POV anway. This is right after my birthday, so I am a happy bunny.

Pinch me, pinch me! It’s not real!

wonderful news :-) I’m so excited and can’t wait to hear it. perfect: uptempo, duet :-)

I WANT REMIXES!!!! Or an EXTENDED version with soundrack-ish sounds!! (I think I’ve been spoiled with SOAP!)

I think that this is probably the most anticipated release of their career. Nobody really thought that they’d record together again, so it is really a surprise.

I have a good feeling about this release. People have been waiting a long time, and I think the fans are gonna make it a big track. Hope I’m right.

Great news! Who cares about the length?! Who would have thought a few years ago that we would be getting a new Roxette single? Can’t wait to hear it! :)

So its 3 minutes, thats a nice lenght for a pop single,
lets all get concerend about the lyrics, maybe he will give that to in tomorrows update

I want to hear a snippet!

So Mr. Gessle is quite interested in our reaction... Hi Per! Please tell us something more about the song! How do you like it? ;-P

I feel the popworld is waiting for a rox comeback, there’s so much potential. The task is to get the word out to the public! I only hope the deserved EMI promo doesn’t get under the tires of the new Robbie W. release...

I think it will be nice to hear them togeather again... even if I still think this is a final goodbye to us all.... of course that’s my opinion....

I look forward to the single...

So the same length as Opp Nox then? Good length for radio play. Short and snappy!!!

Paul (pwbbounce) said “I think that this is probably the most anticipated release of their career.”

Interesting... and certainly true for those fans who have continued to read The Daily Roxette since “Joyride” days. But it will be a challenge to find a way to let fans who have fallen by the wayside, know of this.

Well, I was afraid that it’s shorter than 3 minutes..So it’s okay Mr. G. (Are you really reading the comments here? ROFL)
Gosh..are we really standing in a CD shop soon with a NEW Roxette single in our hands?...Hopefully nobody is watching me than!!! :)

Very true Lars, maybe, some miracle will happen, and this song will be huge. They know what sort of music is having success in the charts at the moment, and I’m sure they’re not gonna do anything to jepodise the comeback. Well not intentionally anyway.

It’s a shame that we don’t have the Email list of all the people who brought Joyride, and then Email them to let them know the Roxette are back! lol :-)

I know I’ll be doing my bit around here to get it noticed, if I could just have a UK release date to work with though.....

Just had a quick idea of what the lyrics are like.

Chorus for Marie

“If I could only have one wish, it would be to be with you....”

The last line in the chorus maybe

” have just one more wish”

Probably very far out, but you never know!! lol :-)

It seems the song is going to be almost short or almost long depending on the battery charge of your old Walkman!!!!

lol this is the first rox release since I became a hard core fan - I really can not wait !!! Its my most anticipated rox-related release !

The best news in 4 years! I’m waiting for it.

TDR, you have made my day...

Now, Per has answered the length question-now, does it have guitars? (This isn’t my question, but I felt it should be answered).

Cool! I’m fascinated! I can’t wait for the album!
What about a tour? :P

What was all the problem with the length - isn’t it the quality that’s important!!!!! (apols if that offends however.....)

it is grandiose their return
thank god

i couldn’t agree more lars, but the tdr was a god send when I found it circa the messy period during the cbb release here in the states, when just about everyone here thought that after joyride they broke up. I think if qanyone has a web site or blog that supports rss feeds they should host TDR on their sites. I am also using my second life and there virtual world sites to draw more attention to roxette. It was funny cause the other day I spoke to a finnish girl in there who hadn’t heard anything by roxette since boy was she surprised hehehe

I get that a lot where I live. Ah, well. Liking the concept cover guys!

didn’t like the previous one but this one’s nice.

i´m very exited for the new single and hopefully a new Video!!!!

Video!!! Oh no, now TOTP has died a miserable death, we won’t get to see them do it live there, so the vids it. (*sob*)

Well, I’m thinking what kind of Up tempo could be the new song......POP, Rock, Dance, Techno, Heavy, Flamenco, folk, Tango, Salsa, can’t believe it...........WHAT ABOUT IF THE NEW ROXETTE’S SONG IS INSTRUMENTAL?????????

C’mon people!!!! Don’t think so much!!!

Nana nanana nana.....

well real sugar was GREAt and that was 3 min ish long.

One Wish - a great title i think. Can we have your concept cover in BIG?? Looks great!

who is bored enough to make several fake covers?:) i;m excited, so it’s not me :P

So, they are really keeping the star :D

Wow - anyway who ever thought Roxette was long gone should read the last 3 pages of posts - lol the excitement is awesome - this is the best news ever - hurry up September........:)

Let me be the first to Officialy start naming One Wish as OW :o)

When are they start shooting on the OW Video?

Count your blessings, those of us here in the US usually get zippo or some lame edited version.... Right now I can’t even download The Rox Medley, and I highly doubt the “One Wish” will ever make it here... Let alone ever seeing a tour stop if they ever go back on tour...

I dont think the reason for you not being able to download the medley is because you are in the US. Got to and enter the download section. There you will find it. :-)

As far as i’ve heard ,this song was recorded with Clarence and Christoffer, right?

Does that mean no Pelle Alsing and no Jonas Isacsson? I’m afraid it does. Jonas is SO important for the rox-sound that I happen to like.

Can hristoffer really bring those powerguitars? I’m arfaid not. He is a great musician, and has my full respect. BUT he is not mr Isacsson, and will never be!

Just my op.

Wow, you’re really having fun with making fake covers now! :-D
This one looks good, though I’d adjust the body colors to the neon atmosphere.

We can only guess about the sound and involved musicians. Per told us they were making overdubs some time after the initial recording. That could have been in Stockholm or Halmstad.

I agree with you Sanglof.
Jonas is mr. guitarplayer number one when it comes to Roxette.

Jonas is great, but Chris can also do a great job. Lets wait and listen to the song and after we can judge if we miss Jonas or not.
September is getting closer!

Yeah! FINALLY the long-awaited GOOD NEWS.

Can’t wait to listen to the song and see the real cover of the single. Airplay should start soon, right?! At least some weeks before the single hits the stores or what do you think?!

Yeah! Can’t wait!

Makes me wanna have fun with photoshop too!

I love it Clerk!

@clerk - to be honest whenever fans put their ’ideas’ up on TDR I think it is a load of crap - obvious ameatures messing about with their idols’ image...but this is really good! well done!

one wish: I hope that if it is released in the UK I don’t read about journalists saying “if I had one wish it would be that roxette never release another song” I hate to say it, but I think I may be right.

Rox on!

@ clerk: Would you allow me to use your Rox-project as a banner on one of the forums? ;) Not about Roxette and not in English :)

Very nice Clerk!

Is it just me or does per have a hicky on his neck on Clerks pic?

what’s with the bowling theme? did i miss something?

2 Clerk: Very nice, reminds me Wish I Could Fly sleeve.

I don´t believed that we will see some new Roxette music. But our wishes come true.

@ clerk - really good cover !!!!

You know part of me still can’t believe it that they’re back that I will hear brand new song...

It’s totally fanatastic! I’m counting days to premiere...

@Deimos: Per said they’ve shot some new amazing photos in a bowling alley.

@ Maciek: you know when premier will take place? :):):) Tell us sthg about it :)

Of course, I’m talking about premier of the song not the single ;)

Nice work clerk!

Seeing as there’s only going to be 2 new songs, i was hoping that they’d be alittle longer... there’s always the repeat button i suppose ;-)

I’ve got just one wish
Hey, golden fish!
I’m holding on to....

@roxtexanet: You’re welcome :-) I think everything was ready to publish, but they had the advice to wait as long as possible, as it starts to spread out, they just had to click the ’send’ button ;-)

@Clerk: Really great work, Wow :-)

BTW On you can find the new single at the discography-page with the first fake-cover *g*

one wish: i wish i could fly

another wish: i want to hear that song right now. can´t wait till september, it´s a long, long time!

Great news ! ! !

great cover Clerk

i really can’t wait, it’s killing me.

Congratulation clerk, cool pic ;)

Fantastic picture Clerk ! Wouldn’t mind that being the real thing ! Curious to see how accurate is it too with the bowling theme !

I REALLY hope that there’s going to be more than two tracks on the single... come-on Per; It IS the 20th Aniversary afterall... give us an EP with One wish/Medley remixes too!! I definetly think that the Medley needs more mixes... !!!

Its better then nothing, but you never know...

And what about One Wish maxi single. Remixes by Almighty or Stonebridge. Plus Shooting Star danceble version.
And as a bonus demo version of One Wish.
And of course video One Wish in mpeg format on the single.

One Wish, it’s all I have waited for since the golden days...Roxette’s coming back!
I can’t believe it!
I think the new single is going to be very catchy and if I know Mr. Gessle as well as I think, he had the idea to write the song in a marvellous mix between 90’s and the new influences..I guess it would be very interesting for the international pop-music scenary...
Let’s see what will happen..but for the moment, I WISH all the fan a very exciting waiting, ’til we will listen to, for the first time, the new single on the radio...
Ciao: Andrea.

lol are you kidding? You want remixes by Almighty and Stonebridge? Almighty broke up long ago and does Stonebridge even exist anymore? Very very dated sounds imo. There are some “newer” remixers out there that would do wonders with a new uptempo Roxette song. But I agree Shooting Star is pure awesomeness, just because he knows Roxette and seems to move forward with music rather than stay stagnet.

Just got back from a vacation and saw this news!! Sounds great! I like short songs!!!

I don´t know who Almighty and StoneBridge are, so I don´t know what´s with them now, but I know that Stars by Almighty and WICF by StoneBridge are the best rox remixes ever.
If you are interesting in this type of music, you can advise some new good remixers.

Unbelievable... it’s finally happening! best news i months...








wow, can someone upload it?!?!?!

Just a joke! :-)))))

I’m with purplemedusa, a 2-track single is a little boring. Surely there’s some extras they can throw on there, a remix/live track/instrumental.

Yes, something like this.

1. One Wish
2. One Wish (Shooting Star Treatment)
3. One Wish (demo)
4. The Rox Medley
5. One Wish (video by Jonas Akerlund)

Thanks for the nice responces!:)

WOW!!! this is great news, not only that roxette will have a new single but Marie is well enough to work on such a huge project like roxette again!!! we love u marie!!!! i am so excited to hear the new song, 3mins or 3 hours it will be great!!!!!! thanx, ollie x

Very professional Clerk! I really like what you’ve created and I hope the rox sleeve is gonna be as nice as yours.

I like the picture! I like the single!The B-side........ 20 September!!!!!!!FANTASTIC!

Great news!!! I hope it sounds as good as the pop tracks in the last GH, but with Marie’s voice making it even better. :D
Looking forward to seeing the real single cover!!! ;)

@ ogeid; thanx for the reminder...

When does the airplay start? I want more! I want More!

It’s such good news! And it’s been so long since I had this feeling of waiting for new ROX stuff! It’s happenning again! I’m sure it will be a catchy tune - a true ROXETTE hit!!!!

2 Clerk: I like your artwork more and more. As I said before it reminds me WICF or CBB album, Per in the front, Marie in the back, but your is 10 times more professional and modern than WICF. Per looks great with his white jacket and Marie in the back with guitar. And the scene behind them reminds me Salvador Dali´s pictures. Really great. If official, this could be one of the best Rox cover, if not best.

1. One Wish
2. Another song or a demo or something
3. One Wish (demo)
4. The Rox Medley
5. One Wish (video by Jonas Akerlund)

@ Clerk

Really nice artwork! I would love the real cover to look like that!!

I’ve created a little ow-teaser-banner for my signature in a non-roxette messageboard. It’s without rox-pictures an even without the word Roxette, it’s just a teaser to catch their interest, and if they click on it, they’ll get to know what it’s all about ;-)

Well now that’s a news that made my day, despite all the problems I have. And even thoyugh I have regrets new album will be just a compilation (3rd one in their discography) of greatest hits the new song is still a new song. Hopefully not as without any climate and character as “The Center of the heart”, especially the chorus, but that’s old story, leave it all behind. I just couldn’t resist myself. ;).

Ferry Corsten would be good choice to do a remix of a new song. He gets more and more attention. And he’s good, me thinks.

I think it will be for the best if roxette cut out all the remixing & left everything original,nothing more PERfect than listening to music that hasn’t been tampered with.

Great work room-service, i like it very much :)

@Bunio: Thank you, I’m glad about that :-)
Now I varied it a little, using ’real’ pins and some color in the background:
I also moved the pins in this last version

@ Sascha - they’ve had 40 hits..... (well 40 singles anyway!)

Great News! I can’t wait to hear it! Greetings from Romania!

Yes, I didn’t count the Sweden-only, promo singles and ultra flops and rounded the number. ;-)

This is fantastic news! Something to really look forward too! I hope it receives a lot of airplay and charts well. :)

I can’t wait to hear the new songs!!!

Only the idea of some new material sounds great to me. I’m sure these new songs are going to be great. :)

Yeah 3 whole minutes! :)

Cannot wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Actually I think I am more excited about seeing photos from the shoot that hearing the song!

Good thing is we get both! :-)

I think they should ask Clerk to do the artwork for the single!

Uhm... does it mean this masterpiece-single will hit the stores only in Sweden and Germany??? And the Album/RoxBox? I thought it would see a worldwide release.

Of course worldwide like always. It’s just that SE and DE already confirmed the release dates.

worldwide like always: Europe (except GB)+ Usbekistan and some bootlegs for a basar in Yglestbüyora...

it will get a UK release, it just won’t chart thats all

Goetz: Sometimes it seems like that. ;-)
But in the end Roxette’s albums still get released worldwide, except USA. And even that is in the cards with this release. Single releases are a totally different thing...

I agree with eBay, they should ask Clerk to do the cover. That cover really kicks ass!

If it doesn’t get a UK release, we Brits boost the Swedish economy!

I wish!lol

is this for real? it does’t seem to be serious...(even the cd cover)....

Yeah, One Wish is the title of Rox’s new single.

If you read the the text under the picture - it says CONCEPT cover. Meaning that this is not going to be the single cover.

But yes, this is in fact the news on the newly awaited Rox single!

did you remeber, before SOAP premiere, there was one song title uncovered everyday? so maybe they shoud tease us the same way now - it would be funny - i know that there are gonna be only 2 new songs... but maybe they should do something like that with single cover. everyday a little piece would be shown...

edit: typo

Yeah, that would be fun! But it’s still very early.

Isn’t this such an exciting time? :-) And seeing all the many comments on this subject, it clearly shows in how much demand Roxette are amongst us fans!

Now we just want it to be September!

September? I would be pleased if it was the day of the first listening...

Oh help! Can’t count how often i click on this site to get a little
more information. Everything we know so far sounds so good!
I guess I’m becomming a ROXETTEjunkie again. Thought these days were over since I was 16 :-) ...

I know exactly what you mean manu!

Roll on September.... at least the kids will be back at school....

Oh yeah add that I am looking forward to getting the new Rox single!

’I guess I’m becomming a ROXETTEjunkie again. Thought these days were over...:-) ...’

Damn, we’re all junkies! We all want it to be good! I am so gonna look forward to this...

Judging from the length, it’s more likely to be Opportunity Nox than Joyride :)

Yeah.. but I do not really think that you can judge a song by it’s length.. and doesn’t Per like the 3 minute songs best himself?

Indeed he does:) And that makes the waiting even more exciting!

I wonder what the sound will be like.. will it be something ON, The Centre OTH, something like Per did in the last couple of years or maybe even a whole new sound??
Maybe even R&B or HipHop? ha ha..

Yeah I think you’re right eBay, probably r&b! lol

If it’s either RnB or Hip Hop then I’m afraid that’ll be the end for me!! lol Don’t like either of those types of music!

Hmm.. Or something like Nelly’s Maneater?? Now that would be cool!!!


@ eBay YUCK! Go wash your mouth!:)

Ah no! I love Maneater! Even Per does.. ;-)
Actually all of Nelly’s new album is quite good..

Hej, I just got back home from my holiday so I haven’t been around for almost three weeks.
I was wondering, don’t we still have any snippet of the new single?

sascha i have only just started using a computer but i have been a rox fan since 89 i read your reports with interest keep it up. you seem to know whats going on.

Can’t be much longer now until we get at least a 30 sec snippet. OMG!! I REALLY WANT TO HEAR THIS SONG.

When it was first announced I was like ’well, it’ll be good’. Now, I just want it NOW!!!

Feel better now that’s out of my system! lol


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