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Written by Jud on July 20, 2006 to .

STOCKHOLM - Three wallpapers of Marie Fredriksson are now available on The wallpapers, designed by webmaster Pelle Piano, feature some of the pictures from the website’s gallery and are available in 1280x1024 format.

  Follow the links below to download the wallpapers. Enjoy!

  Big thanks to Micke Bolyos and Pelle Piano.


Great! Pelle Piano is so tallented! I visited the website of this atrist - simply marvellous artwork!Great job - the cloudscape is my favorite - real Marie’s look. All the pictures at are masterpiece.

nice wallpapers, but why can‘t I find them on I‘ve been throuhout the whole site and finally returned to TDR to download them...
nevermind, nice to see some fanoriented stuff coming from Marie‘s site as well.

Beautiful the first one!

Pretty wallpapers ;) my favorite is “in the eye of the stage 2”

agree, Pelle Piano is great, but what marie is doing with the guitar? it should have been piano or sth, but not guitar!

Nice wallpapers...

...probably the only way we’ll get to see Marie on Stage this year ;)


Thank you!

Now that I’ve seen them:

Dang... still lookin sharp as ever! So, she’s what... 30... 31? I forgot!!! ;o)


wow she looks so cool. VERY marie, rock chickish and she pulls off a guitar and makes it look sexy love em.

Great pictures, Marie is so beautiful! :)

sorry.. what is so exciting about this news??

That we can see new pix of our Diva?

I just went to that site and I like the one where Marie hold a guitar in a limousine or something :) She looked fabulous :)

Is this really frontpage news?...

Oh come on, those wallpapers aren’t THAT excellent ... Not a big creative input, just pcitures with some non-complex phtotoshopping.

@Joyrider; Who cares? I like them!

Marie rules

Nice pictures of Marie! First background I didn’t like though. Looks like: “Hey, I’m new to Photoshop!” ;)

2 Zelda: A comment-posting possibility on TDR would be not necessary if nobody cared.

2 per_mson: That’s what I thought too; the pictures are great but the wallpaper(s) look like work from a guy who discovered some new functions in Photoshop ;)

Sometimes I have the feeling that some people here can’t do anything but complaining...
Great pictures, I really loved the ones with the guitar :D

2 miss-misery: You’re right!

Marie is looking beautiful! Hey guys, stop showing off, even if it’s Photoshop it doesn’t make the pictures any worse! Marie is fabulous!

I love the wallpapers, they are simple and they fit great on the screen - I tried them at work where I have a 19” TFT and looked great I actually use 2 monitors so I had her double :D

YOu know the pic of marie in a limo on the website, how do i save it ? (my fave)

Rox-kuryliw, you can look for it in theTemporary Internet Files folder after you’ve downloaded the picture from the site

Marie - the Queen of ALL stages and yes, she should be in the centre of it!! Great pictures. Pelle Piano (cool name, btw) is talented. I would love to have a wallpaper too of the one with Marie in the limo. Really cool pics - thanx!!!! Marie ROX!!

Nice good :) Thank you so much.

tatti i would but i have a mac and it doesnt let you do it, or iv tried looking and cant find anything. IF anyone has that image i would be so greatful if someone could send me the limo shot :-D pleeeaaassse.

thank you very much, that Pelle Piano is a good photographer i like his work.

rox-kuryliw: Of course you can do that with your Mac. Another option would have been a screenshot with Apple+Shift+4.

Just downloaded the video from Great quality improvement. Good that they went for H.264 format. :-)

Wow these are so nice!

great pix I Love you Marie


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