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Per partied with Robbie

Written by tevensso on July 4, 2006 to .

GOTHENBURG - Per attended Robbie Williams’ second monster show at Ullevi stadium in Gothenburg the other day. Robbie has gotten rave reviews in all Swedish newspapers. Per isn’t as overjoyed though. “To be honest, Robbie’s music means nothing to me, even though ’Feel’ is one of the best songs in the world,” says Per. Per gives the show five out of five, while the music reaches only three.

  After the show there was a VIP party at restaurant Swea Hof which Per attended. “Of course it got late…”


Per should see a Madonna concert!!!!

” got late” Hahaha! Good ol’ Mr.G!

I’m sick and tired of MADONNA.Madonna only thing knows is drag.PER SHOUDN’T SEE A MADONNA CONCERT!!!!!!!

we im not a robbie williams fan either, although his music has got abit better since his gt hits album.

I have tickets 4 the first Sydney concert 4 Robbie - I hope it’s great!!

I thought you were from Victoria ...

I am a Victorian but I live on the central coast of NSW - been here for about 5 years now - still proudly Vic though lol

I’ve seen Robbie Williams live in Milan in 2003, in fact I think he was quite good on stage. I don’t like him as a person but I do think some of his songs are good!
I heard Madonna doesn’t sing live at her concerts - that’s definitely a concert I would never attend!

Per, SPOT-ON about this tour of Robbie’s; NOTHING really wonderfull and actually kinda disapointing if you’ve seen some of his previous concerts or on DVD. Nah, dear ol’ Robbie’s becoming a crowd pleasa... WE WANT MORE BOLLOCKS!!

“Feel” one of the best songs in the world??? :-0
I still remember when Robbie was friend with those Oasis guys, and he wanted to be tough and bad like them, haha. A bit pathetic.

I‘m totally with Per on this one. “Feel” is the only song by RW that is really worth listening. Happy to have similar musical taste Per ;p
Madonna doesn‘t sing live on her concerts? Now that‘s real pathetic!

It’s a fact that Madonna playbacks parts of her shows.

Ja, Per is a new Rock Dj o Mr. Dj? ;)

Ps:I like R.W I’m going to see it when I came to south america, (Oasis is wonderful, I’m fan! I saw 3 concerts the last one in Argentina in March of this year :)

Feel is absolutely Robbie´s best song, but I also like Come Undone with very colourish video by Rox´s friend Jonas. Great melody. And some others are good too. Millenium, Lazy Days, Sin Sin Sin...

hey! what’s the problem with madonna? XD just kidding... Honestly, the new madonna’s dvd by mr. åkerlund is a crap. I don’t like RW either...
I’m not a Madonna fan, but Madonna’s concerts are something other artists would never dream about being at the same level (i.e. drowned world tour).
Playback? haha every artist makes playback, (some of them better than others... :P)

well I saw take that a few weeks ago at City of Manchester stadium and they rocked - I prefer them without Robbie. He is so much more an entertainer than a singer - per is right.

@ Purplemedusa - lol ;o)

Robbie’s songs that are good: Angels, Supreme, Feel, Trippin’
Robbie’s songs that are terrible: Something Beatiful, Radio, Advertising Space, Sin Sin Sin (one of the most terrible songs I’ve heard lately)

Robbie is a fantastic live performer. Ive seen him a few times (not on this tour), but per is right about his material. Its very hit or miss actually. Hes made a lot of great songs but there is a lot of ’fillers’ on all his albums, and they seem to have been getting progressively worse

I´m the 1st roxette fan in the world, but I don´t like the most of things that says Per.
Per, are you God?
Well R. Williams is a bad singer, but you can´t say that his music means nothing to you.
Oh my God, oh Per, let down the cocaine please

Per never say that Robbie means nothing, he said that Robbie means nothing for him, thats difference.It means that Per don´t like his music, not that his music is bad.

You also should look at the thing from another point of view - I mean, the way the reporter puts it when writing the article, might not be the way Per meant it (I remember Per saying he’s fed up with the tabloids).
If he attended the concert and the party, he surely doesn’t hate Robbie that much, or else he would’ve stayed home, don’t you think? However, I do appreciate that Per speaks his own mind, saying what he likes and what he doesn’t like about other artists.

As for Madonna - I bet her shows are unique when it comes to coregraphy, costumes and such things, but that’s simply not what I’m looking for in a concert. I go to concerts to hear live music, played and sung live!

Coreography ,costume,drag,such things... MADONNA and her music makes me sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and the lyrics ... no comment Madonna doesnt know what is the electric guitar and piano,only dance pop and dance music empty music!!!!!!!!!!

Mr the best not Robbie....

I’m lost but isn’t this supposed to be about Per & Robbie?? How did Madonna get into this?

I do like Robbie, yes. Got all the albums, but like someone mentioned they are going downhill. Intensive Care is a boring album, but I do like Trippin’ and Advertising Space

I got most of Robbies albums.
He’s done well for himself, you can’t really put him down when he’s got million £ deals over him........he’s obviously got a worldwide fanbase!!!!

I’m not gonna say he’s shite just cos Per only likes 1 of his songs!!

Now every TDR reader will think Robbie is shit and that Feel is a great song.

Robbies gigs on Ullevi kicked ass. Way better than any Roxette gig, ever. But not as good as GT.

@GT85 - some people here do have a mind of ourselves you know!!

How many people have been there? More then Gyllene Tider in 2004?

Everybody knows Madonna is a Star. Her album Ray of Light had inspired Per in Have a Nice Day, he told that once... And it’s impossible don’t see this influence in songs like Stars or even Wish I could Fly...Per likes the Madonna’s song The Power of Goodbye...

But I like Madonna, I love Roxette... I detest RW...

And it’s incredible to try to imagine the reason we are talking about Madonna here... hehehe.

MADONNA IS THE WORST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Modonna is great.

I like Madonna’s old songs from the 80’s and The power of goodbye is actually the best song from the Ray of light album in my opinion.
Nevertheless I would never attend any of her concerts, because I don’t think she’s any good at singing live!
But oh well this is indeed getting off-topic, sorry..

I think that the difference between artists like Madonna and R.W. and bands like Roxette and others is that the latter are mainly musicians, and the former are more performers than musicians. If you like performers you’ll go to see Robbie and Madonna. I prefer musicians. But I guess there’s no account for tastes.

1 - Why you´re talking about Madonna here?
2 - Why everytime someones mentions Madonna´s name there´s always some people insulting her?

It´s ok if one doesn´t like an artist... it´s Ok if Per doens´t like RW too much... it´s all matter of taste, but we don´t need to insult them.

By the way, I´m also interested in how many people were in Ullevi stadium to see RW.

It was between 55-56 000 on ullevi when Robbie performed. Almost 59000 when GT played.

All of those gigs were sold out. But Robbies stage was bigger. That´s why there were more people on GT, there were place for more.

I hate madonna!

Or a Cyndi Lauper concert, she is a great singer ;)

Robbie is alright but a bit overrated, i agree with Perini. :D

I would take ROBBIE over Per any day!!!!!
Intensive care is brilliant, atleast Robbie writes a good album, cant say much about MR GESSLES solo project waste of time!!!!!
Robbie is brilliant live, he’s an entertainer, like Marie, unlike some people who only know how to stand and look good doing nothing and not interacting with the audiance....Per should be so lucky to be as brilliant and huge as ROBBIE!!!!
Did Robbie even know he was there???? I DONT THINK SO...whatever!!!!

haha, Electra, I don’t share your opinion concerning Robbie’s qualities, I find Per much better as a musician, but I must confess I share the same wondering as you: did Robbie even know Per was there? I don’t think so. Well, at least gessle didn’t lose anything, maybe Robbie did haha

i wonder why G went at the party if he doesnt like the guy. I understand he was at the concert, he doesn’t miss any show in Sweden (not even the Depeche M. from tonight probably), but at that VIP party made for

There is no doubt that Per is more talented as a musician, just as there is no doubt that Robbie is more talented as a performer

Would have been nice to have seen Per and Robbie party...

@ ncurran
I think you are right.

But he also said in another interview, that he isn’t a Madonna-Fan. I remember he said it, when he told about her “Sorry” Video-Clip. But I think, she’s great.

’Feel’? Some people have no taste... but then I don’t like Robbie much anyway. The only song I liked was ’No Regrets’.

Hi everybody!

Don’t touch Madonna!!!!!!!!!!!!! She sings very good!


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