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New Roxette medley appears on iTunes, reaches #1

Written by roxeteer on July 26, 2006 to .

The first new Roxette single in more than three years is now for sale on iTunes Music Store. The single contains one song which is a medley of the biggest Roxette hits remixed with a dance beat.

  Earlier it was announced that the song would only be released as a radio promo and later as a b-side of a new single.

  Update July 26: The medley reached #1 on iTunes Sweden yesterday beating the ever-so-popular “Boten Anna” by Basshunter, who also is from Halmstad by the way.

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That’s great!

A new single is great but... I was hoping for something else. OK, I’m not complaining and waiting for the next single. :-)

Great! :o)

And, for those who like a “freebee” and a great remix, point your browsers here:

DJ Stranger remixed Sleeping in my car - and its BRILLIANT! 3 mixes to download from his site.

I’m going going clubbing tonight cos of this, see you there!


2 carbon_boy: Great remixes, thanks for the link. The 3rd one (seven club mix) is very cool. Would be nice, if there was a radio edit in that style. Cheers.

*new* single??!

mmmmm ? is this a promo single or the new single released form thre gh album ? cos im not impressed if thats the case , sorry, not impressed at all if this is one of the 2 new songs , not impressed at all lol

This is NOT one of the two new songs, trust me.

ow thank god for that. u hiding a little serect are u then lol. ;-)

... whistling...

I like RoxMedley a lot, but these SIMC remixes by DJ Stranger are pathetic, i don’t like them at all.


The Sleeping in my car remixes really rules!!
Great work,well done!!

Not available in the US iTunes Music Store.

Damn EMI.

It seems as if the ROX20 celebrations finally started. Why not begin them by hitting radio stations and stores with a medley of the biggest Rox-radio singles before the ROX-Box launches and maybe something more happens in 2007............who knows?!

I’m happy that Per and Marie are more or less back again. rox on!

This medley was reviewed at Findance here in Finland and it only got 4/10. The reviewer said three songs mixed together would’ve been more appropriate though all 6 represent great pop music on their own. However, the mix didn’t quite please him.

I have to say that I totally love the dance mixes of SIMC!!!! Yay!!! Something new to dance to!!!

Regarding the SIMC remixes, they are not that bad. I’ve heard worse remixes before, like Dancing DJ’s crappy version of FLAF and many other amateurish remixes, like M&T&H (Fragma remix).

the fragma mix is 10 times better than the simc moixes they are overly reprtitive and horrible i turned each off after a minuite, what retard thinks that rock songs should become dance mixes needs to be shot

Readers of previous TDR articles about Per and Marie having gotten back together in the recording studio will understand that there are completely new songs coming our way. It’s hardly a secret to say that this is not one of them.

And becasue of the long time between the posts on the SOAP-site, maybe we can expect more than two songs?

The Fragma Mix was so awful that I even deleted it from my computer. There’s no point in having such a crap, just to take space from my HD.

The SIMC remixes are good, in my opinion. They are more professional at least. And even the original version of SIMC is very repetitive, so it doesn’t bother me much.

LOL! @ Coyboy!!! Dance music is suppose to be repetitive....


oh dear, these “remixes” of sleeping in my car are so bad, it sounds like a nightmare, really unprofessionell and wrong arrangement...please let it be mr. dj stranger and put some other records on, but ...your website is cool ;) really ;)

I hope happen the same with the brand new forthcoming Rox single!!

Great news!

well thats a suprise.

Nice update :-)

Great news! Is it possible to search for the ranking of an iTunes release if it’s not in the toplist?

I’m happy with the news....
But to be honest, I was expecting something else which will come, I know, I know....
I’ve never heard it yet in my country.... But who knows....

Great news! Rox Medley sounds fantastic - can’t wait for the CD release.

Seen a few popping up on eBay now!

And selling for ridiculous amounts...

Wow great news on getting to number 1!

It seems as646-364 if the ROX20 celebrations finally started. Why not begin them 642-504 by hitting radio stations and stores with a medley 642-165 of the biggest Rox-radio singles before the ROX-Box launches and 642-661 maybe something more happens in 2007.


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