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Roxette World Tour 2011 schedule

Roxette gets good promotion in Denmark

Written by tevensso on February 12, 2011 to and . Source: P4 Denmark.

COPENHAGEN - Roxette is getting nice promo for the new album next week on the Danish radio channel P4. The channel has selected Charm School as the "album-of-the-week" next week.

P4 is among of the biggest radio stations in Denmark with the entire country as listeners.

P4 will airplay several tracks from the album next week - for instance "Way Out", "Speak To Me", "Dream On", "In My Own Way" and "After All", besides the first single, "Radio," off the album.

Submitted by Anders Falck Tindborg.

Fan party in Buenos Aires on Sunday

Written by tevensso on February 12, 2011 to and .

BUENOS AIRES - Roxette Latinoamerica website, together with EMI Argentina, are throwing a pre-listening release party for Charm School on February 13 in Buenos Aires. The party is at Saint's Bar, Av. Cabildo 5451, and it begins at 18.00 sharp.
All the info for the event plus the flyer can be found on their website.

Submitted by Alejandro.

The South African leg of the tour keeps growing

Written by egmond on February 10, 2011 to and .

After selling out 3 shows of 4 in sunny South Africa, Roxette has added two more shows to their South African leg of the Charm School World Tour. According to Jacaranda FM, local radio station, the demand was so huge that they have added more shows.  The station, alongside other SA radio stations, have also started playing the new single "She's Got Nothing On (But The Radio)".

Grand Arena, Grand West, Cape Town - Western Cape
Sun 08 May 11 8:00 PM
Tue 10 May 11 8:00 PM  (SOLD OUT)
Wed 11 May 11 8:00 PM  (SOLD OUT)

Sun City Superbowl, Sun City - North-West

Fri 13 May 11 9:00 PM
Sat 14 May 11 8:00 PM  (SOLD OUT)
Sun 15 May 11 6:30 PM

“Charm School” - album review

Written by tevensso on February 8, 2011 to and .

Here it is - the traditional Daily Roxette team album review! Lars-Erik, Thomas, Judith, Colin & Paul gathered in the virtual TDR newsroom to write up this special review on Roxette’s brand-new album!

It’s been a long, long time (It’s been a while and lots of miles…) coming but here we are… a brand new studio album from Roxette. Years of speculation on Roxette’s future have ended with the release of Charm School and the upcoming World Tour.  As for the album itself, it has so many trademark Roxette sounds, yet is totally new and it feels great to have real instruments again on some of the songs. Most fans we're sure will love it, but obviously there will always be some who won’t.  Our review is quite lengthy, but it’s been 10 years since we've had a chance to do one of these. Anyway, song by song review time:


Colin: A Roxette album that starts with a mouth harp - that must be a first! The first verse really has that Aerosol Grey Machine studio sound and then at the catchy chorus the heavier guitars kick in. The song has a really positive vibe to it and to me it feels like a sequel to “June Afternoon” – awesome!
Thomas: “We will we will rock you!” drums. Love those guitars. And it must be Per playing that first weee-wah-wah-wah-wa after the first chorus! They also used a mouth harp in “I Remember You” if you remember.
Colin: Oh I do remember! That was my first Roxette song - loved it!
Paul: This song reminds me more of “Stupid” from The World According To Gessle. The drum beat is very similar indeed.
You know you’re right! I thought this had a familiar sound to it and that was it!
Not a typical Rox-album-opener really. I was expecting something along the lines of “Crush On You” or “Real Sugar”, so this came as a surprise… a nice surprise. The song, as with a few others on the album, is too short though.  A Marie middle-8 would have fixed that problem Mr G!
Thomas: 2.46?? That’s barely longer than “Här kommer alla känslorna”.
Now that you mention this song, I keep having this one in mind when I listen to some of the tracks on this album. It must be the happy mood. This album has a lot of the Roxette sound we know, but yet we get to hear some new sounds we never heard with Roxette before. This is one example. Great guitars and opener! I am glad that Per realized he can use and experiment with his voice a lot more than he used to! I must say both sing wonderfully on this album. I think this is a wonderful album so you won’t get much negative points from my side, I am afraid. The only one is that the album is too short! I want more!! 2-3 more songs would have done it.
Thomas: Yes, what else is there to add? This is one of my favorites as well, maybe even “The Favorite” and I had hoped the whole album had been a bit more like this song.
Colin: Definitely one of my favorites too, after listening to the albums a few times this is the chorus that really keeps hanging around in my head!
Nobody’s mentioned the ending… I really like it! I think the distorted guitar there is cool!
Thomas: Yes we did! We all felt it came way too soon!

Read more…


Written by roxtexanet on February 8, 2011 to , and .

MONTREAL - Roxette's Charm School will finally see the light of day in Canada on March 29, according to EMI Canada's website.  As yet, it is unclear whether the CD release will be the regular or deluxe version, but the vinyl LP will be released the same day - the first vinyl release for Roxette in Canada since Look Sharp! in 1989!  As everywhere, the lead single is "She's Got Nothing On (But the Radio)" which has already aired on Montréal's largest radio station, CKOI.  This is the first major Canadian radio station to play a new Roxette single since "Wish I Could Fly."  Listeners can vote for the song on the daily top 6 at 6 by visiting their website. "Radio" is also getting airplay on KIX 106 in Alberta. Can a Canadian tour date be far behind?!

Roxette enters German singles chart

Written by eBay on February 8, 2011 to and .

"She's Got Nothing On (But the Radio)" enters the official German singles chart at #18!  This is Roxette's biggest hit in the third biggest music market worldwide since "Sleeping In My Car" hit #11 back in 1994.  

Ask Per a great question

Written by michi1506 on February 7, 2011 to and .

Per is doing a radio interview in Germany next week and the host of the show is interested in asking Per some more interesting questions directly from the fans and not that kind of stuff Per has already been asked 10,000 times.

Post your questions as comments to this article.

“Radio” on TV in Oz

Written by Roxwriter on February 6, 2011 to and .

SYDNEY - The Australian TV Channel "MTV Classic" once again aired their "Roxette Live in Sydney Special" (basically a cut-down version Live-Ism) but then immediately after they debuted the video for "She's Got Nothing On (But the Radio)".

This Australian Roxer nearly fell off his chair when after the credits to "Live-Ism" ended and suddenly heard the thumping bass of the new single!

Also, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC TV) aired the video too on their morning program "Rage" at about 8.30am on Sunday February 6!

This reporter is urging all Aussie Roxette fans to get in touch with their respective music channels and get requesting!

Also, an ad for Charm School appeared during the show "Video Hits".

Neilandkathie and Bwad contributed to this article.

“Charm School” leaked

Written by tevensso on January 30, 2011 to and .

As expected now the full album, both CDs, have leaked to the Internet. According to TDR's sources the originating IP address is Swedish.

Cape Town sold out

Written by Heidi van Rensburg on January 26, 2011 to , and .

CAPE TOWN - A reader from South Africa lets us know that both Roxette's concerts in Cape Town have been sold out.

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