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Written by michi1506 on February 7, 2011 to and .

Per is doing a radio interview in Germany next week and the host of the show is interested in asking Per some more interesting questions directly from the fans and not that kind of stuff Per has already been asked 10,000 times.

Post your questions as comments to this article.


Is it true that you have once written a song for Ozzy Osbourne? What happend to this song?


Here’s my question: “How would you describe Roxette’s music using only one nonmusical (pop, rock, etc) adjective?”

Will we ever hear “Crush On You” live again??

Which song from “Charm School” will be the next single? :)
Thank you.

Greeting from Thailand,

Live you are playing songs like “She doesn’t live here anymore” or “7-tweenty-7” really rocky. Or let’s take the way you are performing “The Big L.” nowadays - like a rocksong.
How come there are so little electric guitars on the new album compared to that?

Seems like there is a difference between the way you wanne sound live compared to the way you want to sound on the new album.

Per, hello from Brazil. My name is Luiz Fernando.
We know that Roxette is back after many years and we see concerts that are sold out (São Paulo is one of them!).
Was it an expected fact to you?
Facing a big world tour leads to a big anxiety?

Per, if you had one wish, what would it be?
Love you!
greetings from Brazil

Flavia Tonacci

Hej Per, i’d like to know what you think about music industry, i mean, now you take control of your record sessions, with your own stuff, almost like your old tits&ass demos. The days of C!B!B! recording sessions in big studios passed by you think the musicians have to change their minds in the way of selling music, more digital cheaper copies than the album as we know nowadays?. Do you think the piracy affect to you directly or affect the big music industry (emi, warner and so on...)? Thanks!

Hey Per....How many songs Roxette will play live and this new world tour will be coming in a tourism 2 maybe?..:)

What do you actually do the whole day, when not writing/recording? :-)

Will have with you this time some record tools like you used to do in some tours just to record some sessions in Hotels and strange places like you did for Tourism?

What is your feeling about the incredible demand of Roxette tickets in places like Argentina, Brasil or Southafrica and knowing that is just happening with almost no promotion? Do you feel some kind of recognition from Media after all of these years?

Per, fans would like to hear all Roxette songs in live shows, but is there one of your songs that you would never play live? and why?

Thanks ;)

Hi Per, many singers are now making duets with other famous artists. Roxette never did it. Why is that? Do you think that Roxette will someday sing with other artists?

Great, its growing...
We will post the link to the transcription when the interview is done so that you can see which questions were answered and what Per hat to say about it. So keep on posting questions. Deadline is Wednesday morning.
You are fantastic!

Will there ever be a power ballad of which you played piano solo, and sang at the same time?

Regarding the good relationship you have with Christoffer, Clarence and even Magnus and taking into account that Chris and Magnus are great composers, have you ever consider to make a music project with them but where everybody writes music, texts and etc? Some like a Swedish version of Travelling Wilburys maybe...

What kept you motivated always in all the tough and hard times?

Love from Pakistan
Coolbluez- - The Place To Be

Hej hej hemsli mycket hej (^_^)_v Thanx for 25 years of top-end music!

Why have UK fans been getting messed about by EMI so badly since the Have A Nice Day singles - and are you going to be touring here?

Jag har bott vid en landsväg i hela mitt liv, och sett människor komma och gå.

Hello from Argentina!

I want to know if you are going to play any song in Spanish when you are here in Argentina.
Please, say yes! ’Un Dia Sin Ti’ or any other one from ’Baladas En Español’! Think about it. It would be very special for all the fans here. We are really looking forward to your visit. See you.


Hi Per
why no promotional tour on radio and television shows, to promote this new album, apart in Germany? advertising is the soul of commerce! I hope to see you soon in Italy!

what do you *really* think about EMI UK???

Wouldn’t it be fun to release a “Tourism 2” next year?

Per, Is there any recent good album you would like to recommend to your fans besides Charm School?

Need to make a question attention grabbing, but how without asking something that is different rather than the usual questions poor Mr Gessle is asked all the time when he does these radio interviews...

Okay here goes nothing...

(1) Do you have any memorable but perhaps disastrous things that have happened in your musical career, which you would rather not have happened but could not avoid?

(2) How many times have you lost your luggage when flying or at airports given the amount of times, you fly and travel the world... No telling porkies because I have witnessed it happen, and joked about it with Christopher when he told us – this is what happens when you end up on the same flights as your fans you cannot hide anything from us!

(3) I will not ask if you are coming to the UK on tour, but do you have a favourite place here perhaps a restaurant you have visited after all you have used London for photo shoots in the past.

(4) Do you collect your own material, for instance do you have some of the rarer items that are hard to find and produced in limited numbers or perhaps you collect something completely different – please don’t say guitars!


(5) Are we ever going to get published a decent more up to date Roxette biography. It is all well and good books being produced in German but I am sadly limited to counting to about 50 in German and saying my name from my school days (Mein Name ist Alison, Ich bin 33 Jahre alt!). A book produced finally in English I am sure you will concur would be much welcomed by all the fans!

I am on a roll, I have two more...

(6) How about auctioning off some of your old Roxette clothes for charity? I would love to get my hands on that outfit you worn in The Big L video or for that matter anything Roxette related!

(7) What do you think Roxette, Gyllene Tider and Gessle have done for Swedish Tourism in say the past 10 years...

These questions come from Alison Lowther otherwise known as ’Roxerally’ and ’Ms Leftie’ in the UK!

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My question:

Why don´t you want to explain the true meaning of the songs you write?

Gessle For President

Per, Why do you still making records? What is your goal these days and for the future regarding music? What would you like to do in music, personally talking? Maybe you’d like to try another style in music? It’s not that I don’t like what you’ve done so far, I’m probably one of your best followers in the world haha. But I’d like to know what comes next in your music, and if you already have thought about something. We always want more haha :P Greetings from the centre of Argentina!! Julio Rojo.

Q1 What, In your own opinion is the best and worst songs you have written in your long career.

Q2 What’s the most embarassing thing thats ever happened to you on stage.

Annabelle - North east scotland

Per, in your dreams, do you sometimes think that your life could have been different and do you feel a sort of anxiety in changing things?
If so, what kind of things?
Another question...pleeease...would you like to come and live in sunny Italy during your summer holidays? Maybe buying a splendid villa in the italian Riviera or in Capri island?
Ciao and thank you for your come back...(hope it will go on and on)!


1.- Per- will you bring jonas Issaccson and 2 sets of drummérs to the concert?
2. Will you play ” Speak to me ” live” on tour ?
3. will you continue with the tour in europe after July ?
4. How many songs will you play on tour ?
5. How many songs from charm School will you play on tour?

Hi Per, are you considering during the tour to pic few people to come up the stage?



What was the name of the first song you have written in english? can you sing a bit from it? :)

my question is: Do you have any plans for a new album after this one?

I’m Lukas, 24, from Constance: I’d like to know who’s fault it is that albums are frequently being leaked on the internet before their official release. Is there nothing to be done about it? PS: What was your first thought when you knew that Charm School had been leaked? Cheers! (And well, maybe: Are there any more German tour dates planned... like Stuttgart or Munich?)

If you ask people what Roxette stands for the majority say 80ies power pop ballads ala Listen to your hear or It must have been love. Why don’t you try to compose and produce such ballads anymore?

Why are your tickets for the German shows that expensive?
All the best,

@MrsJaxs...that is an easy one: Because of the high artists taxes foreign artists have to pay here in Germany.

Is there any chance to see some interesting/cultural/touristic stuff while on world-tour?

Per if you could meet Elvis or John Lennon, which one you‘d choose to meet and what you‘d asked (one question ! ) ?


Per, firstly I am so glad to see you and Marie back together and doing well. I was wondering if you’ll be bringing the tour to Australia. Some of us cant afford the cost to see you in Europe. I had a great time when you guys came here to do your Crash Boom Bang tour, and would like one more chance to see you in concert.

Paul R

Okay...I least I tried to get some intelligent ideas...hmmm...sorry if my english is wrong here and there....

- Lots of us still wonder what happened to the old door of T&A-studio...this tiny little piece of Fan-art. I really hope it didn’t get thrown away??? We would be honored to have it back somewhere inside your hotel.

- Once I read somewhere (was it in your “Att vara Per Gessle” book maybe?) that you and Marie have been really fed up with all this travelling around the globe. Understandably. So now you’re having a big world tour in front of you again. It’s so fantastic that all this happens again. Do you have any tricks to keep up the good mood on tour and stay healthy? Or is it enough that you hunger for all of this again?

- When will the tour plan be complete? Or is this really a Neverending tour? :D

-What is the most annoying thing about the music industry?

-What inspires you to write sad lovesongs when both of you are in happy relationships?

Greetings from the northern part of Germany
Chrissie R.

Do you plan a Songbook of the new album? Please ask Gehrmans, we can’t wait another 25 years for a new anthology.

Why the songs from 2000’s weren’t used on live CD? Don’t you like them?

Alexandre de Oliveira Silva
Goiânia, Brazil

Hi Per, my name is Albert Bech,
What kind of guitar effects do you use to get the typical Roxette’s guitar sound in songs like Spending my time, Do you get excited, How do yo do, The rain, Almost Unreal, Fireworks, etc?

Do what you want, but harm no one!!!!

One of the things that makes Roxette special is that the music is mostly written by Roxette members (mostly Per, but also contributions from Marie) – but I have also loved the covers that Roxette has done (Neil Young’s “Heart of Gold;” Blondie’s “Hanging On The Telephone;” Aretha Franklin’s “I’ve Never Loved A Man”) I’m curious if Per (and Roxette) would be open to the idea of doing an album of covers.


Hi Per, what do you miss much: a tight and colored pants from the 80’s or a reporter wich says your name in the right way (per as the fruit)?

Hello, Per, why didn’t you play any RS songs on Party Crasher tour and on Roxette summer minitour?

My 2 questions are:

Have you ever considered doing an acoustic version of one of your previous albums? I’d love to see an acoustic version of HAND!

Have you ever considered doing a new studio version of one of your previous albums? Imagine something like Look Sharp! 2011. How would it sound?

Per: What haircut will you sport next on tour?

How about a duet with Robyn, she’s supporting Katy Perry in the US and getting bigger by the year!

G’day Mate - when are you going to grace your Aussie fans with your presence!?

What happened to the spanish version of “You Don’t Understand Me”? I know it really exists because it is on EMI’s archives.

Hi! I’m Pablo from Argentina. I’m fortunate for going to a Rox-Show for the first time in my life. I’m so happy and excited for all those things are happening in the Rox-World, so first of all I wanna THANK YOU both of you Per and Marie, for giving us fans such a gift like an amazing brand new album and a world tour. I love the direction, evolution and maturity that took the Roxette sound.
Now my question... Have you ever considered to play a solo song from each one? I’d love to hear live (for example) Sommartider, Här kommer alla..., Solens Van, Kung av sand, Tro, Sparvoga
It would be a great opportunity for fans as me that we had never been the chance to hear songs like those playing live.
See ya soon in Argentina!

PS: sorry for my english =)

M. Gessle,
I have 2 questions that’s been trottin’ in my mind for a long time:

I’ve once seen you, in an interview, saying that vidéclips for your songs was not your
cup of tea but, with all the focusing on the visual media, why didn’t you put more emphasism on those??? I’ve find most of your videos wheren’t has representative and/or at the level of the quality of your music.

In 1995-1996. you made world tour including Canada but never came back, was there any reason for that? Critics were saying then: ’good shows and good perfomers are hard to find and can be count on one hand, Roxette are one of those... How come we never heard of you here: didn’t here anywhere about your new album or your world tour (Thanks to the Daily Roxette to keep us Canadians inform about what goin’ on with you)
I though EMI was to blame but seems not since your not with them anymore...
Have we done something wrong to deserve this ???

Some issues I’ve been wondering during the past months while reading the Att vara Per Gessle book and listening your songs:

You’ve said that you and Marie are like brother and sister. How has your relationship developed during the years? How do you not get too much into each other’s nerves?

What is the best things you can get with money? And without?

What does success mean to you?

Which of your songs describes you best?

What is the best thing of being a parent? And the most difficult?

If you could say only one thing to your fans what would that be? And what would you say to Marie?

Why no bonus songs or b-sides for the Charm school album? Its the first Roxette album with no bonus or demo songs... are there plans to release an unreleased songs album maybe?

Per, both you and Marie have enjoyed successful careers as Swedish artists. Would the two of you ever release a Swedish-language album as Roxette, or include a Swedish-language song on a Roxette album?

Rhea from Winnipeg, Canada

“Où sont mes pantalons?”

This is very inspiring topic. Some more questions:

Who decides what you, Marie and the band wears on stage and promo pictures?

What do you think is the biggest difference between Marie of Roxette and Marie the solo artist? It seem she herself sees some difference since it took her some years more to jump on stage with Roxette after performing with Micke or some other company.

You’ve said that nobody can replace Marie in Roxette but if you had to choose somebody to replace you on stage for one show, who would that person be?

What is the most charming surprise your fans have given to you?

Which do you think is the most underrated Rox song? Or overrated?

If you had to introduce Roxette to somebody who has never heard of your music which song would you play? How about if you had to choose one that’s not released as a single?

Long time ago I read this interview “Per vs. Gessle” that you did by/with yourself. I had a blast reading it because of your really special and entertaining sense of humor. You should do something like this again... If you would, name one question you’d ask yourself nowadays and answer it. And name one question you hate being asked! ;)

And here is a link to this great interview, worth reading it once in a while, even if it’s from1997:

Cheers, Sandra from Germany

What would u change in your past and why?

OK the boring question first... Are you planning on releasing a Live DVD with this world tour?

2. Do you have a dailyroxette account? and if so do you make comments?

3. When will we get to hear the luke warm Crush On You remixes?

4. Why is it that the work you have done where you had completed demos are better than your songs were you have only accustic demos(and don’t answer: Are they? yes they are)

and lastly... is there one more thing that you would like to accive musically wise with roxette... or do you think you have done it all?

Are you planing to re-make some of the Roxette DVDs and VHS in Blue-Ray? Are there possibilitys to make new video material from the next tour also in high quality, or even in 3D? That would be great!
Thank you.

You share many private things via facebook, you post youtube-links to roxette-coverversions by fans and old videoclips of you and Marie, uploaded unofficial by private persons. So you seem to be very relaxed about your copyright.
On the other hand the internet in these days is very much controlled – even your official youtube-link for the new Rox-Videoclip is banned in many countries.
So what do you think about web2.0 and its chances&risks, especially for artists (newcomers & established stars)?

Hi Per! What is your source of inspiration when you write and compose music?

I have only 3 questions:

1. How big is the pride in your inner self when you hear Marie Fredriksson sing your songs the way she does? I mean....she has this immense talent as a singer, and for me as a listener, she mostly gives me goosebumps! Especially on “Spending My Time”.
Does her vocals sometimes make you go WOW!!!!

2. Why is Roxette/EMI so reluctant to release more dvds??? We would love to see those old VHS tapes of yours (Sweden Live, Look Sharp Live, Live-Ism, Crash! Boom! Live! and Room Service concerts) released on DVD as well as some new concerts. Is there ANY possibility?????

3. How many “Charm School” songs will you play on the world tour concerts?? Masterpiece of an album, by the way!!

Hi Per!, I haven´t read all the previous question so I apologize if this has been asked.:
Most of the greatest bands or artists such, as U2, B52, Bon Jovi,Elton Jhon, etc, have done duets with other greatests international artists, either in their albums or on stange.
As Roxette is the greatest band in Sweden, have you ever consider doing a duet with other greatest international artists?.
Best Regards from Argentina, and thank you for your nice music!.

Hi Per,

the new Roxette single has entered at No.18 in the german singles charts this week. It’s your biggest hit here since “Sleeping in my car”. You said very often, you don’t care anymore about the singles charts, but tell me the truth, I think you must be pretty proud and happy about this result, don’t you?

Ingo from Leipzig, Germany

Hej Per,

How many guitars do you use this worldtour, you think?


Hej Per!
Great opportunity - my question: What did you feel when Marie said YES to Roxette future? How would you describe that?
bye bye and thanx /Majsi

Hej Per!
what’s the story behind “I’m glad you called”?.. we know that you only released it a on the itunes version of Party Crasher.
How did you decide to include it in Charm School?
We know that Marie’s version it’s great... but... please, tell us, what’s the story?

We hope to see you on tour in Spain!

Per, any chance to ever hear one of my most beloved Rox tunes, “Cinnamon Street” live?

Also, although I’ m a die-hard Roxer, I admire your Swedish solo works equally and more than anything else musically,
so have you ever thought of releasing any of your Swedish material in English ?

Take care guys, and do keep up the excellent work!

Per, Describe to the fans what it feels like to both you & Marie when performing to an audience of say 55 000?

You & Marie are very successful international artists; what is the secret to the both of you staying so humble?

Thank you
Greetings from beautiful Cape Town, South Africa :)

Hulo,Per.!! My question from spain. Will u include some unknown demos as bsides, i mean songs that we have never heard. I would love u to edit “always the last to know”,i would quiver with emotion if i could hear that song under your sign. Love from spain

What was the thing which was difficult for you to write a song like “Dream on”, as you mentioned in one of the last interviews? What is the difference to the other songs?

Please tell us about your songwriting in general, how is the writing prozess like? Do you first get the tune and where does it come from? How do the words cross your mind? Is there a special inspiration?

1) What do you think of the acoustics at the Sunderland Stadium of Light?
2) What do you mean you don’t know what they’re like?
3) Wanna find out? ;-p

@SilverBloo Ha Ha I love it... :)

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Hey, Per! What do you think about record a album of hits with an orchestra? I from Brazil but i saw the videos of “Night of The Proms” and was AMAZING!

And here’s another one... Everybody knows that you are a huge fan of the of boys from Liverpool so... If u can choose a career with them (Mr. Gessle as the 5th Beatle sounds interesting... haha) or with Marie, Clarence and other Roxette members, which would you choose? Why?

See ya in São Paulo!


Thanks for the opportunity, TDR!

Hey, Per! What do you think about record a album of hits with an orchestra? I from Brazil but i saw the videos of “Night of The Proms” and was AMAZING!

And here’s another one... Everybody knows that you are a huge fan of the of boys from Liverpool so... If u can choose a career with them (Mr. Gessle as the 5th Beatle sounds interesting... haha) or with Marie, Clarence and other Roxette members, which would you choose? Why?

See ya in São Paulo! Cheers!



Thanks for the opportunity, TDR!

Is there a proper official Roxette biography, (published in English) in the future, elaborating on how this all started, never before shared stories, comments, secrets, scandals, relationships and insight to Roxette for all the millions of Roxette fans?

A statement of you in the 90s out of the “Don’t bore us - get to the chorus”-booklet: “Songs like ’She doesn’t live here anymore’ are the easiest to write, perform and record. I feel totally at home here, it’s where I come from really.”

In the 2000s I remember I heard you saying those songs are the hardest to compose.

What do you think nowadays?

What about doing another movie-soundtrack-title-theme?
James Bond?

What song have you dedicated to Marie on the last album?

I’m too late to add a question...but I like the ones everybody else thought of!

There will be an English transcript posted of this interview, right?

Sunshine is a lady who rox u like a baby!

I really like to know which interview at which radio station it was??

So were was the interview broadcasted? What were the answers? Is it possible to listen to the interview or read it?

rik01 Hi Do you plan on doing any shows in the uk wales in particular also great to see marie performing again


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