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Marie is on vacation in Thailand

Written by tevensso on February 26, 2003 to .

STOCKHOLM - Marie’s spark is back! According to an article in today’s Aftonbladet, Marie Fredriksson and her family are on vacation in Thailand.

  “That is correct. She feels a lot better than before,” Marie’s manager Marie Dimberg confirms.

  Marie left with her family, husband Micke Boloys and children Josefin and Oskar, for Thailand last Sunday, to relax and to be with her close ones. Their plan is to stay there for two weeks.

  “These last few weeks Marie has been a lot perkier. And her eyes have that spark no one can mistake for anything else.” one of her friends says.

  Friend and colleague Per Gessle stated yesterday in Svenska Dagbladet that “…compared to November-December, it’s like day and night…”

Silbersky: “Expressen’s apology not enough”

Written by Jud on February 24, 2003 to .

STOCKHOLM - Expressen has published today, [very small] on their front page, an apology for having written in an article in January that Marie Fredriksson is “fighting another lump that is believed to be another tumor” and that the doctors suspected that this [tumor] was only one of several additional tumors.

Expressen’s Editor in Chief, Otto Sjöberg, writes:

  “Sometimes we make mistakes. Expressen’s article published on January 31 about Marie Fredriksson’s illness was one of them.

  When two weeks after the publication Marie Fredriksson let us know that she had reacted with anger and consternation over the article, I thought I’d review the article again.

  I then decided that the article shouldn’t have been published. It contains, as Marie Fredriksson has pointed out, speculations and it was a mistake to publish them. And the responsibility is mine.

  I want, therefore, to apologize to Marie for having published the article and I regret having caused all this trouble to Marie.”

Otto Sjöberg

Editor-in-Chief and responsible for the publication.”

  Otto agrees that Expressen was refering to tests and test results that weren’t concluded yet.

  On the other hand, site “Journalisten” publishes that Marie’s lawyer, Leif Silbersky, claims that this apology is not enough and that “…Expressen shouldn’t think that they will get off this easily…”.

  Leif Silbersky, just arrived to Sturup airport in Malmö, hasn’t seen the apology yet. So when he gets the article explained to him he says immediately that it’s not enough. “We’ve gotten the ball rolling but only ever so slightly.” Silbersky says. He is surprised that Expressen has published the apology without discussing it first. He adds “We have received no official response to our demands. And it’s apparent that that this isn’t enough. If they think they will get away this easily they’re badly mistaken.”

  Silbersky is relieved that they have published an apology though, this means they’re admitting their guilt.

Marie Fredriksson demands 500,000 kronor from Expressen

Written by tevensso on February 18, 2003 to .

STOCKHOLM (UPDATED) - Marie Fredriksson is demanding half a million kronor in damages, and a public apology from the Swedish tabloid newspaper Expressen.

  Expressen’s speculations about her getting another tumor are demeaning and offensive, Marie feels.

  This January, Expressen wrote that “she is fighting another lump that is believed to be another tumor” and that the doctors suspected that this [tumor] was only one of several additional tumors.

  Leif Silbersky, a well-known celebrity laywer who is representing Marie, writes in a letter to Otto Sjöberg, publisher of Expressen, that she has reacted with anger and astonishment to the articles. According to Silbersky, the articles are a mixture of fact, speculation and pure lies which Marie regards as demeaning and repulsive.

  Silbersky also states in his letter that the speculations have “no root in reality”.

  Marie intends to sue Expressen, but if she gets a public apology on the front page and on the news bills, the newspaper can avoid a trial. She wants 500,000 kronor ($60,000) in damages, plus legal fees.

  The half million will go, in full, to Cancerfonden (The Cancer Foundation), according to Sjöberg’s letter.

Read more…

Marie looks to the future

Written by Jud on February 1, 2003 to .

STOCKHOLM - Aftonbladet reports today about the ceremony that took place yesterday in the Royal Palace of Stockholm, where Per and Marie received a medal from His Majesty, the King of Sweden.

  According to many of the other distinguished people that attended the ceremony yesterday, she was in a very good mood: “Marie was really fit, I didn’t get the impression that she was ill, she seemed happy and in a good mood,” tells the author and poet Kristina Lugn, who also got a medal.

  This was Marie’s first official appearance since a tumor was found in the back of her head, but this didn’t stress her at all, “Marie was in such a good mood, it wasn’t a big effort for her [to go to the ceremony]”, says Marie’s manager Marie Dimberg.

  A self-confident Marie tells Aftonbladet about the event, “it was such a nice day, I only look to the future now,” she tells Aftonbladet. “It is really great, both Per and myself feel very proud and honored.”

  Now Marie just wants to get back to normal life. Aftonbladet reports that she gets radiation treatment twice a week at the Karolinska hospital in Stockholm, as well as chemotherapy, to prevent the illness from spreading again.

  In addition to the medical treatment, she regularly visits the Karolinska’s psychologist, to get help in the mental part of the process.

  As we reported already yesterday, and denying the information that appeared in Expressen yesterday morning, no more tumors have been found in Marie’s body. “Marie is surely the one of us with the least cancer in her body, if you take into account how many times her body has been examined,” states Per.

  After the ceremony, Marie, who was there with her husband Micke Bolyos, went to Per and Åsa’s home to celebrate the medals. Afterwards, Marie and Micke returned to their home in Djursholm.

Click on the picture to enlarge

Marie to attend the ceremony

Written by tevensso on January 31, 2003 to .

STOCKHOLM - “Due to the information in today’s Expressen we hereby deny the info given strongly,” says Marie through her manager Marie Dimberg. Swedish tabloid Expressen claims today, in short, that Marie is feeling terrible and probably has more tumors.

  “Marie’s surgery has gone well and she is feeling the way one is expected to feel after an ordeal like this. Since the surgery almost four months ago, she is very well and keeps on receiving normal after-treatment and rehabilitation.” Marie Dimberg says.

  Marie has several times asked to be left alone out of respect for her and her family. This has not been respected and it is extremely sad to be needed to repeat this plea, Marie continues through Ms. Dimberg.

  Both Per and Marie will attend the ceremony at the Royal Palace later today, to receive the King’s Medal of the Eighth Size with Royal Blue Ribbon.

Marie thanks her fans for their support

Written by tevensso on December 19, 2002 to .

STOCKHOLM - The Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet published a message from Marie Fredriksson today in which she thanks all her fans for their support.

  Aftonbladet writes: As you may know, Marie has gone through a surgery to remove the tumor she had in her head and now she is on treatment and on sick leave for some months. During all these months, all her fans haven’t stopped sending her letters, their best wishes and flowers.

  Now Marie wants to thank all of her fans and has chosen to send a message to Aftonbladet. “She really appreciates that people think about her,” says Marie Dimberg. “Marie has received a great support from every part of the world… she has a great audience from all over the world who are always very active and involved. These fans have sent a lot of letters and encouraging thoughts,” reports Dimberg.

  The Daily Roxette has translated the message for our readers:

“Hi everyone! I would like to thank everyone who has sent me warm greetings through Aftonbladet’s website after my operation. I would also like to thank you all for the letters, flowers and thoughts - they have been a big support for me.

  I am now resting at home, and I am looking forward to the next year. I would like to wish all of you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2003!”

  Aftonbladet also reports that Marie is on her way back. She has recently recorded what will be the new Roxette single, “Opportunity Nox,” which will be released in February, before Roxette’s new album, “The Pop Hits” comes out.

  Dimberg also explains that Roxette are planning to shoot a new video. “We are trying to find some new ideas, which we are right now discussing with Jonas Åkerlund,” she says.

  So far, there are no plans for a new tour, or for solo-albums. “Both Per Gessle and Marie are always writing along with Roxette, and then they release an album when they feel there is time and enough material for it,” explains Dimberg.

  “Marie will come back when she feels strong enough,” adds Dimberg, “and she will take the time she needs.”

  Marie will celebrate Christmas with her husband and children in Stockholm.

Marie to undergo chemotherapy; tumor was cancerous

Written by tevensso on December 11, 2002 to .

EDITOR’S NOTE - Marie Fredriksson’s condition is a lot worse than has previously been reported, according to an article appearing in today’s edition of the Swedish newspaper Expressen. The article, written in a style known as “tabloid” or “yellow” journalism, seeks intentionally to sensationalize the story. Realizing this, The Daily Roxette chose to delay publishing this item today until we were able to reach Marie or her spokesperson for comment. We ask our readers not to overreact, as this “news” really doesn’t come as a surprise to any of us. This is the holiday season afterall… a season of hope. - LEO

STOCKHOLM - Marie is undergoing heavy radiation treatment, and her doctors are planning to start with chemotherapy.

  Her Roxette partner, Per Gessle, has stated in several interviews, that she is “as well as anyone can expect”, but - the way Expressen put it - behind these words lurks a darker truth.

  “The cancer is not under control,” claims Expressen’s reporter. Several sources, according to this published report, reveal that Marie is
receiving heavy radiation treatment and also chemotherapy in the near future. According to these same sources, Marie herself has said that the tumor was malignant, and
that she is isn’t feeling well.

  To stop the cancer from spreading, she is now going to the hospital to receive radiation treatment several times a week.

  This kind of treatment is hard on the body, and the common side effects are hair loss and nausea. It’s been said that Marie suffers the most from the later… being sick to her stomach.

  She is, of course, supported by her family, who are by her side constantly.

  Marie Dimberg, Roxette’s manager, told The Daily Roxette this afternoon that “Marie wants all of you to know that she is well and strong under the circumstances. As you know, the entire tumor was removed during the operation and Marie is resting in her home. Out of respect for Marie’s privacy, we will not give any further medical details, but she is very positive and looks forward to the Christmas holidays.”

  Marie Fredriksson has been described as a fighter and a goal-oriented person. Some of her friends have said that she is not even thinking about giving up the fight against the tumor. Marie Fredriksson herself has said that she is looking towards the future, to the moment when this treatment is going to work and the cancer will give in to the strong medications.

Swedish paper puts Marie at top of their “in” list

Written by tevensso on November 8, 2002 to .

STOCKHOLM - Tabloid newspapers and entertainment magazines often publish “in” and “out” lists. The Swedish tabloid Aftonbladet is no exception, and this week, they’ve put Marie Fredriksson at the very top of their “who’s in” list.

  In today’s edition, they write that Marie is Sweden’s hottest personality: “Marie Fredriksson: the blonde who is an international star and front figure in Roxette. She’s had a successful Swedish solo career, but she is In right now with the new album ’The Ballad Hits’.”

Marie’s recovery continues to go well

Written by tevensso on November 6, 2002 to .

STOCKHOLM - The Swedish tabloid Expressen publishes an article today where it states that Marie continues to feel better and better.

  Yesterday she even took a short walk together with her husband, Micke Boloys, in the nice fall weather near their home in Djursholm just outside Stockholm. During the walk, Micke held his arm protectively around Marie, who was wearing a warm coat and a knitted cap.

  And she has begun recording again! Marie Dimberg told the Swedish newspaper Expressen that Marie has been working on one of the new up-tempo songs for a week now.

  In their report, they referred to Marie as “the entire Swedish population’s songbird.” What everyone longed for, the paper reported, was for Marie to sing again.

  There is no date set for the new album yet.

  Always according to Expressen, Marie Dimberg refuses to talk about the tumor or about further treatment. “It’s too private, but Marie is on sick-leave until after Christmas,” she said.

Hundreds of additional get-well wishes to be sent to Marie

Written by Lars-Erik_Olson on October 10, 2002 to .

As news of Marie’s condition spread around the world, more and more people went online seeking additional information. Many of them found the link to the e-Wishes guestbook set up by Judith Seuma and supported by The Daily Roxette and several other sites. Since printed, bound into a book, and sent to Marie, over 1,000 more people have left entries there.

  Even though these entires came in late, Judith has decided – just one more time – to again print and bind these additonal entries and forward them on to Marie. When this is done early next week, the guestbook will then be closed to additional entries, and converted to an archive view.

  Marie received the first group of get-well wishes while in the hospital for the operation. “She was so glad to get all these thoughts”, said Marie Dimberg, her manager, to The Daily Roxette.

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