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Marie looks to the future

Written by Jud on February 1, 2003 to .

STOCKHOLM - Aftonbladet reports today about the ceremony that took place yesterday in the Royal Palace of Stockholm, where Per and Marie received a medal from His Majesty, the King of Sweden.

  According to many of the other distinguished people that attended the ceremony yesterday, she was in a very good mood: “Marie was really fit, I didn’t get the impression that she was ill, she seemed happy and in a good mood,” tells the author and poet Kristina Lugn, who also got a medal.

  This was Marie’s first official appearance since a tumor was found in the back of her head, but this didn’t stress her at all, “Marie was in such a good mood, it wasn’t a big effort for her [to go to the ceremony]”, says Marie’s manager Marie Dimberg.

  A self-confident Marie tells Aftonbladet about the event, “it was such a nice day, I only look to the future now,” she tells Aftonbladet. “It is really great, both Per and myself feel very proud and honored.”

  Now Marie just wants to get back to normal life. Aftonbladet reports that she gets radiation treatment twice a week at the Karolinska hospital in Stockholm, as well as chemotherapy, to prevent the illness from spreading again.

  In addition to the medical treatment, she regularly visits the Karolinska’s psychologist, to get help in the mental part of the process.

  As we reported already yesterday, and denying the information that appeared in Expressen yesterday morning, no more tumors have been found in Marie’s body. “Marie is surely the one of us with the least cancer in her body, if you take into account how many times her body has been examined,” states Per.

  After the ceremony, Marie, who was there with her husband Micke Bolyos, went to Per and Åsa’s home to celebrate the medals. Afterwards, Marie and Micke returned to their home in Djursholm.

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Until now there was still a”Shadow Of A Doubt”, I thought, that M. Dimberg had been trying to keep us calm and prevent a big panic, but now I 99% believe that Marie is really getting better...

Yeah, now we have enough confident that everything will be alright.

“All I can think of is you and me doing things i wanna do!!”

You will be fine Marie, LOVE YOU IN AUSTRALIA!!!!


MARIE you are so Beautiful, and you look Georgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanx Marie, Thanx Per,Thanx Dimman, Thanx Aftonbladet, Thanx God, Thanx “Fool”...


Hej Marie!!!! Vivaa I’m so happy you are better now.
Brasilian people loves you and Per!!

Marie is our Pretty Woman, and she looks better every day. We love you!!! I’m so glad she’s comming back to us, this special appereance is a big first step for the fans.

I am soooooooooooooooo happy to read these words! She’s allright, in good mood, looks perfect and it makes me very glad! :-))) THANK GOD!!!!!!!!
Marie, You’re the BEST!

Marie is glowing! She looks great!

Keep on fighting Marie!!

i just feel so sad,don’t know why, maybe ’cos you are used to see Per&Marie full of life, singing and jumping, and now is just so sad her situation, she will be o.k., of course, thanks god she can have the best hospitals in sweden, but...i guess inside she’s still this lovely Mitchell nothern swedish girl full of life, dreaming one day she will perfom in New York with a tame halmstad boy.

Marie, I’m sooo glad to know you are getting well!!!! Try just a little bit harder, you’ll survive!!!
Soon you will be fine!!!!!!!!!!!!

Marie, you look just BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! My mother have decided to be strong of her cancer as well you have been, thanks to be a positive inspiration of live!! Mexico loves Per and you Marie!!

Go Ahead, Marie! We know you can make it! Be positive and strong!!!!

Love always,

WOW Marie you look stunning! Congratulations to the both of deserve it! xxxx

great news!

The best news of the last time we’ve heard.
This is a big relief for everybody.

i wanna cite Ozzy Osbourne (talking about the colonic cancer of his wife) here:

“we’re gonna kick that f##kin’ cancers a**!”

Sharon Osbourne:

“I’m not ready yet, and i’ll not die with a wig on!”

Thanks to god you are getting better everyone of us keep on praying for you .CONGRATULATIONS
FOR THE MEDALS PER AND YOU ARE THE BEST AROUND THE WORLD .if you read all this messages you can see there are many people who loves you and cares about you so “GO AHEAD AND TRY A LITTLE BIT HARDER

i just want to say i am so happy! i am so happy marie to see you are ok.
and congratulations!!!


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