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Silbersky: “Expressen’s apology not enough”

Written by Jud on February 24, 2003 to .

STOCKHOLM - Expressen has published today, [very small] on their front page, an apology for having written in an article in January that Marie Fredriksson is “fighting another lump that is believed to be another tumor” and that the doctors suspected that this [tumor] was only one of several additional tumors.

Expressen’s Editor in Chief, Otto Sjöberg, writes:

  “Sometimes we make mistakes. Expressen’s article published on January 31 about Marie Fredriksson’s illness was one of them.

  When two weeks after the publication Marie Fredriksson let us know that she had reacted with anger and consternation over the article, I thought I’d review the article again.

  I then decided that the article shouldn’t have been published. It contains, as Marie Fredriksson has pointed out, speculations and it was a mistake to publish them. And the responsibility is mine.

  I want, therefore, to apologize to Marie for having published the article and I regret having caused all this trouble to Marie.”

Otto Sjöberg

Editor-in-Chief and responsible for the publication.”

  Otto agrees that Expressen was refering to tests and test results that weren’t concluded yet.

  On the other hand, site “Journalisten” publishes that Marie’s lawyer, Leif Silbersky, claims that this apology is not enough and that “…Expressen shouldn’t think that they will get off this easily…”.

  Leif Silbersky, just arrived to Sturup airport in Malmö, hasn’t seen the apology yet. So when he gets the article explained to him he says immediately that it’s not enough. “We’ve gotten the ball rolling but only ever so slightly.” Silbersky says. He is surprised that Expressen has published the apology without discussing it first. He adds “We have received no official response to our demands. And it’s apparent that that this isn’t enough. If they think they will get away this easily they’re badly mistaken.”

  Silbersky is relieved that they have published an apology though, this means they’re admitting their guilt.


that’s great, finnaly , but what about money? Did they pay?

Obviously a few small lines are nothing against a front page headline, that was the minimum Marie asked.

“I want, therefore, to apologize to Marie for having published the article and I regret having caused all this trouble to Marie.”.......(But we’ve sold much more issues this day, and that’s what counts!)

I hope, Expressen has to pay much more than 500.000 SEK!!!

I like reading that but it could have been more personal. I mean, he does not mean what he is writing there, does he?

Of course he doesn’t mean it.

I think he means just what biglittlegirl said. “Sorry, but not so much...”

You´ve got right.
Everybody saw the headlines with lies on 31th january,but only a few people will observe such a little notice.

Hello everybody,

Just this small word to tell you that the live version of Fading like a flower is great on the new single. I was on that concert, and it is a great memory to me.

And to add a comment about the “expressen’s apology”, i don’t know what about it is, just see that it is about Marie’s health but didn’t follow much, cos i didn’t have much time to come on this site, between work and evening courses. I’ll have a look as soon as I have more time, promised ...

Just want to tell one think, hope every thing is in order for every one, the most important is to ROX a maximum !!!

Enjoy your ride, be a joyrider, this is the most important (among others things of course like the family)... isn’t it ?

Do what you want but dont harm no one
Have a nice day ...

See you soon

go get ’em girl!

of course this little apology is not enough...A good start but still not enough. MAKE THEM PAY!!!! And give the money to these who can really benefit on it!!!

That is not enough . A small note on the side (and they think everything will be fine)
they have yet not paid any money.

Sue Sue Sue Sue those basstards



yeaaaaaaaah kick their a**es!!!!!!!!

They have to pay for her. What they think??? They can say wherever they want and it’s ok?
Otto you have to pay to learn to respect people.
Don’t say you didn’t know that she will be anger. C’mon you didn’t were born yesterday you know what are you doing.

Fernanda - Brasil

I agree that the apology wasnt enough. I would definitly want more then that.

I’m so proud of Marie for fighting back like this! Expressen have hurt a lot of people with their lies and they deserve to pay! Maybe they will think twice before they write shit next time. You go girl!!

how many people buy Expressen?
only in Sweden yes?
how many in Sweden love Marie?? (lots!!!) :)
write all their advertisers with boycotts if
they continue to publish there.
with less than 9 million people Marie fans
could shut that paper down in a month.


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