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Marie’s recovery continues to go well

Written by tevensso on November 6, 2002 to .

STOCKHOLM - The Swedish tabloid Expressen publishes an article today where it states that Marie continues to feel better and better.

  Yesterday she even took a short walk together with her husband, Micke Boloys, in the nice fall weather near their home in Djursholm just outside Stockholm. During the walk, Micke held his arm protectively around Marie, who was wearing a warm coat and a knitted cap.

  And she has begun recording again! Marie Dimberg told the Swedish newspaper Expressen that Marie has been working on one of the new up-tempo songs for a week now.

  In their report, they referred to Marie as “the entire Swedish population’s songbird.” What everyone longed for, the paper reported, was for Marie to sing again.

  There is no date set for the new album yet.

  Always according to Expressen, Marie Dimberg refuses to talk about the tumor or about further treatment. “It’s too private, but Marie is on sick-leave until after Christmas,” she said.


Nice to hear :) I guess she’s working in her “home studio”, together with her husband :) Get well Marie! :)

VERYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY good news :o) I´m so happy that Marie is getting better and better!!!!

@Anonymous : Thank God someone realised that it’s NOT good news. Private ? Yeah right... it sounds like a VERY BAD sign !!! I’m really worried now !


I don’t believe it’s bad news. If she were as bad as you think, there would be no news at all. Marie is just a person who isn’t really fit to be a famous pop star. She wants to be left alone. That’s my thoughts about it, definitely no facts.

@ santi : HIS husband???????? :DDDDDDDDDDDD

I consider it good news!!! Not a bad sign at all, after all it IS private, and the truth is , the whole world doesn’t have to know about it. We should be happy with what we are told, I think! I am full of faith, GO MARIE!!! :)

go marie go!!!!

I think, it’s not the kind of tumour, but Marie’s health which is the most important thing now; and I consider singing as a good sign!:)

That’s a very very good news!!! I agree that’s private. She has to recover in peace.
Marie you are the best!!! Get well soon :o).
Best wishes,
Fernanda - Brazil

Thank God! :-)

honestly, i’m a bit worried, too.
wouldn’t she tell us, if really everything is o.k.?

Well, I’m very worried, too.
But maybe she doesn’t want to tell the press cause they are angry about them, which I can understand perfectly... they have all reason to be angry! And I can understand, too that she doesn’t want her illness or health to be discussed by a whole country! I can imagine that she would tell US but if she’ do that the press would write it as well, or am I wrong?
I really hope that this is the right reason!

I have seen the pic in the newspaper too, and I got really angry. I hate paparazzi’s.
Marie needs a rest now , not photograps in the bushes...

I don´t know of course whick kind of medicine does she take but isn´t the “cell gift”(I´ve forgetten the english name for it) a kind of medicine too?
But I am not a doctor .
And there are lots of other medicines .

@Wendy: I corrected it :)

get well very soon marie, and private or not - we all love ya loads!


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