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Marie Fredriksson demands 500,000 kronor from Expressen

Written by tevensso on February 18, 2003 to .

STOCKHOLM (UPDATED) - Marie Fredriksson is demanding half a million kronor in damages, and a public apology from the Swedish tabloid newspaper Expressen.

  Expressen’s speculations about her getting another tumor are demeaning and offensive, Marie feels.

  This January, Expressen wrote that “she is fighting another lump that is believed to be another tumor” and that the doctors suspected that this [tumor] was only one of several additional tumors.

  Leif Silbersky, a well-known celebrity laywer who is representing Marie, writes in a letter to Otto Sjöberg, publisher of Expressen, that she has reacted with anger and astonishment to the articles. According to Silbersky, the articles are a mixture of fact, speculation and pure lies which Marie regards as demeaning and repulsive.

  Silbersky also states in his letter that the speculations have “no root in reality”.

  Marie intends to sue Expressen, but if she gets a public apology on the front page and on the news bills, the newspaper can avoid a trial. She wants 500,000 kronor ($60,000) in damages, plus legal fees.

  The half million will go, in full, to Cancerfonden (The Cancer Foundation), according to Sjöberg’s letter.

  In reacting to the demands (made public in such other newspapers as Aftonbladet), Sjöberg says he is is deeply sorry that Marie has been offended by Expressen’s articles about her illness. “I’m truly sorry for it. It has not been our intention,” Sjöberg says to “Journalisten”, the union website for journalists.

  Whether Expressen will agree to these demands or not, Sjöberg declines to say. “These are formal legal demands that are handled by our ombudsman Peter Danowsky.”

  Otto Sjöberg stresses that Expressen only wrote about Marie’s illness after she had gone public with it herself. “If she then feels that we have gotten too close and if she feels violated and repulsed, then I’m truly sorry. It was never our intention.

  According to Journalisten, Marie’s demands are very uncommon for the Swedish press - both an apology and a large amount of money… to not go to court.


You go Marie!!! Hopefully she gets some justice here! The article also ended up in the Dutch newspapers. For example in Haarlems Dagblad with a great live photo!!! Check it out at,4376,,00.html?sHoofdUrl=http%3A%2F...


yes!! and it is for charity, so even better!

go marie go!!

Fight for it Marie!
You’ll make it!

go marie - kick some swedish ass!

Well done... Someone has to teach them that journalists are supposed to tell the truth, not to invent stories just to sell more papers, without taking care about the so much pain they can cause with those lies...



I think that shows the goodness of Marie. Other people would want to keep the money for themselves, but Marie does it for charity. The only thing for herself is, that she wants an apology. This really prooves to me, what great and wonderful of a person she is.
And to be honest with you guys, when I read the January news in Expressen, my eyes were filled with tears.

Marie deserves Justice!

Vad härligt att höra det !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They deserve a big kick up the ass for writing such crap! Well done Marie!



it’s about £38K - quite a nice amount to be getting if you are a charity - and a worthy one too.

I agree - 500.000 SEK are NOT enough! Should be 500.000 € instead! STUPID Expressen! :oP



Almost forgotten:
There are some stupid German “newspapers”, too which Marie must sue!!! Like “Schöne Woche” (Their article was even worse than Expressen’s!!!) or “VIDA” just to name a few!!!

Yeah, fight for it Marie. It´s maybe a step that all those “News”-Papers make stop to release articles which are full of lies...


i don’t think any court in Sweden should agree woth 500000€, it’s to much

GET WELL Soon! =))
U R Best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ilia @

Good to know! Now we can be sure they were lies.


Marie be strong and we all know: YOU ARE A FIGHTER!!!

Marie I love more than anything in the world...


Edit: Changed explicit language. /TEV

yeah yeah “I’m truly sorry for it. It has not been our intention” this should go on like “we only wanted to gain a couple of bucks thanks to the stories”


I hope this stupid newspaper has to pay ’cause the money is for The Cancer Foundation!

Marie, you’re doing the right thing! :-)

it’s quite common that you give such money to charity organisations if you get it on that way. tom cruise and many other did that already. so I think that doesn’t say much about her personality. but well, it’s nice for this cancer fund of course.

look like she’s got power again.
” how to turn anger into hitsingles”, isn’t it like that? :-)
by that point of view we almost have to thank expressen, hehehe...

Great Marie! Maybe that “journalist” from now on will think before writing such things!!!!

Marie you ROCK, go girl, you can take them!! You will win this fight against cancer, no matter what those newspapers write!

I’m so proud you decided to show them a lesson and reacted this way on their disgusting articles. They made me sick, you have enough to worry about! This shows you are on your way back, I believe in you honey!!! Ta hand om dig!!


@ matts

what the h”l are you babbling about?

Right on!!! Tabloids across the world are starting to get smacked down by the stars (music, movie and others). They don’t realise (or they refuse to) that this stuff MAY not hurt the individual directly, but damage the family. Children don’t understand why people do this. Especially young children.

Go get em Ms. Fredriksson. I think this is long over due.



Well done Marie, should be for more money tho :P

SPANK EM!!!!!!!!!!!!!


More power to you Marie!

It’s disgusting that Expressen suddenly argue like they don’t know what they’ve done wrong.
It’s not only Marie who want’s a very BIG SORRY here!! Me too!

SUE SUE SUE those bassterds

go go go Marie



I think she should have sued for more too!!!! These wankers at Expressen should offer us an apology as well!


Really, really cool Marie!! *thumpsup*
Show it this f*** press!!!

Both Metro and Dagens nyheter “have forgetten ” that Marie doesn´t want to keep that 500 000 .They just wrote that she wants that money, but not that she wants it for “Cancerfonden”.
It made me angry.
I‘ve already mailed them about it.

The BBC are reporting this now too:

The amount of times The Expressen has slated Marie/Rox/Per etc the amount of money isn’t that high really not when you compare to some British tabloids.....I just think Marie has finaly had enough of their bollox and decided to do something about it.

Unlucky Expressen! you’ve really pissed her off this time!


Expressen deserves this.

couldn´t they find any older pic? :D

The story is also on BBC Ceefax Pg. 547 today.
It is a shame that the papers can print what they want do they not think how it will affect their subjects. Give them hell Marie.

And Marie is not the only one.
Gudrun Schyman swedish politician sued them already.
They had this text on the cover:Gudrun Schyman in a porn movie .”You’ll get horny!” and this title in the paper.”I am willing to do anyting.” And it wasn’t true either , of course.
So she wants them to pay 150 000kr.

Marie, det ska du klara! Jätte bra!!! Önskar dig det bästa på världen!!
Sköt om dig, lilla vän! ;-)

Marie you are my idol. You have the power!!!
You should ask for a million kronor. Hope they have to sell the newspaper to pay you.
Ahahahahhahhahahahah stupid expressen!!!!
Fernanda - Brazil

I am so happy for you Marie. I wish I could stick up for myself like you can :)

Yeah, Marie, you’ll make it!

yeah Marie you are strong you will make it!!!
hope they will learn of this!!!

well done marie. its about time to give them a lesson. i hope they will apologise in the first paper , and if not , they can go to hell.


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