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Marie is on vacation in Thailand

Written by tevensso on February 26, 2003 to .

STOCKHOLM - Marie’s spark is back! According to an article in today’s Aftonbladet, Marie Fredriksson and her family are on vacation in Thailand.

  “That is correct. She feels a lot better than before,” Marie’s manager Marie Dimberg confirms.

  Marie left with her family, husband Micke Boloys and children Josefin and Oskar, for Thailand last Sunday, to relax and to be with her close ones. Their plan is to stay there for two weeks.

  “These last few weeks Marie has been a lot perkier. And her eyes have that spark no one can mistake for anything else.” one of her friends says.

  Friend and colleague Per Gessle stated yesterday in Svenska Dagbladet that “…compared to November-December, it’s like day and night…”


Enjoy the sun, Marie! You deserve it!

:o) GREAT NEWS! I’m HAPPY!!! :o)

Enjoy it! You deserve it. The bad moon is not shining on you anymore, but the Thai sun. May it shine for you forever.

ha! That’s nice :)) Hope she has a great time!!

Have a fun!

Great! She has to feel really good. Would you travel that far if you felt ill?


It´nice to hear that our OUEEN OF OUR HEARTS fells better and better(-;

I´m sure she will come BACK....she´s a fighter!!!



Enjoy the gettaway and family time Marie.


The best news I’ve heard since this whole thing started. Keep it going, Marie, you can DO this!

SB ___/^_^\___Mya! Myaaa!

Gr8 News!

Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!
What can be better?!!!

Hope you’ll have a lot of fun there!
Enjoy your vacasions, Marie! Have a good time!

With a lot of love from Saint-Petersburg
ilia. =))

i just wonder how advisable a vacation is so soon after thew chemo..i dunno I am always cautious

I hope Marie can relax and spend some days with her family :-)

Marie. have a great holiday.

It´s great to read that she´s feeling better

ÓLE!!!! Tht´s great! Be happy Marie!!! :-)

yay!! so glad to hear that she’s feeling better!!! :D

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh great!!! The best news I’ve heard today. Thaks Lord a lot!!!! :))
Marie you deserve this and too much more. Enjoy this vacation with your family. We love you very much :D

Fernanda- Brasil

Enjoy your holiday, Marie.
If someone deserves it, it is you.
Good news to hear she is feeling much better than
in November, december.

This is the best news i heard today :)

I hope Marie have a fab time in thiland.


Our Lovely Angel is taking a well deserved break in the sun!!!!!!


Gnistan i ögonen är tillbaka!!!!! :o) :o) :o) :o) Tack gode gud!!!

Hey!! That is what I call GREAT news!! :-))
Hope she doesn’t experience any problems with the sun (my father had to be careful in the sun during and a while after he had chemical treatment) She sure as hell deserves to get rid off all the tention.. take care and enjoy Mrs Bolyos! ;-)

This is fantastic to hear! I hope she has a great time, it seems like she really wants to enjoy her life again!


Just cuz I’m a nit-picker

”....a lot perkier.” How about “... a lot more perky.”

Now she doesn’t sound like a coffee machine *chuckles*

I am really happy that you are taking time to be with your familly Marie. I hope that you and your familly enjoy yourselves

Hey,Marie. If you read this, then maybe you can go to Indonesia too. we have lots of sun here too. I’ll be glad to be your tour guide for free! (well, I gues I’m only dreaming :)

Oh wow! How funny, I’m going to Thailand for a week. I leave on Friday night! What a coincidence!

love you marie!


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