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Marie to undergo chemotherapy; tumor was cancerous

Written by tevensso on December 11, 2002 to .

EDITOR’S NOTE - Marie Fredriksson’s condition is a lot worse than has previously been reported, according to an article appearing in today’s edition of the Swedish newspaper Expressen. The article, written in a style known as “tabloid” or “yellow” journalism, seeks intentionally to sensationalize the story. Realizing this, The Daily Roxette chose to delay publishing this item today until we were able to reach Marie or her spokesperson for comment. We ask our readers not to overreact, as this “news” really doesn’t come as a surprise to any of us. This is the holiday season afterall… a season of hope. - LEO

STOCKHOLM - Marie is undergoing heavy radiation treatment, and her doctors are planning to start with chemotherapy.

  Her Roxette partner, Per Gessle, has stated in several interviews, that she is “as well as anyone can expect”, but - the way Expressen put it - behind these words lurks a darker truth.

  “The cancer is not under control,” claims Expressen’s reporter. Several sources, according to this published report, reveal that Marie is
receiving heavy radiation treatment and also chemotherapy in the near future. According to these same sources, Marie herself has said that the tumor was malignant, and
that she is isn’t feeling well.

  To stop the cancer from spreading, she is now going to the hospital to receive radiation treatment several times a week.

  This kind of treatment is hard on the body, and the common side effects are hair loss and nausea. It’s been said that Marie suffers the most from the later… being sick to her stomach.

  She is, of course, supported by her family, who are by her side constantly.

  Marie Dimberg, Roxette’s manager, told The Daily Roxette this afternoon that “Marie wants all of you to know that she is well and strong under the circumstances. As you know, the entire tumor was removed during the operation and Marie is resting in her home. Out of respect for Marie’s privacy, we will not give any further medical details, but she is very positive and looks forward to the Christmas holidays.”

  Marie Fredriksson has been described as a fighter and a goal-oriented person. Some of her friends have said that she is not even thinking about giving up the fight against the tumor. Marie Fredriksson herself has said that she is looking towards the future, to the moment when this treatment is going to work and the cancer will give in to the strong medications.


I doubt that [Dimberg’s comment] is a NEW comment..I am pretty sure that I have read this before..strange thing!

I´m really glad both Marie Dimberg and TDR try to respect Marie´s privacy as far as possible.

Of course we all wish Marie the best, but to do that we don´t need to know all kind of private medical details...

she’s tough!!!!

no question she’ll survive!!!

(btw, i really knew this message would
pop up sometime here since no one wanted us to tell if the tumor is cancerous or not....)

I´m afraid, I´m really afraid.
What is with Marie? This a big shock for me.
Marie is strong and she will fight for win, and I hope so much that Marie will win the fight.
Marie I thinking about you, my thought are only for you, you will recovery soon.

Hej Marie, don’t worry. Everything will be fine. I’m sure soon you will be free from this treatment and back to your normal life again.
Please, be strong and never forget we are with you on prayers everydays ok?
Lots of love from Brazil,

I just want to thank TDR and Lars-Erik for writing such a balanced article...when I read the Expressen article it sounded like Marie was about to die. Thanks TDR for taking the time to contact Marie Dimberg and check the facts before presenting such a sensationalised article. Though I’m not sure who to believe...Per and MarieD are walking around saying everything is fine, while this article says the cancer is out of control - if the tumor was completely removed and no more were found, then how can the cancer not be under control?

now i dont really care if they ever record another song ever i just want marie to recover fully for her kids and husband

It’s like an apple stuck in my throat. I just want to cry. Reminded me of my lost ones. I wish Marie the bests as she has kids.

your name may sound how strong person you are. And I know you can make. All you have to do is take it easy and relax cause , if it is a cancer , one factor that affects our health is the mind . so stay happy as you are cause happiness is the best cure . And you can expect our prayers for you . I love you !!!!! Just enjoy the joyride of our life cause we all have certain destiny. BY the way Im 18 years old and Im taking up nursing cause I wanted t o take care of you if ever I have the chance at free service. LONG LIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!! cause I know you can make it

My heart is crying, like the song IT HURTS, to know that Marie has cancer, we must to pray for her, for her health, please PRAY FOR MARIE.

This condition is normal becouse it not a simple cut the operation Marie had to get through. She will feel sick for a long long time. But as they said she is strong. Per and M Diemberg they have to say that she is all right. It’s called marketing and also out from respect for MF. If they would have said that she feels sick, everybody will be concern and don’t you think that this would have uppsad MF?
She needs pozitive thinking and not some stupid pannic atack article to disturbe her.
Keep the faith!

I totally agree, Stefan (alchemiste)! This “no news is good news” policy doesn’t stand up any longer...

I think how Marie feels at this moment is, sort of, what we could all expect. You see, the last thing we’ve heard that the tumour was removed and Marie felt fine after the operation. Yes, that’s right, the surgery was successful and Marie recovered from it. However, it was obvious that she would have to undergo several therapies after the surgery in order to remove the cancer from her body. These treatments, of course, are very hard to handle... but we could all guess that this would definitely happen. So I completely agree with Lars, there’s no need to overreact things. These treatments are necessary after such surgery. I hope Marie will be able to handle them and recover as soon as possible!

Marie, our sweet Angel, keep your faith up, although my heart is sad from what I have read, deep down I know that you are determined to beat this! I love you, Angel, ALL our prayers are with you!!!!

Thansk TDR for a straightforward article!!!



i dont know what to put!!
im from the uk and the sun in the uk put marie had a cancerous tumour before it was even said!
did they know something we did’nt??
i keep reading this article and still cant believe it!!
if you are reading this mr gessle i have a question:: and please and please can you send me an e-mail for the past 14 years so please dont take offence at this but im sure everyone wants to know: with this new news does this mean it will be the end of roxette?? cause marie will be to ill to work soon and that will be a bastard!! please answer at:[email protected]
many thanks, also while you are there please will you say how much we all love marie and hope she is on the road to recovery sometime soon,
in one article you said that you and gun-marie are more like brother and sister, so now i found another question,, how have you taken it?? cause if it was someone who is like a sister to me i would be pretty pissed of!!
well per if you do read all this then tack sa mycket
and to everyone else i put questions on for per because we all know he does visit here sometimes!!!!
well peace and love go out to everyone,
mark andrew fredriksson-gessle(uk)


Keep your faith and strong ... jag vill känna tro ...
You will be ok ... our love is with you now and forever!

Lucre - Argentina

Was great to read Marie is not even thinking to give up the struggle! That’s real strong person!

We believe in you, honey! Everything will pass...
Thinking ’bout you and praying...


I don’t know what to say. Of course this was not a surprise, but I was hoping the tumor was benign. I know Marie is a fighter and she will recover fully. Roxette cannot end like this.
Marie, we all love you. You are really a fighter, don’t give up, you’ll win!!

Oh my god, no.
Once again, I had not heard this at all from the UK media, and EMI UK typically said nothing. EMI, you are a disgrace.

Marie, more than ever, my prayers are with you. Come through this; we will be there when you get back. We always will be.

Love, Love, Love... SB

Dear Marie,

I wish you all the strength you need to fight this.
If all the doctors give their best, it must be possible to recover totally.

Mi marido y yo hemos decidido hacer una cadena de oración por la recuperación de Marie. A las 22:30, hora de Chile, dejaremos cualquier cosa que estemos haciendo y rezaremos por ella. Mientras más seamos, mejor. únete a esta cadena de oración.

My husband and I have decided to pray for Marie in a chain of prayer. We will pray every night at 22:30 (chilean hour) . Please, join to this chain of faith and hope for Marie. She needs all our prayers.

Dear Marie!

In such a lovely time, such a bad message! I hope, you get a lot of strength from your family and friends - but I am sure about it!

I know what that all means, I´ve been through that almost 4 years ago (radiotherapy, chemo, operation etc) - the doctors told me to have no chance (max. 3 month to live)– but I´m still here and I am better than ever! Maybe that helps you to see that everything ist possible!!
I got over it - then YOU´ll do it anyway!

After all that you are going to enjoy you life more than ever before and you will see something good about it: To know what´s important in life, to go over some stupid little things that annoyed you before, to know who your real friends are and just to be happy to wake up every morning without sickness and painful thoughts!!!
As bad it is to go through, it also has good sides: I am sure, we are that kind of people that are able to really enjoy life after those experiences!!

Beside that all I´m sure it´s the right way to keep it as your private matter - I still hate it to be ask on the street how I am and if there´s any tumour again and so on! It must be VERY hard to be a person in public that everybody is interested in!

Dear Marie, hopefully you are fine to enjoy christmas and the time with your family and closest friends!

My thoughts are with you and your family,
all my love!

Fight hard and stay strong Marie,
You are in all our hearts.


the is.... marie didn’t say that expressens article was a lie... and if it was a lie, i think that she would have said that.... but maybe it’s not a lie, maybe it’s just a little modified truth...

sending Healing mojo ((())) Marie’s way. We love you Marie i dont care about new album or tour just get well.

Hej Marie!
Denna tragiska nyheten hoppades jag på att jag aldrig skulle få höra.
Vi är många här som tänker på dig! Hoppas verkligen du mår bra snart. Håller tummarna för dig!
Många kramar!!

I think we shouldn´t be so shocked or think negative. Maybe this medical treatment is a normal part of treatmant after such a tumor operation.
I am happy to know that everyone acecpt Marie Fredrikson´s private life because she needs rest and time to recover. I will believe any bad news only from a offical statement and not from stupid newspapers! You should do the same.

Well, you know, after the operation, I felt that something was wrong. And I’ve got my secret thoughts that this is not the end. And now it seems that my darknest thoughts come true. So i’m not shocked. I am mad at myslef because I considered this posibility and now it’s reality.

Szlag by to wszystko trafil. Ile jeszcze ona musi zniesc???

Well, now I only think abotu Marie getting well soon, so maybe this thought too will come true.

i don’t know what can i say this is as a shock to me but i’m positive and i know that eveything will be o.k. Marie, all your fans are prayering for you, you ain’t alone.

I know you can make it, Marie... I love you...

Majdy from Indonesia

Mac: Don’t blame yourself for your thoughts. If you’d like, you can give me a swift kick too, as this was my thoughts as well. I’ve learned this lesson once before.

Anyway, the support from the family and the fan base is wonderful. Sometimes, the words and actions of others bolster you when you’ve had a rough go of it.

Marie, I love you so much. All fan’s are with you.

Marie, I would like to say that all brasilian fans are with you. Be strong and never give up. Remember always that you have more than fans. Do you have friends.
I’m sure everybody here feels you are like a part of family or a very close friend.
You and Per are part of my life since I was a child so I wish you all love from the world.
I adore you Marie!!!

Fernanda - São Paulo - Brazil

i just wanted to say some words...

at the moment i am really shocked. i don’t know if the expressen-article is the reason for it. but since nobody said anything about marie’s condition a long long time, this came like a hammer to our heads...

i do believe and hope that marie will get well soon and come back with more power than ever. and i am sure that we fans and maries close friends and of course her family will help her.

so, let’s be strong, let’s hold on! :-)
many hugs to every roxette-friend and to Marie & Per! We’re with you!


My dearest Marie:You must be strong and fight for your kids and husband.Everything will be ok.I pray for you every night.the records ant the Roxete futere doesn´t matter now.Just your fast recovery.You´re like an angel that makes shine mu soul.I love you with all my soul.Leolo.

this is one of these moments where i wish i’d believe in god.

marie, if there was any chance to give my health for yours i’d give it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i´m so sad! marie if you read this :fight and win,you are a strong woman!we all believe n you! the world needs you!!! i know that you will win! you aren´t alone!we all are with you! you mustn´t be sad! i´m a roxette fan since my 8 birthday(i´m 14 now!) because of my big brother! i´m grown up with you,per and ROXETTE!!! roxette must go on but please take as much time as you need to recovering! and think of your children and your husband! i think you are the best mum from the whole world! WE ALL LOVE AND NEED YOU!!!!

Marie, jag ska alltid tänker paa dig! God jul och ta hand om dig. Tänker bara paa dig idag och hoppas att du blir frisk igen.... Herren ber för dig och vi alla är med!
Stor bamsekram!!

I was really sorry upon hearing about Marie’s condition and my thoughts and prayers go out to her and her family.

On my account, I have a bit of experience with the subject matter, since a friend of mine is battling glioblastoma for two years now. And let me tell you all: This is SO NOT a walk in the park.
Does anyone know what kind of brain tumor Marie was diagnosed with? I am really curious about that.

Apart from that, I wanted to add a few comments on a couple things said above.
Speculations about the tumor. If indeed the tumor has its origin in the support cells, it could be either glioblastoma or astrocytoma. Both really crappy. The problem with those kinds of tumors is that they don’t grow their own capsule or anything, they start to infiltrate the tissue, so the surgeon can never remove all cancerous tissue.
This leads us to the stuff Lance Armstrong was suffering from. Before I start on that, let me add that I admire Lance both as a person and a cyclist and I have seldomnly seen anyone showing so much strength and comittment on each and every aspect of his or her life. Lance was suffering from choriocarcinoma (mostly), which is a horrible form of cancer as well BUT he never had a bone around the tumor (at least not around the primary one) so it was easier just to remove it. But with brain tumors it’s a little different. You can live without a testicle but you can hardly affort any part of your brain! So it is quite different what Marie’s dealing with opposed to Lance’s story (who had brain mestatasis as well). But his story is surely a very encouraging one and I am sure Marie will come across his story- be it for education or inspiration. Lance is great on both, even for everyone who does not suffer from cancer.

Marie God Bless you!! You’re strong!
I pray for you and I know that you will heal.
The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want.

He maketh me to lie down in green pastures:

He leadeth me beside the still waters.

He restoreth my soul:

he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name’s sake.

Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,

I will fear no evil: for thou art with me;

Thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.

Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies:

Thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over.

Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life:

and I will dwell in the house of the LORD for ever.

Psalms 23:1-6

with all my love and support

hey Marie,
be strong. we all love you and think you day by day
we pray for you.
we hope everything will turn to be good.
you are in our hearts and they all beat for you.
we love you.

always thinking on you

sophia from berlin

Marie, I will pray for your good health and good success so that I wont be lonely anymore. I already read that you had cancer but dont worry, I could give you my prayers and my life as long as you can see me in different place. I love you, Marie!


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