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“ATAY” continues to soar up the charts!

Written by PerFanatic on November 1, 2002 to .

  As the fifth week of “A Thing About You” appearing in the charts draws to a close, it is becoming more and more apparent that this is a huge hit for Roxette.

  Despite the fact that sales figures for the single have been somewhat sluggish, ATAY continues to impress on radio charts throughout mainland Europe. This is evidenced by this week’s biggest jump in new chart appearances to date. Last week, ATAY appeared on some 65 charts, which is not bad for its 4th week. However, in week #5, ATAY jumped through the roof, appearing on a total of 94 charts (see full week-by-week details below).

  ATAY will almost certainly eclipse the 100 mark next week, possibly by a significant margin. Based on this data, it certainly appears that ATAY will achieve at least the success of Roxette’s last two leading singles, “Wish I Could Fly” and “Centre Of The Heart.” Read more…

Radio program in Germany ranks ATAY at #1!

Written by cskendras on October 13, 2002 to .

Roxette placed at #1 with “A Thing About You” on German station SWR3’s voteshow on Sunday evening. Last week, they appeared at #3. SWR3 is one of Germany’s major radio stations.

“A Thing About You” begins to climb the charts

Written by Lars-Erik_Olson on September 28, 2002 to .

Roxette’s lastest offering, the single “A Thing About You,” appears to be gaining ground with increasing airplay on radio and music video channels in various spots around the globe, despite what appears to be a lack of interest this time around from fans to mount any kind of coordinated campaign to help promote the record.

  In Moscow, Radio Maximum’s Hit Parade shows Roxette’s “A Thing About You” at #2! This single will chart on this week’s Hit List and seems to have a chance to beat “Milk & Toast & Honey”’s record.

  In Germany also, Roxette went straight to #2 in the chart of station FFH. “Herbert Grönemeyer is quite big in Germany, at least at the moment, so #2 is fab!,” wrote Andreas Kämpf.

  The Daily Roxette’s SmallTalk forum has several mentions of ATAY being played on radio and TV, and we can expect similar information to be posted as comments to this article.

  Previous “RoxAttaqs” have met with mixed success. While some have been clear victories, others have – because of the SPAM factor – only served to anger the music directors of particular radio stations.

(Junkie contributed to this article.)

“Sommartider”: The best summer song in Sweden

Written by daniel_alv on August 4, 2002 to .

STOCKHOLM - The listeners of Swedish radio station Mix Megapol have voted “Sommartider” as the best summer song in Sweden ever. It’s the same radio station that declared “It Must Have Been Love” to be the best song ever.

Listeners place two Roxette songs on German station’s chart

Written by cskendras on July 21, 2002 to .

GERMANY - As part of their 50th birthday celebration, German radio station Antenne 1 in Baden-Württemberg let their listeners vote for the 50 biggest hits of all time.

  Roxette had two big hits in the Top 50. Somewhat surprisingly, “Milk & Toast & Honey” came in at #4 while “Listen To Your Heart” placed at #15.

MATAH to top Russian charts – again?!?

Written by Junkie on May 23, 2002 to .

ST. PETERSBURG - “Milk and Toast and Honey” has returned to Russia’s most popular FM station’s Euro Hit Top-40. It was in the 26th position last week and it is #21 this week. The DJs say Roxette could enter the Top 10 soon - a YEAR after “Room Service” was released!

MATAH #1 on Russia’s most popular station

Written by Junkie on December 23, 2001 to .

ST. PETERSBURG - About a month has passed since the official release of “Milk & Toast & Honey” as a single in Russia, and now it’s a #1 Hit, at least on Russia’s Europa Plus radio station broadcasting from St. Petersburg. A recent survey indicated that Europa Plus is the most listened-to radio station in Russia.

Stockholm record stores unable to meet fan demand

Written by Ramas on November 20, 2001 to .

STOCKHOLM - Fans from all around the world came to three towns in Sweden in order to watch the shows and meet each other. Many hoped to find some rare or new Roxette stuff in record stores. Unfortunately, in Stockholm, there were only “standard” albums, compilations of old songs, or CD-singles available.

  You could not get, for example, the maxi version of the M&T&H single, and it was nearly impossible to find the maxi version of other singles. Each store gave answers like “already sold out” or “sold out yesterday.” It seems that due to the high number of fans in the capital of Sweden, only the first few were able to get something special.

Album re-enters Swedish chart at #48

Written by Lars-Erik_Olson on November 2, 2001 to .

STOCKHOLM - In a spike attributed to the three upcoming concert performances, “Room Service” has re-entered the Swedish album chart
this week at #48.

  Patrik Isaksson, who last summer collaborated with Marie Fredriksson, tops the chart with his new album, “Tillbaks på Ruta 1” (Back to Square 1).

TDR reporter Anders Järnberg contributed to this article. Thanks to Thomas Evensson for correcting the translation.

Roxette enters “Los 40 principales” chart

Written by marox1979 on October 20, 2001 to .

BARCELONA - Entering at #30, Roxette appears on the Los 40 Principales Chart this week, the most important radio chart in Spain. You can vote for them at (Las Listas + 30 Roxette + Votar).

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