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Roxette at #3 in German radiocharts!

Written by cskendras on September 26, 2001 to .

Roxette’s “Milk & Toast & Honey” is at #3 on the
German SWR Listener’s chart after staying at #2 for two weeks.
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Joyride goes double platinum in Finland

Written by roxeteer on September 20, 2001 to .

HELSINKI - EMI Finland reports that Roxette’s album “Joyride” has sold 100,000 copies in Finland and gone double platinum. “Joyride” was released in 1991.

  Record companies’ national trade organization has frequently lowered the limits for achieving gold and platinum records in Finland. For example, “Crash! Boom! Bang!” and other albums released after January 1994 only have to sell 80,000 copies to achieve double platinum. For “Room Service” and Roxette’s forthcoming albums the limit is only 60,000.

  • ƒKT ry. (The Finnish National Group of IFPI)

Roxette’s popularity with the Mexican media gains ground

Written by juneafternoon on July 28, 2001 to .

MEXICO CITY - Roxette’s “Room Service” and their singles have been doing well here in “taco-land.” EMI Mexico released the album on April 3rd, only a few days after the worldwide release date.

  The first single TCOTH was not welcome at all. With no airplay, no TV promotion, and finally no support by local or cable channels (MTV/LA).

  The second single continues to grow in promotion and airplay time. “Real Sugar” has been played on several radio stations (like MixFM 106.5, and Azul 88.9 FM) but of course, EMI Mexico has no plans to release an official CD single since they never do this for any artist at all. The video for Real Sugar is being played regularly on the MuchMusic, HTV and TeleHit cable channels.

  The third single, “MATAH”, is a whole different story. The video is being played on TeleHit at least five times a day. The song gets played two to three times a day on a single radio station. Cable channels have noticed the RS album, since interviews with Per and Marie are broadcasted by Sony-LA, HBO-LA, and some others. They basically talk about the nice experience it was to record RS, Per comments that the album is their most commercial work since Joyride, and Marie loves TCOTH since its a duo (very rare on a Rox album) and basically live.

  The Latin America tour is tentatively scheduled for early 2002 and TicketMaster (a place for ticket sales via phone or internet) is already aware of this as well as EMI Mexico, with reports that the most probable place for the concert would be the national auditorium (Auditorio Nacional) with dates to be confirmed.

Real Sugar becomes a #1 hit in Argentina

Written by administrator on June 22, 2001 to .

The current single from Room Service – “Real Sugar” – has reached the highest position on Much Music Argentina after only one week on the show!

It’s a sweet summer for the sugar industry!

Written by administrator on June 22, 2001 to .

Apparently, the A*Teens went a little overboard with Roxette’s “Real Sugar” and now they have a “Sugar Rush.”

  In the “Countdown” program on the Much Music Channel, the “Real Sugar” video is at #4, while the A*Teens are at #6 with “Sugar Rush”.

Roxette reaches #1 on major radio station in Peru

Written by paulgm on June 19, 2001 to .

LIMA - Expectations are high as to whether or not Roxette might come to Peru now that “The Centre of the Heart” has reached the top spot on Planeta, the most important rock and pop radio station in Lima, this week.

  “People just love Roxette and everybody here is looking forward to seeing them perform live again” said DJ Cheryl Pardo when asked about the spectacular ascent of Roxette’s first single after only three weeks on Planeta’s chart. TCOTH had reached the #1 position on other charts, but this is by far their biggest triumph here.

  The fans in Peru are excited. “We’ll do anything possible and impossible to have them back here” said one fan today when a group got together to celebrate their favorite artist’s latest success. Spanish-speaking fans can e-mail Planeta radio at [email protected] to express support for Marie and Per.

“Room Service” goes Gold in Brazil!

Written by PerFanatic on June 3, 2001 to .

There’s more good news coming from Latin America!

  Roxette’s “Room Service” album has gone Gold in Brazil, which means over 100,000 copies have been sold so far!

  In addition, “Room Service” is #6 this week on the [email protected] 100 chart, its highest position so far. While this is not the official Brazilian sales chart, it is based on a sampling of retail sales, mass merchant and internet sales. The soundtrack album for the novela “Um Anjo Caiu do Céu”, which includes Roxette’s “Milk & Toast & Honey” is at #3 this week on this same chart.

EDITOR’S NOTE: A spokesperson at EMI Brasil has indicated that Roxette are expected to visit that country in August for promotional appearances.

Roxette a solid # 1 in Uruguay

Written by aymbrothers on May 29, 2001 to .

“The Centre Of The Heart” is #1 in Uruguay after 12 weeks in the charts. Roxette is # 1 on four radio charts:
Energy FM 106.7 (2 weeks); La Costa FM 88.3 (1 week);
Diamante FM 98.7 (3 weeks); and Del Plata FM 95.5 (1 week).

  Roxette is at #2 on two other stations: Radiocero FM 104.3 and X-FM 100.3.

  Actually, Roxette is at this very moment in the top 10 of 11 radio charts and on the internet web page TCOTH is at #4.

  “The Centre Of The Heart” is Roxette’s most played song since “Sleeping in my Car” in 1994! It was at that time that fans in Montevideo formed the ’Time to Rox’ fanclub.

Roxette reaches #1 on major Spanish radio station

Written by Senna on May 26, 2001 to .

“The Centre of the Heart” is this week #1 on the 40 Principales chart, the best-known Spanish radio station. The song was #3 last week and entered the list at #7 a few weeks ago. Over 3 million people listen to 40 Principales a day.

TCOTH becomes #1 in Russia

Written by Temich on May 25, 2001 to .

SAINT PETERSBURG - Roxette’s “Centre of the Heart” reached the top spot this week (#5 last week) on ’Europa Plus’, Russia’s most popular FM station. According to the station’s statistics, over 16,000,000 people listen to this station every day.

  The station’s DJs were predicting that TCOTH would reach #1 back around April 15th when it was at #19.
(Junkie contributed to this article.)

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