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“ATAY” continues to soar up the charts!

Written by PerFanatic on November 1, 2002 to .

  As the fifth week of “A Thing About You” appearing in the charts draws to a close, it is becoming more and more apparent that this is a huge hit for Roxette.

  Despite the fact that sales figures for the single have been somewhat sluggish, ATAY continues to impress on radio charts throughout mainland Europe. This is evidenced by this week’s biggest jump in new chart appearances to date. Last week, ATAY appeared on some 65 charts, which is not bad for its 4th week. However, in week #5, ATAY jumped through the roof, appearing on a total of 94 charts (see full week-by-week details below).

  ATAY will almost certainly eclipse the 100 mark next week, possibly by a significant margin. Based on this data, it certainly appears that ATAY will achieve at least the success of Roxette’s last two leading singles, “Wish I Could Fly” and “Centre Of The Heart.”

  Here are some details about ATAY chart success to date:

Week 1: 22 charts, 27.5 avg position, 11 countries, no #1’s

Week 2: 40 charts, 17.6 avg position, 16 countries, 2 #1’s

Week 3: 48 charts, 13.9 avg position, 17 countries, 1 #1

Week 4: 65 charts, 13.4 avg position, 21 countries, 2 #1’s

Week 5: 94 charts, 14.8 avg position, 22 countries, 9 #1’s!!!

Some other highlights:

  Top countries: 24 (Germany), 10 (Sweden, Denmark, Poland, Switzerland), 8 (Latvia), 6 (Russia), and 5 (Czech Republic)

  ATAY has reached #1 on at least 11 different radio station’s charts so far.

  ATAY has been #1 on at least 1 radio station in the following countries: Denmark, Estonia, Germany, Moldova, Poland, Russia and Sweden.


...and what are those somewhat sluggish sales figures?

Austria: dropping from 39 to 40 in the second week... :-/

And what are the 24 different radio charts in Germany, because I’ve only found ATAY on 15 different radio Chart Shows (excepts sales & airplay Charts):

@Zanderico: At the bottom of this Page, you’ll find a link called “Sales Charts”, there you find the Positions of ATAY in 6 different countries :)

@Anonymous: LOL Wohl das einloggen vergessen ;) Also, ich glaube da gibt es andere, die hier wesentlich öfter und penetranter zum voten aufrufen als ich. Ich sammle lediglich die Plazierungen und stelle sie zusammen, wenn es dich nicht interessiert und wenn du nicht voten möchtest, dann musst du dies auch nicht tun.
Bussi an dich und deine Freundinnen, ihr vermisst sicher das Forum ;)

Would you please mind speaking English??



@ Room-Service... these are not all radio charts, they include sales, consolidated airplay, etc. If you’d like a copy of it, please provide your e-mail address and I will be happy to send it to you.


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