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Stockholm record stores unable to meet fan demand

Written by Ramas on November 20, 2001 to .

STOCKHOLM - Fans from all around the world came to three towns in Sweden in order to watch the shows and meet each other. Many hoped to find some rare or new Roxette stuff in record stores. Unfortunately, in Stockholm, there were only “standard” albums, compilations of old songs, or CD-singles available.

  You could not get, for example, the maxi version of the M&T&H single, and it was nearly impossible to find the maxi version of other singles. Each store gave answers like “already sold out” or “sold out yesterday.” It seems that due to the high number of fans in the capital of Sweden, only the first few were able to get something special.


Not many record shops in Stockholm stock Roxette records in the first place... There are quite a few second hand stores that have pretty much rare material, but not many foreigners find those. Good or bad, you tell me.

Where can we find all of these stuff?

in the czech republic one can hardly buy roxette’s singles. and fan club delivers them in 3 month (ordered in june, shipped in september). what else may i add?

Hungarian record stores unable to meet fan demand

BUDAPEST - Fans from all over the city visited all major record stores in town to buy their recently released DVD, All Videos Ever Made And More. Many hoped to find some Roxette singles there as well. Unfortunately, in Hungary, there were hardly any Roxette releases in record stores.
You could not get, for example, Pearls Of Passion, Look Sharp!, Joyride, Tourism, Crash! Boom! Bang!, Baladas En Espanol or none of the singles. Most fans wanted to buy the DVD, but each store gave answers like “No, we don’t have it.” or “We ordered it from the publisher but EMI so far failed to ship us the quantity we ordered.” It seems that due to the complete lack of sense of business for EMI Music Hungary fans can’t get what they would pay for.

That’s true! EMI Music Hungary does anything special here...
For me, the top was, when EMI sent the Real Sugar Single NONE of the radio stations, so we cannot listen Real Sugar to the radio!

man! look at you people complaining that cannot find a “special” roxette cd... when i, that live in the USA, had to pay $50! for a DVD and to not even be able to watch it on my dvd player because is a diferent tv system, now that’s sad! you guys should be happy you dont have to pay 30 bucks for a cd from china, because they dont even play roxette on the radios!!now how sad is that?
happy chistmas!


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