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Listeners place two Roxette songs on German station’s chart

Written by cskendras on July 21, 2002 to .

GERMANY - As part of their 50th birthday celebration, German radio station Antenne 1 in Baden-Württemberg let their listeners vote for the 50 biggest hits of all time.

  Roxette had two big hits in the Top 50. Somewhat surprisingly, “Milk & Toast & Honey” came in at #4 while “Listen To Your Heart” placed at #15.


Strange taste!!!!!!!!!

Not sooo strange. Despite the fact last album sold only about 10 000 copies here inPoland (where live about 36mln people) MATAH was one of the mostoften andfor the longest period playe song. Even today it can be heard insome radiostations and sometimes it can still be seen on the playlists. In the second commercial radio here it was even bigger hit than TCOTH or RS. It was great song but some way didn’t become such a huge hit. But LTYH - yeah, that is strange; especially that when it comes to the single version it’s oneof the weakest Rox song. Personal opinion, of course

Ich finde es doch eher merkwürdig, dass Roxette in diesen Charts vertreten sind. Ich glaube da haben einige Fans ein wenig herrum manupuliert....
kann man sich denn auch irgentwo die komplete Top 50 anschauen?

Also diese TOP 50 Charts auf Antenne 1 sind der absolute Witz ( GENAU SO WIE DER SENDER SELBST !!!) TUT mir echt Leid aber, da sind nur billige POP-Songs und bubblegum Zeugs drin, keine echter Evergreen, kein gar nichts ! Naja da hat halt der typische Antenne 1 Hörer gewählt : Gilry zw. 13 und 16 ohne echten Geschmack(zumindest für richtige musik ...) und ohne Ahnung welch geile Songs es doch wirklich gibt ! DIE SONGS DIE IN DIESEN CHARTS STEHEN SIND ZU 90% NICHT ÄLTER ALS EIN JAHR !!!

Ich liebe Roxette, aber auf diese Charts sollte man sich nichts einbilden !

I though It Must Have Been Love is categorized as their biggest ballad...
If you ask me MATAH is better than IMHBL or LTYH.

Any news like this is good news to me! I thought I read somewhere that Per stated M&T&H was his favorite off the Room Service album. Is this true or am I spreading a rumor? Let me know folks! peace

I never heard the song called “Crazy For You”. Is this a ballad or an uptempo song? Here’s another question–is there any sites you can go to to hear some of their music where I might find Crazy For You or Neverending Love? Let me know.

@rockstar73 I’m not sure but i think his favourite of RS is Jefferson or maybe Real Sugar; and Crazy About You - it’s middle-tempo, neither ballad nor up-tempo; I know there are two versions - first on the “YDUM”-single and the second one on Salvation” (this one I haven’t heard also

You’re talking about those type of songs that hit you and cause this little thing called “goosebumps”. I was telling a friend that I met in here that certain songs hit you in your heart and soul. Just gives you that “high” when you hear them. For example, your song that you like “Watercolours In The Rain”. For me it’s “Paint” on LS! On Joyride its “Perfect Day” on C!B!B! it’s Vulnerable. On the rarities cd I have it’s Almost Unreal sung by Per. On “Don’t Bore Us...” its “She Doesn’t Live Here Anymore” HAND it’s hard because there’s almost too many(Salvation, Wish I Could Fly or my all time favorite Beautiful Things) On RS it’s either Bringing Down To My Knees or Jefferson....and so on–it all depends on that moment you’re in and the sound that catches your ear and your soul! peace

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Per said that his favourite was Looking for Jane.
MATAH is Marie‘s favourite.

If you look at some of the older articles when Room Service was first released Per directly states that M&T&H is the best song he claims on the album–these are Per’s words from an old article. He believed at the time that this song would do the best chart wise and sales wise. You might be able to still read some of the older articles. “Looking For Jane” is a good song but not a great song. To many artists that’s a good song as a “filler” to get the the singles or more popular hits off the album. But you never know. Rockstars are known to change their minds too! Maybe Per changed his mind and started liking “Looking for Jane” but I don’t think so ;o)


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