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“A Thing About You” begins to climb the charts

Written by Lars-Erik_Olson on September 28, 2002 to .

Roxette’s lastest offering, the single “A Thing About You,” appears to be gaining ground with increasing airplay on radio and music video channels in various spots around the globe, despite what appears to be a lack of interest this time around from fans to mount any kind of coordinated campaign to help promote the record.

  In Moscow, Radio Maximum’s Hit Parade shows Roxette’s “A Thing About You” at #2! This single will chart on this week’s Hit List and seems to have a chance to beat “Milk & Toast & Honey”’s record.

  In Germany also, Roxette went straight to #2 in the chart of station FFH. “Herbert Grönemeyer is quite big in Germany, at least at the moment, so #2 is fab!,” wrote Andreas Kämpf.

  The Daily Roxette’s SmallTalk forum has several mentions of ATAY being played on radio and TV, and we can expect similar information to be posted as comments to this article.

  Previous “RoxAttaqs” have met with mixed success. While some have been clear victories, others have – because of the SPAM factor – only served to anger the music directors of particular radio stations.

(Junkie contributed to this article.)


It is also #2 in the charts of the german radio station “FFH”!!!

...and highest new entry an #11 at Radio SAW....



A Thing About You started to play in Brazil today!!!
Vivaaaaaaaa that’s really great.

Well I haven’t heard it on the radio here in Vancouver yet. That’s because I don’t listen to the radio. But I can’t see anything on Z95.3 or other station websites about the song.

OK, great airplay on radio-stations, but what about the TV-channels? As far as I know, only VIVA shows the videoclip. Or am I wrong?

I’ve checked the playlists of many top Radio stations in the UK and guess what...?


Will they stop playing MATAH now?
hmmm... I just wonder. Hope not.

Does anyone think this will hit Australian shores/Airwaves?

@the bigger the better - my guess is not. TCOTH was played on video hits but only once or twice. Don’t think emi oz knows too much about the single...

#34 in Oe3´s Listener´s Charts... (biggest Austrian radio station, this is).

@ anonymous 18:46:

just be patiented...after ATAY is released here in Europe you will be surely able to import the single...

....despite what appears to be a lack of interest this time around from fans to mount any kind of coordinated campaign to help promote the record.

I think the record company (EMI) should also take care for some more promotion.
I did not see or hear ATAY in the Netherlands yet.

@ anonymous 18:46:

Take a look at ROXBYTES.
I downloaded it from there.

@ the aussies - i really doubt it will get airplay on radio or TV but it would be nice if they did release the single. Whats the deal with EMI OZ anyway it seems they don’t even know about it- no info on their website & no replys to emails??

Well, at least airplay is strong as usual. ATAY climbed up to #41 (LW #91) in this weeks official german airplaychart with 127 plays - mid-week today is #29 (41). Swedish media control airplaychart wk 38 is #23 (22). Austria: Ö3 listeners charts: #34 (NE)... and much more to come - we’ll see, but I don’t think Roxette has ever suffered from bad airplay - the only problem is that airplay doesn’t count for the charts anymore as strong as it did when Roxette were huge ;o(

Oh yeah! ATAY is definately off to a good start in airplay! I’m already showing it in 15+ radio charts in addition to the official German & Swedish airplay compilation chart. Plus, it’s now #1 (A rotation) at the Danish station mentioned above!

People, keep those chart positions coming. The search method I use captures quite a bit but not everything. Keep posting the URL’s here and I’ll update the database with the info.

Thanks and GO ATAY!!!

Good news again ATAY was just added to fresh rotation - 20 spins per week- at MTV 2 Pop in Germany!

@Gellner: ich hoffe ich kann dir in´deustch schreiben?? Stimmt es wirklich das A thing about you 20 mal in der Woche bei MTV POP gespieltt wird?? Weißt du auch ob er bei Viva gespielt wird?

@skywalk-girl: Bei VIVA ist er in der N3 (Nacht-)Rotation (5 plays/woche)

@Gellner: Wann beginnt bei MTV Pop die Playlist in der ATAY ist? Am Montag oder läuft sie jetzt schon? Bei Viva gilt die Playlist ja immer von Mo-So und bei Onyx von Do-Mi.
Kannst du auch was näheres über die Viva plus Playlist sagen? Dort ist der Clip schon mehrmals tagsüber gelaufen, aber die Playlist auf deren website wurde letzte Woche nicht aktualisiert (tippe auf N1):

Vielen Dank im voraus:)

Hallo zusammen. Die MTV2 Playliste ist sicher und gilt ab Dienstag den 08.10. Für VIVA Plus gibt es nach einer extremen Entlassungswelle keine offiziellen Playlisten mehr, die spielen nur noch Videos am laufenden Band. - Hier kann ich leider mit keiner Rotationsübersicht dienen - trotzdem schön, dass ATAY da läuft...

@Gellner: Danke! Cool, also ab morgen (ist ja komisch, dass deren PLaylist von Di-Mo geht) gibt’s ATAY auch auf MTV2 :)) Nur doof, dass ich den erst ab 20 Uhr gucken kann...

Noch ne weitere Frage: Wie sieht denn aus in den offiziellen Airplaycharts? Ist ATAY jetzt in den Top 30 oder sogar in den Top25?
Wäre super, wenn du mich/uns auf dem Laufenden halten könntest. Danke im voraus :)

Hey cool, thanks for this information :)
Was it you Gellner, who has written this “anonymous”-comment? ;)

@roomservice - yes it was me- just no time to log in ;o) Will keep you informed!

@Gellner: Can you tell us some good news from the german airplay-charts.
It’d be cool, if you could send me a mail (although you didn’t have much time), I can’t wait to hear the newest position ;)
[email protected] - Thanx

New chart positions: Swedish airplaycharts wk 41 #9 (13). German airplaycharts wk 41 #22 (27). First midweekchart in Germany #22 (10,65 %). Remember not to buy the single at Media Markt etc. ;o)

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