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Per drives Formula 1 racing car in Germany

Written by roxeteer on April 22, 2001 to .

Per’s dream came true last week when he was allowed to drive a McLaren Formula 1 racing car in Hockenheim, Germany. The car wasn’t their official race vehicle, but a 2-seated version (on the left in picture) for promotional use.

  Per is known for being a Formula 1 enthusiast. He had to pay 200,000 SEK (almost 20,000 USD) to get this chance. However, not everyone – even if they have the money – is permitted to drive the car. McLaren only lets people with promotional value to test their Formula 1 car.

  Per was in the car only as a passenger. The person who drove was McLaren’s test driver Darren Turner.

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*siiiiigh* men and driving....a good bit over 200 km/h....damnit we girlz can do that with a VW Golf ;))


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