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Billboard’s Eurochart shows Roxette in the top 10

Written by Lars-Erik_Olson on April 17, 2001 to .

NEW YORK - Billboard magazine, in its current issue published here, shows that the Eurochart for albums has Roxette placed at #6.

  London-based Billboard reporter Paul Sexton, in writing about the additions to the top 10 in the online edition at, refers to Roxette as “chart evergreens.”

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I’ve listened to the new album of Roxette a couple of times and I must say that their previous albums were indeed a bit better. But ’Room Service’ is still a very nice album indeed. The greatest songs on this new great album are: Real sugar, Milk and Toast and Honey, Jefferson, It takes you no time to get there and My world, my love, my life. The rest is also good and these songs determine the album that half the world is now listening to. After 15 years, Roxette persuade the people that they’re here to stay! This is not their greatest album, but it’s an album that tell you that they’re still able to make good songs.

It is true that ’Have a nice day’ is the least Roxette-lookalike album. ’Room Service’ is a reminder again of how things used to be before HAND. But still I think HAND has great songs such as: You can’t put your arms around what’s already gone, 7twenty7, beautiful things, Wish I could fly, Pay the price and some more. ’waiting for the rain’ is the worst of the album, but still works just fine. I’m a real Roxette-fan, as you can see ...

Bear one thing in mind, guys.

If you factor out the DISGUSTING treatment Roxette and their fans are suffering in the UK, they’re almost certainly higher than #6 - dare I say it, we’re getting shafted so much they’d be #1 if we weren’t counted!



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