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“Room Service” moves up a notch in Germany

Written by Lars-Erik_Olson on April 20, 2001 to .

Looking at only at Top Ten chart positions, Roxette’s “Room Service” moved up one notch to the #3 spot on the German album chart this past week, while retaining their top #1 position in Belgium and Sweden. In Switzerland, the album dropped from #2 to #4; in Austria, from #4 to #7.

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I think it is great to have number 3 in Germany. Per and Marie really Comeback!!

if you can’t get them in town (i.e. shops &c.) you could have a try with amazon or

but on spain they down to 8. i think spanish fans love just roxette ballads, big ballads you know that kind of songs per say don’t want for RS.
for me? i love “little voice” no more than “wish i could fly” but i almost cry when i listen to marie with a strong strings part on a song.

I wish that they were big all over europe! at leat then i’d have a bloody rox album to listen to! you’d swear that Roxette think Ireland, (where i’m from), was 100,000miles away coz they’re never here! i can’t even find the new album anywhere. it’s easy for you to say ’oh damn, i have the album but no videos, oh pity me!’ but i can’t even find the album. the best i can do is download it ’ audiogalaxy which them stupid american fuckers are trying to close down!

I am from Ireland too, of course you can find the Album here as well. No one knows about it, but still you can find it in every CD Store.


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