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#7, #5, #4, #1..... Top ten chart success for Rox in Europe

Written by Lars-Erik_Olson on April 13, 2001 to .

Perhaps it’s different for say… a Madonna fan. You pick up a copy of Billboard, her latest song is at #1… no big deal.

  But for Roxette fans, who have gone for long periods without such gratification or validation, this is a special time. The Daily Roxette’s SmallTalk forum is full of messages from excited fans talking about the success of Roxette both on singles charts, with “Centre of the Heart”, and on album charts, with “Room Service”.

  Looking just at the album charts, Roxette has cracked the Top Ten in Norway, where it’s at #7; Spain, where it’s at #5; Austria, the Czech Republic, and Germany, where it’s at #4; Switzerland, where it’s at #2; and in Sweden and Belgium, where they rule at #1.

  TDR reader and RoxNorthAmeriFan board member Jim Greulich has been known to the Roxette online fan community for years as “the chart guy”. He spends hours compiling chart data from around the world, and he’s finally found a “home” on the Web for his listings:

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Right, Room Service is No.4 In Czech, but TCOTH is still No. 1! Look -

Hej, guys! I think it’s just one more reason to join a world tour!

I hope Italy will finally wake up

Bit unfortunate having the UK’s flag in that pic, I’d say, seeing how badly the guys are being treated by EMI UK...



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