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See the cover, hear the mixes

Written by roxtexanet on April 18, 2001 to .

Sweden’s features the remixes of “The Centre of the Heart” as a new release this week (entering the dance charts at #35), and shows the cover of the maxi CD. Fans can preview clips of some of the remixes and vote “hit” or “miss”. So far, the highly critical visitors to this site have voted it a hit!

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I love the remixes, remixes are always a bonus.

just heard some seconds of the new mixes: really great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, I don´t think that it is bad to make a remix single just to make money because no one forces you to buy it!!!

Anch’io voglio i remix!!! Anch’io dico che palle!!! Cribbiocribbiocribbio!!!!!!!

I think the comment about remixes being made to reach a broader audience (with the goal of making more money, of course) is true - “Centre” is a massive hit already on radio, but thanks to the remixes, it’s crossing over to the dance and club charts as well.

For those who can’t get the remixes where they live, (like me in the US), go to the fanshop at, and order it. I did this with the Room Service album, the single, and the maxi-single.

Hello! I just have one question! Last tuesday(17.4) I went to a CD shop here in Germany and I asked them about this maxi CD but it wasn’t even in their computers. Is it only a Swedish release? I am not a memeber in the FC so I cannot order stuff from them. Maybe it is possible to order it in an online shop ?!


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