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“Nox” video world premiere

Written by tevensso on February 7, 2003 to .

STOCKHOLM (UPDATED) - The video for “Opportunity Nox” will be premiered exclusively online by the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet February 7th. It will be directed by Kristoffer Diös, under close surveillance by Jonas Åkerlund. “Per Gessle, Marie Fredriksson and I have a close relationship. This is the way I prefer to work, to return to the same artists over and over again,” Jonas says to Aftonbladet.

NOTE: Video is online now, follow the link below to watch it.

Groove Coverage forced to turn over 50% of royalties

Written by Lars-Erik_Olson on January 31, 2003 to .

Per Gessle’s lawyers have certainly been busy lately. In two cases related to copyright infringement, decisions have been reached:

Gessle vs. Groove Coverage

  An agreement have been made by above parties which means that Groove Coverage will have to turn over 50% of their royalties and publishing income for their song “God Is A Girl” because of copyright infrigement of the Gessle-penned song “Jefferson.”

  “It’s something that the efficient ears on the Daily Roxette spotted some time ago,” credits Gessle’s manager, Marie Dimberg. A Daily Roxette discussion topic, started by TDR reader “jobarth,” pointed out the similarities.

Malmstedt vs. Gessle

  Malmstedt’s accusations against Per Gessle at the English court finally came to an end yesterday when yet another judge dismissed Malmstedt’s claim for appeal. “This is not over, there are other ways,” Malmstedt commented.

  • Groove Coverage (“God Is A Girl” now featured on site’s title page)

“Breathe” demo to appear on “’Nox” maxi-single

Written by Lars-Erik_Olson on January 29, 2003 to .

STOCKHOLM - The Tits&Ass demo version of “Breathe” will be included as the third track on the maxi-single version of “Opportunity Nox” when it is released on February 24th (EMI 7243 -5518972). The second track, as previously reported, is a live version of “Fading Like A Flower” recorded during a “Room Service” concert in Brussels, Belgium.

  The music video for “Opportunity Nox” is – as of today – still in production, and therefore not available to have been included on the maxi-single.

Discography competition: winners announced!

Written by roxeteer on January 9, 2003 to .

The three winners of our Roxette discography book competition have been chosen and they are:

  • Chris Oriet, Canada
  • Marc de Kort, The Netherlands
  • Angela Nußbaum, Germany

We will contact the winners directly.

  Here are also the correct answers to the questions. Roxette’s second single ever was “Goodbye To You”. From the options we had, “Listen To Your Heart” and “It Must Have Been Love” have been #1 in the US charts. The discography book contains an unbelievable number of 27 different “Look Sharp!” CDs.

  In the competition we also asked you to write a story about your special Roxette items. We got so many stories that we won’t able to choose the best ones until later this month.

  The winners will receive their copy of the book during the winter. Congratulations!

The year in review: TDR looks back at 2002

Written by roxeteer on December 31, 2002 to .

Marie’s brain tumor… withdrawing from “Night of the Proms”… thousands of get-well wishes from fans around the world… releasing a ballad hits compilation that included new songs… Per in court…

  A lot of things - unfortunately not all of them good - happened to Roxette in the year 2002. We invite you to look back at the year just ending with our Year in review! Read on… and Happy New Year! Read more…

Warm holiday greetings from TDR!

Written by Lars-Erik_Olson on December 20, 2002 to .

As we approach the end of the year and look toward the possibilities of a new year, we at The Daily Roxette want to wish our readers a very Happy Holiday and more importantly, a Peaceful 2003 full of good health for us all.

  We’re delighted that under special arrangement with Sony Music Entertainment AB, we’re able to let you listen to a track from Peter Jöback’s Christmas album, “Jag Kommer Hem Igen Till Jul” as our Holiday Greeting to you. This song, “Varmt Igen,” was written by Per Gessle.

  Jöback’s album is a huge success in Sweden… topping the album charts there. Additionally, Peter toured Sweden with an enormously successful holiday concert and he’s had not one, but two television specials this December. If you’ve never heard Peter sing before, you’re in for a treat!

e-Card created for The Daily Roxette by Jorge Diaz.

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Read more…

Love, peas and copy protection: Per talks with TDR

Written by tevensso on October 27, 2002 to .

STOCKHOLM - It’s a neatly dressed but slightly hung over and tired Per Gessle who meets The Daily Roxette at Hotel Lydmar at Stureplan here in central Stockholm. The reason for his tiredness is Bruce Springsteen’s sold-out concert at Globen last night, and the requisite bar hopping that occured afterwards.

  “I was out with Clarence. The man never quits!”

  He’s wearing almost the same clothes as in the recent promotional photos, and the room at the hotel is large and comfortable. He offers me a Coke.

  It’s a day full of interviews with the reporters from various newspapers, and Per’s not quite sure who’s who.

  “The Daily Roxette? Good! I read that all the time,” he says with a smile. “It’s even the home page of my browser. I always get annoyed over ’SmallTalk’ though; there are sometimes really weird ideas… that I want to correct.”

  I wonder if he’s serious, and he claims he is. “Whenever I need to find out what I’ve been doing lately, I consult TDR,” he says with a laugh.

  But the question on the mind of our readers is: how is Marie?

  “Marie is fine, as fine as can be,” Per says. And Per should know: he visited with her Saturday at her home just outside of Stockholm and they enjoyed dinner together. “She looked healthy and is active. She’s just like she usually is again. The surgery went well. The entire tumor was removed, and no others were found. She’s on medication now.” Asked directly, Per said he doesn’t know if the tumor was malignant or benign. “I haven’t asked her really,” he said.

  What disturbs Per is that the hospital staff leaked information to the press even though there was supposed to be heavy security. “The whole press thing got totally out of hand,” he says. Refocusing on Marie, he mentions that the doctors were very pleased with the results of the three-and-a-half hour long operation.

  “I don’t think I’ve fully realized what happened yet; we’re all in a state of shock still,” Per says as he leans back into the sofa he’s sitting on and clasps his hands behind his head. Read more…

“Spun” spins “Stupid” as background noise

Written by royalball on June 14, 2002 to .

LAS VEGAS - Jonas Åkerlund’s feature film “Spun” premiered at the CineVegas Film Festival here last weekend with a Roxette song in the soundtrack.

  Before the movie started, a host introduced Jonas as the director. Turning to face the audience, and wearing a gray hat, it looked to this reporter as if Jonas had lost a lot of weight (perhaps the same diet Per has been on!).

  The movie included “Stupid,” as indicated in the end credits: Written by Gessle, performed by Roxette. However, it was not featured in a prominent position. “Stupid” was playing in the background during one of the scenes while the characters were driving, but you can hardly hear the music due to dialogue.

  There will be much comparision by movie critics between this movie and “Trainspotting,” because of similar themes and subject matter. The film had a very grainy look, similar to the “Salvation” video that was shot on Super 8 film. There are cameo appearances from porn stars, the lead singer of Judas Priest, and the lead singer of “Smashing Pumpkins.”

  “Spun” is expected to be released in movie theatres this fall.

Åkerlund’s “Spun” to premiere at CineVegas

Written by royalball on May 23, 2002 to .

LAS VEGAS - The world premiere of Spun will take place on June 8th at the Palms Hotel and Casino during the CineVegas International Film Festival. Spun is directed by Jonas Akerlund and will feature a new recording of “Stupid” by Roxette.

  The story revolves around an unemployed man and methamphetamine user, who during a visit to his drug dealer, gets caught up with the drug’s maker, who proceeds to take him on a three-day adventure.

  The movie stars Patrick Fugit, Jason Schwartzman,
John Leguizamo, Mickey Rourke, Mena Suvari, Swedish actor Peter Stormare, Brittany Murphy, Deborah Harry, and Eric Roberts.

  Unlike “Pretty Woman,” which also featured a Roxette song, this film is not backed by a major film studio and is more of an “independent”-type release. It will, however, be distributed internationally.

  Per and Marie, who are both good friends with Jonas, will not be attending the premiere. The Roxette version of “Stupid” (previously recorded by just Per) is not expected to be released as a single.

Marie and Per attend “Chess” premiere

Written by ulla on February 24, 2002 to .

STOCKHOLM - Marie and Per, along with their spouses, attended the premiere of the musical “Chess” (by Benny and Björn of ABBA) at the Cirkus Theatre, located in the Skansen ecopark here on Saturday, February 23rd. Also in attendance and seen talking to Per was Thomas Johansson of EMI.

  Marie was wearing a shiny brown jacket with a white, glittery blouse underneath. Per, looking thinner than ever, was dressed in a grey/black/brown long-sleeved shirt and tight black trousers.

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