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Marie and Per attend “Chess” premiere

Written by ulla on February 24, 2002 to .

STOCKHOLM - Marie and Per, along with their spouses, attended the premiere of the musical “Chess” (by Benny and Björn of ABBA) at the Cirkus Theatre, located in the Skansen ecopark here on Saturday, February 23rd. Also in attendance and seen talking to Per was Thomas Johansson of EMI.

  Marie was wearing a shiny brown jacket with a white, glittery blouse underneath. Per, looking thinner than ever, was dressed in a grey/black/brown long-sleeved shirt and tight black trousers.

15 comments the pictures I’ve seen Marie was wearing a shiny brown jacket with a white blouse underneath, that didn’t seem too glittery to me.
And Per was wearing this black suit with grey/white stripes and a shiny red blouse underneath.
Did they change clothes during the musical or something???!!! :P

In the papers, Aftonbladet and Expressen, the paper versions I mean then, they’re nowhere on the net unfortunately.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Our reporter saw Per and Marie during intermission. While we doubt they changed clothes, either of them may have removed some of their outer garments.


what dates are Aftonbladet and Expressen issues from? Tell me, then we can still order these papers!

@gee: i will as ssoon as i get the papers, should be this week ;)

@gee: as I just said in the thread about this premiere, those pix are rather small unfortunately

@lars-erik: I’m pretty sure Sarah-P didn’t mean that for real about Per and Marie changing their clothes during the musical!
And I see you changed the description about MF in the right way now, but I still don’t get where Per’s red blouse went in this whole story (saw it in Aft and Expr, he was wearing it underneath his white/grey striped jacket).

Oooh god, what a discussions you can have about someone’s clothes!

Ooops posted it twice almost! This new laptop of mine sure is FAST!

he looked thinner than before? oh my god! Does he sick?

scan the pix, scan the pix, scan the pihics!!!!

So Per has lost some more weight, so what?Why does that make him ill?

still didnt get the papers yet, are on their way ;) then i’ll scan them... just more waiting... no one else has them online yet?

that paper service must be REALLY slow ;)

That paper service is actually my sister who doesn’t have a lot of free time to pass by Chantie to bring some Swedish papers, sorry you’ll just have to wait a bit more!
As Chantie already said; is there no one else who has them and can scan them?


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