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“Spun” spins “Stupid” as background noise

Written by royalball on June 14, 2002 to .

LAS VEGAS - Jonas Åkerlund’s feature film “Spun” premiered at the CineVegas Film Festival here last weekend with a Roxette song in the soundtrack.

  Before the movie started, a host introduced Jonas as the director. Turning to face the audience, and wearing a gray hat, it looked to this reporter as if Jonas had lost a lot of weight (perhaps the same diet Per has been on!).

  The movie included “Stupid,” as indicated in the end credits: Written by Gessle, performed by Roxette. However, it was not featured in a prominent position. “Stupid” was playing in the background during one of the scenes while the characters were driving, but you can hardly hear the music due to dialogue.

  There will be much comparision by movie critics between this movie and “Trainspotting,” because of similar themes and subject matter. The film had a very grainy look, similar to the “Salvation” video that was shot on Super 8 film. There are cameo appearances from porn stars, the lead singer of Judas Priest, and the lead singer of “Smashing Pumpkins.”

  “Spun” is expected to be released in movie theatres this fall.


It was hard to hear some of the music in the movie, I’m not even positive if I got the right scene correct when “Stupid” was played but the song was in the movie.

@anonymous:first of all what u wrote is irrelevant with the topic...second theres no way Roxette love more US than any other country,when and if they said that they were just being nice thats all....Roxette love their homeland sweden most and certainly Europe more than any other region

i was under the impression that it was their lack of desire to do long promotional stints and pers greed that has barred them from getting a us contract

With Per it has to do with the money–like always, and all stars want to see their wallets get larger and larger to where they can jump off it and commit suicide! weird i know

Well, we are talking about the song “Stupid”, but some of your comments take the word stupid to another level. Saying that Per is only concerned with fattening his wallet has got to be one of the most ignorant statements I’ve ever seen in this forum. If this were the case, don’t you think he would be doing anything and everything to make Roxette huge in the US again? No, No, No!!! Roxette have made some efforts to re-emerge in this market, but have seriously backed off due to the fact that both Per and Marie do not want to invest the thousands of hours to promote in the US, as they’d rather spend that time with their family’s. Believe me, no one wants to see them back in the US more than myself, but I understand their commitment to their families, and actually commend them for it. So, saying that Per is “all about the money” is ludicrous! If you knew anything about Roxette’s recent history, you’d know that already. Come on now people… wake up!

This question is for the guy or gal who went to see Roxette in Chicago in the third row. If you’re talking about Park West theatre let me know–I was there too but closer to the small stage in that very small theatre. For the rest of the chat room, Jeez, for a band that was supposed to be huge during “Join the Joyride” tour they sure weren’t filling in those seats–how very sad. Per is about the money. He invests in things all the time so he can make more. So saying that his wallet isn’t getting bigger is not an ignorant statement when this statement is true. He owns 51% off Ace of Base–the same band who’s music pushed Roxette to the side when C!B!B! came out. Songwriter’s make more than a band because bands come and go all the time. He’s in it for the $$ simple as that. No one is being fooled. For him not to take what he can get from a USA label and possibly sell millions(co’s that’s where the true buying market is) is ludricious!! chow for now.

Peter I think the theatre you’re talking about was the Metro which is bigger in size. I had a ball that night. Bought a t-shirt and the concert book that they were selling. If I can remember correctly I have a a guitar pick that Per tossed out to the audience–its somewhere. I dont think Per had those long “bangs” like on the cover of Joyride at the concert. I almost didnt recognize him. Marie you could recognize–that blonde goddess!!! I didnt realize how short she is!! In St. Louis they put her picture up in the theatre down there along with some other famous vocalists–I think it’s still there today.

According to the biography it was Atlanta

Earlier this year there was an article which mentioned that Per felt he had another “Gem” that he wrote and thought it would be a big success as a song. I know he didn’t mean the song “Stupid”. Does anyone remember this article and if so does anyone know the title of the new song he “feels” will be the next successful single? Also remember last year before RS album came out they had an article where new songs that were sent in for copyright were listed and we were fouled by some songs Per listed as some of the singles off the RS album. For example, they listed a song called Little Ms Sorrow” and some others? Does anyone recall this and if so who was able to find what songs Per had written and that were supposedly going to be on that next album–meaning Room Service. Can we find out if there’s new stuff for a possible next album. I know EMI is going through a real bad situation(hoping they dont drop Roxette) so maybe there wont be an album for a while. That would stink.

I wouldn’t believe this number. EMI stated something like 1.7 millions long time ago. In general I don’t care about the comments from unregistered persons. It’s mostly silly stuff from no-fans. Why don’t you just register so that we can recognize you again?

I must say, I am one of their Biggest Fans, but I have to agree, it seems like, nobody really cares about them anymore. The last tour was not even sold out. I am not saying this to be smart or something, I just think, their “golden days” are the past.
I come from Ireland and Room Service was not even in the Charts here!

What do you mean with “small” vivien? Thin? I read he’s become very very thin, what’s happening to him?

Valeria, Italy

Yes,he was very thin.
I hope he´s fine anyway.


oops... sorry for the double post!


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