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Åkerlund’s “Spun” to premiere at CineVegas

Written by royalball on May 23, 2002 to .

LAS VEGAS - The world premiere of Spun will take place on June 8th at the Palms Hotel and Casino during the CineVegas International Film Festival. Spun is directed by Jonas Akerlund and will feature a new recording of “Stupid” by Roxette.

  The story revolves around an unemployed man and methamphetamine user, who during a visit to his drug dealer, gets caught up with the drug’s maker, who proceeds to take him on a three-day adventure.

  The movie stars Patrick Fugit, Jason Schwartzman,
John Leguizamo, Mickey Rourke, Mena Suvari, Swedish actor Peter Stormare, Brittany Murphy, Deborah Harry, and Eric Roberts.

  Unlike “Pretty Woman,” which also featured a Roxette song, this film is not backed by a major film studio and is more of an “independent”-type release. It will, however, be distributed internationally.

  Per and Marie, who are both good friends with Jonas, will not be attending the premiere. The Roxette version of “Stupid” (previously recorded by just Per) is not expected to be released as a single.


well where is the soundtrack news?

hmmm...on a day like today I would also SO much like to be in LV :) and gosh...I wanna hear the new version of Stupid!!!!! :)))
Wonder when our premiere will be...

YOu know I’m so tired of this bullshit! Everytime something has to do with Roxette it either has problems being released or it’s not released at all.. You know honestly, I’m almost ready to give up on them. Jesus Christ, go find a record label, swallow their pride, and make music so we can see them again on tv, radio and the magazines–sorry I’m really pissed off–just need to vent and come back to my senses!!!! grrrrrr!!!!!

rockstar73: What on earth are you talking about??? A new version of “Stupid” will be featured in the movie... that’s all it ever was! There *IS* no soundtrack, it’s an independent film! No soundtrack means no single... so what? It’s no big deal. This is exposure that Per and Marie are getting by virtue of the fact they are friends with Akerlund... it’s free, and many people who would never dream of seeking out Roxette will be exposed to them, even in the US. Sounds pretty good to me...

Yes. It’s a new version with Marie’s vocals. I think we’ll get the song as a b-side or on the uptempo album next spring.

it may be that jonus had done some favours for roxette in the past, and so this is their way of returning a favour.

I can’t wait to hear the version!

YYYYYYIIIIPPPEEE!!! I cannot wait to hear this version too!! And yes, there will be fabulous exposure for Roxette.....maybe people will realise their undisputed talent and DEMAND a single!!!
To all the sceptics out there....never lose faith in the best Rock band ever!!! I have not and never will!!

VIVA R O X E T T E !!!!!!!!!!!

puh have u seen spun site? i think this Jonas is missing something in his brain, he’s sick! well just judge for some of the rox videos he’s done. This is an insult to art.


Maybe JONAS is sick, but that does not mean the music is! And no, I do not think I want to see the Spun site...all I want to hear and see is Roxette material........and


Some people consider Celine Dion as art...

As a Roxette fan I want to be able to hear “Stupid” on a cd or cassette. I’m not going to pay $8.50 for the movie just to hear this song. I’ve been able to get most of their songs but again, like before with the last Julia Roberts flick, Roxette gets the boot and their sinlge isn’t even put on that soundtrack. Independant films have in the past had soundtracks, especially if its a successful flick. All I’m asking which everyone else has been asking is make it easier for the fans to get their product–their music. Emi–for pete’s sake–take a dare for once and go with a band thats made you millions of bucks!!?! When is Spun coming out? This summer?
Oh, by-the-way, off the normal subject–has anyone seen the new Star Wars flick and what did you think?

i think the new star wars film is really great..its not as good as empires strike back, but damn hayden christensen is sexy...and the story is damn amazing

I guess im “outing” myself for the Daily Roxette but , yes Hayden is hot. Those “looks” he gives in the film are just–hot!! :oP”“”“
Anyways, it hada better story line than phantom m and the fight scene at the end(even know it’s against an old guy)is incredible. You know the next movie is going to be the bomb! I thing Padama(queen of naboo) is going to have the kids but for some odd reason i think she’s going to die in the next movie. my feeling is Obi won is going to be involved somehow. and dont be surprised if samuel jacksons character isnt killed by bobba fett–that kids pissed!!! grrrr
;o) to all the fellow homos–peace

AAAAH...until now, Hayden was reserved for us in Canada, but looks like this is about to change :(
For everyone who likes him, watch Life is a house!

SPUN looks cool, don’t think Akerlund has a defective brain, we just have to be open for different visions of life...

How was Life Is A House? Is that a good movie and Hayden is in it? Let me know–thanks

Life is a house, is on video/dvd since a couple of weeks. It’s an incredible drama, one of the best movies I’ve seen this year (and god knows, I watch a lot). Kevin Kline and Mrs Scott Thomas are playing in it, besides Hayden Christensen...who is so damn hot in that movie!!!

Lets hope Hayden sticks around for a while(not like River Phoenix, what a shame) I will try and rent Life is a House at blockbuster or hollywood video. I really would like to see it or should i say hayden :oP”“”

Well I rented it. Went to blockbuster after my last comment in here and they had 4 copies. All I can say is wow... That movie was great! It was funny,sad, depressing and up lifting all in one. And for once I really liked the ending. WHo ever rents this movie you better have access to a tissue box. I’m not one to cry in movies but this was sad. Youll understand if you’ve ever been divorced, a troubled teen and in love w/ a slight triangle. And to be in love–growing up as a kid and “feeling weird”
Please guys get a chance and rent this movie–terrific

rockstar: how did you like Hayden?

SF–I thought Hayden was terrific as an actor(you could see similarities of anakin in his acting) and yes, very hot in that movie. It was so sad though. It makes you realize what you had and what you can still have–it’s so true, Life As A House does bring people together. maybe one day when my father decideds to build his deck i’ll make sure to help him–what a great time to get to know someone who you feel you dont know–even after 28yrs of your own life.
ps–yes, hayden is hot and rules!

Can only agree. I love the story. How different to the regular US Productions. I think most people can relate ot the movie in different ways. I love the way Hayden is expressing his anger...he’s playing terrific..not to forget the rest of the cast!

Kevin Kline is a remarkable actor too, but, like you stated earlier, everyone in the film was great. The more I think about the movie the more I think in some ways it was as good as American Beauty–it had that same feel to it. what do you think?

I am a huge fan of Mickey Rourke and after reading the cool comments about Akerlund. I really want to seepun this new movie Spun. If anyone has any info on how I can view the work please let me know.

[email protected]

HALLO?! This is like at the first site i se that roxette has anything to do with the movie called Spun! Like they had something to do with it... but nothing about the one that wrote the music - Billy Corgan. He, himself, is like ten times bigger than roxette... Well, shit the same, you´ll notice when you visit a real movie site!
I´m off!


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