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“Nox” video world premiere

Written by tevensso on February 7, 2003 to .

STOCKHOLM (UPDATED) - The video for “Opportunity Nox” will be premiered exclusively online by the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet February 7th. It will be directed by Kristoffer Diös, under close surveillance by Jonas Åkerlund. “Per Gessle, Marie Fredriksson and I have a close relationship. This is the way I prefer to work, to return to the same artists over and over again,” Jonas says to Aftonbladet.

NOTE: Video is online now, follow the link below to watch it.


Any chance that a CD including the video to be realease soon?

Yes, why a video is not included on the single?
Like they did with A THING ABOUT YOU.

@ storm

Exclusive | By Lars-Erik_Olson on 1/29/2003 18:46 | EMI Capitol Sweden

The music video for “Opportunity Nox” is – as of today – still in production, and therefore not available to have been included on the maxi-single.

woohoo! cant wait! :D

save the video for a second single so everyone will buy it that mighht be the idea ;)

Is it just me that can’t find any mentioning about this on Aftonbladets webpage?
So I wonder where this info comes from?? Not that I doubt it... I just like to know.


woohoo! here we go again!

Source: | d&d Management | EMI Capitol

GR8, GR8, GR8, GR8!!!!
does anyone know if TV4 will run worlds premiere as well? Nyhetsmorgon eller nåt?

@tevensso: Great job! Thanx for keeping us updated with the latest news in the Rox world :)

Hope Marie could be in it :), It would be great to see her again
Fernanda - Brazil

Great, a new director: Kristoffer Diös! I hope he gives Akerlunds video-concept a fresh expression!

less than 24hrs to go!

yeah! i wonder how severe net congestion we can éxpect tomorrow:))


Yeah..Aftonbladet...please build up a really good and fast working webline...around coffeetime..aha...I prefer capuccino...;D ooooh..I love waiting for something like that....

Swedes coffee around 2, 3PM. :)

@ Anonumous:
Well... I suppose normal “coffeetime” here in sweden are somewhere between 14:00 - 15:00. I guess it depends on what you are doing at the moment...


Uebaaa!!! It will be at Lunch time here in Brazil. I can’t wait to see it :)) I’m sooo happy!!!
Fernanda - São Paulo

Do we have to wait until tomorrow (Saturday)???

I don’t think we have to wait till tomorrow, since this article was posted yesterday.

Kristoffer Diös apparently works for Åkerlund, like the guy who did “Real Sugar”.

Real Sugar was great... hope it will be as imaginative as that one :)

Isn’t today Friday?? When comes the video? :(

Finally something very very very original!!!!! I love the cartoons :D I love it M&P, it’s a very nice video!!!! ;)

Again dark, but with psychedelic colors in the cartoons :p

It’s what I imagined of the song in the end... at night driving and the song pumping in the car stereo!!!! :p

it is very very good!

This one is REALLY original, althought it reminds me of gorillaz...
This video is really WICKED!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow!!! I didn’t expect this. This Video is absolutley great.

Well it’s different!!!!!


This is the most brilliant video they have EVER made!!

It looks like Gotham City, doesn’t it? :)

And what’s more: Marie’s in it! ;)

well i will say this its different and inventive but I am not really that thrilled with it YAWN

I like it very much! Best solution in the momentary situation! Nice idea!

love it, its a very cool video

I so much did NOT want it to be animated. So for me the video is nothing I like :( I know that form was to be expected under the circumstances, but still, I am disappointed.

OMG this is one of their best videos ever. Already a classic. Never believed that Roxette would do an animated video.5 +++++

i wanted a cool rock video with oper in a club with hot sweaty girls instead i got a friggin sequel to the pokemon movies ..yeah you’re right i am not satisfied!

Yeah, it’s a fun bouncy up-tempo video for the driving song (and at least there’s no singing ducks!)... Rich

the coulda done animated singing sea gulls :)~

I can’t see the video. There’s something wrong with it or it’s my computer??? The sound and image are strange :(.

I don’t Get it

VERY cool stuff... :)

Now I really hope there´s going to be a remix CDS with the video on it...
In fact they could easily include it on the Bonus EP, but I guess they won´t.


I cannot get it either!!!!

help somebody please!!!

strange video

I must say that I truly do not like this video... It’s too Anime-inspired, which I hate. Too bad. A steamy club would’ve been much cooler in my opinion. :<

The worst video i have seen!!!!!!

Has anyone seen it yet????
I tried and I saw about 10 seconds... then I got an error... I’ll try again after restarting my PC... it’s a cartoon by the way....

Sorry... I noticed I post the above a bit late....

@ Gesslan

I suspect you don’t switch on your telly very often then...

Again - it is FANTASTIC!

I like it! A cartoon! Its turned out great! Per and Marie look cool :)



i would prefer a new single wirth the video on it

I Agree with you Gesslan. It’s not the worst I’ve seen, but It’s not a great one for sure. I want to see per and marie for real singing the song. Not stupid cartoons...

I wanted a video like SDLHA... THIS Is a video.

The song is still great !

Like Salvation... Great Song, Bad Video...

i like it, fast and very very funny, and for heavens sake its fun, it not a meaning full song. abit of fun.

ok... maybe it was the best they can do, but it doesn’t mean it’s great. I will not like the video because Marie is sick... I don’t like the video... that’s all!!

I’m sure they could do better than that. The video looks like the pokemon!! Where is Pikachu????

This is really cool!!!

Normally I’m not into animés but this is defintely a great way to express the vibe of the song. The characters fit M & P very good. They couldn’t do a real filmed video with Marie but rescued the situation in a fantastic way!

I’m sure this will get much more airplay than the usual rox-videos!

ROFL ROFL....hahahahahahaha...heheehe..sorry...I have spasms of laughter..WHAT A GREAT IDEAA!

Couldn’t see much on this little real player screen..but what I saw looked very very funny...!
*cRiZSTILLamused* time I hope Marie is healthy and feeling fantastic again...Wanna see her again..but for this time: Nice choice....

i hate pokemon, but

I LIKE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

what a cool idea! i’ve been reflecting all the time whether the vid was made without marie or anything like this, but i didn’t get the idea of an animated...
gosh, will they never get out of ideas?
good job!

I’m not complaining... It’s a forum where we can share what we think on the subject in the article. I respect the poeple who likes the video, so respect those who doesn’t.

I like it and it’s certainly different. Can’t wait to see it on TV!

Awesome video!!
The combination of sound and vision adds even more power to the song.. excellent!!

@RoxQC : I share your desire, but let’s be realistic.. Marie is in no shape to perform in a video.. we have to settle for this. And be honest.. sure you’ve seen A LOT worse than this .. ;-))Actually I already love it after seen it only once.. never happened before

*seen it*

i hope it’ll be the last....from that director


at least it’ll be fab with the kitsch on MTV and VIVA

(y’ wasnt it manga style? >:) )

Get AVI version here






*going completely crazy*

This song MUST be released with the video in the UK SOON!!! It will do so well!!!!

I cannot get enough of the song AND the video!!!!!


No, I don´t like the video. It´s definately not my taste. I love the song, but the video is really bad. That´s my opinion. Instead of taking animated cartoons while Per and Marie are driving through the night, they´d better used footage from the Room Service Tour (if there´s any film footage) to show people that it was a fantastic tour. We all understand that Marie (and maybe Per too) can´t do a over-produced video at the moment, but that´s no reason to release such a video which reminds of this Manga- or Pokemon-Stuff. The animation quality is like the one from the C-64 computer from the 80s. Anyway, I like the song.

Wow! I REALLY like the video! Is very original, different from what i’ve seen latelly. Reminds to Let love be your energy, from Robbie Williams

Amazing, refreshing! And odd.., and bizarre.., I like it...

It blows your mind, definitely... :D Nice hair cutting Per! xD

What a piece of crap !!! It’s the worst thing they’ve done since “Stars” !!!

The cartoon idea was great, but the video is VERY UGLY... there’s no story, the cartoons are ugly, that stupid monster made of P&M’s heads (ok, what the hell is that ?), that frog... oh please... it’s VERY awful, it do not fits to the song and it’s a shame !!!

Hated it VERY MUCH !!!! :(
ON is a WONDERFUL song, too bad that it got such a stupid video.
Someone should throw Akerlund and his “staff” into the ocean !!! :)
All the best


@ LoneGunman

How about throwing all that conservatism instead?

@ Animalkingdom - It’s not a matter of conservatism (I love the idea of an animated video), it’s a matter of good taste... if you like a video with stupid and ugly cartoons flying around, with a monster made of P&M’s heads, with a FROG on the moon... well, I can’t help you.

All the best

hmmm at first I thoght it was a Gorillaz Video.

It will not be my favorit roxette video that is for shure.

Relly Im just happy that roxette have a new song that puts a smile on my face. this ON is Awasam song.


I loved the video!!! Thankyou Marie and Per!!!! It’s very creative.
I really liked this cartoons :))
Fernanda - São Paulo

It reminds me a bit of the videosequences of “Animalympics” ( Dschungelolympiade ). Anybody seen this movie?
The Headmonster btw is from the nightmare part from Disney‘s “Dumbo”( the violet elephants, do you remember?) oppinion, (i forgot) I like it!

WHAT A GREAT VIDEO. I think Roxette has the chance to make a HUGE hit with this. Congrats Per and Marie. What a great idea. I absolutely love it

It’s a pretty cool video. Reminds me of Canadian “cartoon” band Prozzäk.

Only part I didn’t like was that P and M monster. o_O

Past that it was pretty cool!
Would have liked to at least seen a 2 sec clip with P and M actually in it... But, it’s understandable why that didn’t happen!

MTV would love this for sure.

I think it’s one of the BEST Roxette videos ever.
It must be a hit!
it’s unbelievable!!!
Per&Marie you are the best!

Yeah, I didn’t like that part either... that monster is........ ....

But the rest of the video is good :)

I like it.
At least they are innovating. They’ve never done a music video with animation.


EXCELLENT song & video! Cant´t wait to buy the album.

It’s not a bad video it just doesn’t make a lot of sense at times. What does the monster and frog have to do with opportunity knocking?

It’s still a fun video.

waiting through school just to see this! What a letdown, im all for the animation, but the least they could have done is to have Per actually singing the song and not bouncing around. Very weird.

great video!

It’s like U2’s Hold me thrill me kiss me kill me - a great song too!

i have to say i love this song. it may not be their best, but its got the energy of the old days, and it really roxette. love the video too... bit weird at first, but it suits the song...

I agree with DavidRox - It is a FUN video.

Only seen it on small screen, but it looked quite impressive and so very different. With the catchy song as well - it should certainly be a hit over most of Europe on it’s release.

Can’t wait till I can get a better quality download.

Overall TWO THUMBS UP from me.

Hey Anonymous what a great idea.

An animated Per painting a wall would be so awesome!!!!!!!

Just kidding.

I think that the very different style has caught a lot of people out here. Maybe that is why there are so many negative comments.

I certainly wasn’t expecting this, but it does suit the song. No hidden meanings or story in this one guys. Just a but of fun for a very fun song. Just enjoy it.

i am still yawning

Well, at least they made us discuss this topic over PAGES! (also in the german roxetteforum).

So they make the people talk about it!
That means a lot and shows us that the video cannot be as bad as some of you think. It will have a big effect on the worldwide music television channels. (-:

funny, bizzare, fresh,cool, great, what can I say? I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!

- I don’t like it.

- Very un-roxette-ish

- Doesn’t make any sense

I like it, at least something new, unusual & funny;)

hmmm what can i say - very strange! but i suppose it fits to songq quite well.

Can’t wait to see it on a big screen!!

@Pascal: I am glad it’s not Roxette-ish!
What did you expect? Another video with a BED and Marie on it?



Geezus people, get over yourselves.

PS - Learn the diffeerence between YOUR and YOU’RE. It’s important in English.

cmon, Roxer from is far better than that attempt of drawing Per... at least is more bright and colouful! :P

What’s up with the video! It’s not even related to the lyrics!

mmm do you have media player? You may need the latest DivX codecs.. you can get them at

Then select the 1st option (the 2nd - that’s already pre-selected - would install Gator - spyproggie- in your pc). Download..and then when installing, you just need to instal the codec ...and it should work :)

Okay....for all those saying this video makes no sense (including myself when I first watched it). Let’s figure this video out.

My is two (perhaps lonely) video game characters (Per/Marie) that meet up in a video game world. The opportunity knocking is the boy meeting the girl to have some fun. Not necessarily that kind of fun but just someone to hang out with.

The rest of the video seems to combine different video game ideas.

The Per/Marie monster = Pacman
The frog on the moon = Frogger
The space ship = Space Invaders
The part where they are zooming through the maze or pipes is like Tron.
The 777’s and $’s is like the gambling video games on the internet now.

Get the picture......if that is what the director was really going for then this is brilliant. If not, then at least I can say the video drummed up my imagination.

What do you all think?
Be nice!

@DavidRox: Kinda makes sense... yeah... :)

Wow, it really nox you off your feet. In my opinion it’s time for a new style in their videos. Not that I didn’t like the old Akerlund videos but they were getting a bit boring over the years. I think the animation stuff is real fun...and c’mon that’s what Roxette is all about :o)

Have fun & ROX on !!!

The video is just GRRRREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :o))))) I love it! I really do! :o)

ok, some of us love it, some like it and some dislike it... does it really matter as long as we will make reach NO 1???

I don´t like it! It´s the worst Roxette Video that I ever saw!

I don’t know what some people’re goin’ on about. The new vid’s different, fine! But it’s not that bad, is it?
I must say that I loved DavidRox’s vison of the whole thing. If Åkerlund & co. had ANY meaning to the clip.. this should’ve been it! Kudos!
Think of it this way... it may be the best thing they could’ve done right now.
Who watches MTV and other music networks the most? Probably not the people who go to their jobs all day long (I know this, because I’m one of ’em), but the younger viewers who also do most of the CD purchases. They’ll be more likely to remember this video because it stands out more than yet another Per ’n’ Marie vid (IMHO).
I, myself, think that Roxette deserve to have a hit single right now, since the last time ANYTHING happened over here in the Netherlands was with “Wish I could fly”and that wasn’t even anything major.

PP... vid gets better every time I see it!

@L00kSharp: yeah man, that´s the kind of answer this kook deserves, he and the rest of the ROX-ignoring world!

You´re my friend, now and forever; we are brothers in mind!

Indeed, if someone dislikes anything of roxette, its just a failure of his own - THERE IS NOTHING AND THERE WILL NEVER EVER BE ANYTHING BAD ABOUT ROXETTE !

Today Sweden,
Tomorrow the world!


Has anyone noticed this may have been a cartoon from a previous unreleased single? I saw the world trade centres in it, about 1.20 mins into it? Looks
like they are going around the world!, Vegas, new York, Egypt, then in space!! Maybe
its old and just redone for this? Is this a stupid thought?

Since when does a video have to make sense and follow the lyrics??
I think the video is innovative and funny and cool. ALtho the three (two??) headed monster was weird :))
great song...(i have only just heard it for teh first time)...
This vid is a helluva lot better than some of the crap showing on MTV these days dont you think?

my god, why are people taking this so seriously? its a great song, and an offbeat video. just because its different doesnt make it bad. and why should their have to be some hidden meaning or something? its just a fun video for a fun song.

congratulations roxette for comming up with something really great, different, and energetic for the new album :)

roxette is the best group in the world.........

I would like to see a Roxette cartoon movie!

Sorry Per & Marie......The video looks cheap.....definitely NOT one of your best songs or videos.

Ohhh, I just worked out what it reminds me of!! Its like the bit in Dumbo… I forget what happens, but the bit with all the elephants and stuff… :S

btw:I like it and its different which hopefully will get them recognition in the uk

Gessle for god, L00kSharp!

You’re amazing!

the Video is that I’ve expected! Really Great, funny, fresh & still roxettish!!!


WOW the song is beautiful and so perfectly Roxette!!! The video is a good idea...Hope to see soon Real Marie and Real Per...
Bye to all Rox addicted!!!

We have watched them enough, it’s good that they don’t appear in some video :p I like it more than yesterday :D

Why people like to say: For Roxette fans it was not good?
I’m a Roxette fan and I love it.
Its’ so simple... if you didn’t like it don’t watch. But don’t come here and say that Roxette fans didn’t like. It’s your opinion and not mine.
I loved this video. It’s really very good!!!
Thanks Marie and Per!
Fernanda - Brazil

When I saw the video for the first time, I didn’t like it at all.

But now, I really like it. And I think it’s even better when you see it on TV.

Good luck Roxette!

I love this video!
And I love, that this video exists!!! :-)))

i can‘t really believe what my eyes have seen...
you may like it,but it disapointed me.i liked it in anyways,but i felt like there was something missing...i felt it empty with no may think i am agressive,but it could have been better.
i don‘t mean that the idea of a video made by computer was horrible,i just think that it is not their style...the song is great i think it could be a big hit.
it would have been a perfect video for daft punk or blur or moby,but not them.i just ask one question:
what happened? marie was not ready to make a video yet?i hope that‘s the reason,if not,i don‘t
know where this long way to disasterland is going to end...

I love this song! It´s a cool fresh song!

By the way!!!!!!

Opportunity Nox is on position “1” (SWR 3-Charts,!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The song is so amazingly catchy isn’t it!!!
There is a really good feel to this song which i have not felt since C.B.B. although previous albums have had some good stuff, wicf, 727, mtah.
But this track is fantastic. The video, which i have read, has been recieved with mixed reviews, but if we are all honest....... it is very up to date. It is so clever and looks really good. Its nice to see originality in a band thats been going for so long. ok, so the gorrilaz video comes to mind but hey, im not interested in them and besides they have only been around for 5 minutes. This song, by rights, should do very well here in the uk.

I LOVE ROXETTE SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why on earth do you say its ugly????? I’m not just saying its great because im a fan. What type of video would you have preferred then??? bearing in mind that they have done almost every sort. Lets hear this amazing video of yours..........
(no offense)

well i dont know what u r trying to do really or if u said that ironicly.
i havent seen the movie yet because i am travelling all the time , but the song is great !!!!

It deletes per careless mistake...

Some of WEB search engines lend me here.
“NOX” video was so cool and nice!
As a Japanese, the video dealing with a computer game was seen very interestingly.
I thought anew that wonderful music was common to the world,Although it does not know how much differences in culture there are in Japan and Sweden.



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