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“Per Gessle - Kung av Tylösand”

Written by tevensso on July 31, 2010 to .

HALMSTAD - Between June 16 and August 13 there is a small, but nice, exhibition about Per Gessle, Gyllene Tider and Roxette at Söndrum's public library. It's photographer Dan Karlsson who shows and sells photos of concerts in Halmstad.
The library is situated next to ICA in Söndrum centrum, on the way out to Tylösand.

Rox continues to appear on Oz TV

Written by Roxwriter on July 16, 2010 to .

Following Wednesday night's appearance of "It Must Have Been Love" on Australia's national countdown clip show "20 to 1" Australian cable (Foxtel) channel MusicMAX aired a 33 minute "Best of: Roxette" special on Thursday 15th July at 10.30 pm (AEST).

The songs played were as follows:

- "Joyride"
- "The Look"
- "Dressed for Success"
- "It Must Have Been Love"
- "Listen To Your Heart"
- "Milk and Toast and Honey"

Basically these are the only Roxette videos they have in their archive. They are missing the obvious hits and this reporter urges all Aussie Roxette fans to mail MusicMax and ask them for "Dangerous", "Fading Like a Flower", "How Do You Do!", "Sleeping in My Car", "The Big L", "Spending My Time", "Wish I Could Fly", "Run To You", "Crash Boom Bang" and "Almost Unreal".

Jophesine77 contributed to this article.

Important info regarding Roxette tickets!

Written by tevensso on July 13, 2010 to and . Source: Live Nation.

(Updated) - WARNING!

LiveNation warns ticket buyers to not use unauthorized sellers!

After the Roxette concert August 14 was moved to Halmstad, are no longer authorized to sell tickets to the concert. However, LiveNation has found out that still sells tickets to the concert - they will not be valid.

Tickets bought from after July 9 are not valid for the concert. Tickets bought before July 9 are valid.

Three-day race tickets are not valid.

Per Gessle himself stresses that you should get your tickets via Ticnet.

Concert moved - again

Written by tevensso on July 13, 2010 to and . Source: Live Nation.

HALMSTAD - This morning an additional 3000 tickets to the Roxette concert in Halmstad were released - and sold out in 24 minutes! The Roxette concert is therefore moved from Brottet to Marknadsplatsen in Halmstad and more tickets are already up for sale.

Tickets can be bought at LiveNation and Ticnet and are 500 SEK plus a service fee. NB! All concert tickets previously sold are valid, while race tickets are not.

No one seems to know where this fabled Marknadsplatsen (market place) is located at though, not even the Halmstadians.

Roxette to play in Halmstad on August 14

Written by roxeteer on July 13, 2010 to and . Source: d&d management.

(Updated) - As a replacement for the canceled Anderstorp concert, Roxette will play in its hometown Halmstad on August 14. Here is the press release we received from LiveNation:


Roxette’s concert on August 14 has been moved to Brottet in Halmstad. The reason for this is that the 3-day event "The Race Legends" in Anderstorp Raceway has been canceled due to financial problems of the organizers.

Since more than 9000 tickets had already been sold, Roxette has decided together with Live Nation, to move the concert to Brottet in Halmstad. The bought tickets are still valid for the concert and more will be released on July 13th.

"We were very surprised when we heard that the Anderstorp weekend had been canceled since the ticket sales had been so good. We know that many fans from around the world had bought tickets and in order not to disappoint them, we will play in Brottet in Halmstad and we will offer a fireworks of hits in the Halland summer grass," say Marie and Per.

Tickets for the concert at Brottet in Halmstad will cost 500 SEK plus service fee and will be sold via, Ticnet 077-170 70 70. They will go on sale July 13, 09:00 CET.

ONLY concert tickets bought for the concert in Anderstorp will be valid for the concert in Halmstad, NOT race tickets, and additional tickets will ONLY be sold via Ticnet, NOT

Questions regarding tickets are directed to [email protected]

Update: The concert has been moved to Marknadsplatsen.

New lifestyle magazine

Written by tevensso on July 13, 2010 to and .

HALMSTAD - For you who are visiting Halmstad this summer, be sure to pick up a copy of the brand new (and free)  lifestyle magazine called Tylösand Magazine. The magazine is published by Ormsmarck Media Group in Halmstad and Joakim Ormsmarck says to TDR "I've always felt there was something missing in Tylösand, but after having a picnic at Tylösand with my wife, some wine, cheese and crackers we both realized that Tylösand doesn't have its own magazine!" Said and done, they created this magazine for all the thousands of guests and visitors that pass thru Halmstad and Tylösand every summer. (And also for the 50 people who visit Tylösand in the winter.)

The premiere copy has, among several interesting articles, also an interesting interview about art with Per Gessle, Lasse Nordin and Nette Johansson - the Tres Hombres - the art gallery at Hotell Tylösand.

More Rox in Oz

Written by Mr_Sandman on July 13, 2010 to .

Roxette have made it on to other Australian Television Show called 20 to 1 in the Episode "Break Up Songs", which will air on channel 9 at 21:30. "It Must Have Been Love" is in the top 20 of this episode.

Anderstorp canceled

Written by tevensso on July 8, 2010 to and . Source: SR.

(Updated) - According to SR (Swedish Radio) The Race Legends at Anderstorp Raceway has been canceled due to too few tickets sold and debts totalling over 3 million SEK. (300000 €). Local businesses have been encouraged to buy tickets to support the whole happening, but apparently that hasn't worked out as planned. This means of course that the Roxette concert August 14 is canceled as well. Urban Stamming, CEO of The Race Legends, points to a press statement that will be published "tomorrow".

So far there's no information regarding ticket returns, but The Daily Roxette suggests you talk to whoever sold you the tickets.

Update: Now The Race Legends homepage says the race isn't canceled, but moved to next year. No tickets are refunded. The Daily Roxette highly doubts this goes for Roxette.

Update 2: is still selling tickets to the gig since "it still hasn't been officially canceled." also points to the statement that will be released tomorrow.

Update 3: "We need to have all relevant information before making a statement so if everybody could please just have some patience while we figure things out," comments Marie Dimberg, d&d management, manager of Roxette.

Roxgal contributed to this article.


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