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“Per Gessle - Kung av Tylösand”

Written by tevensso on July 31, 2010 to .

HALMSTAD - Between June 16 and August 13 there is a small, but nice, exhibition about Per Gessle, Gyllene Tider and Roxette at Söndrum's public library. It's photographer Dan Karlsson who shows and sells photos of concerts in Halmstad.
The library is situated next to ICA in Söndrum centrum, on the way out to Tylösand.


They end it one day before the concert? Can’t be serious, expand it a little!

im sure the exhibition leased spaqce befor the concert was relocated. that being said i really hope the concert goes well enough they conside a few dates in the states? so say we all

marie was at tylösand on 28 july while sanne salomonsen was performing there!

Judging from the latest Snowfish entries, Roxette are rehearsing in Tylösand.

So the exhibition can still be visited on the 13th? That’s my day of arrival so I might have chance to go and see it.

So it seems.

Open hours ?

cos we will be there on 13 august but in the late afternoon.

I think they close at 5, not sure though. It’s a public library.


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