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Anderstorp canceled

Written by tevensso on July 8, 2010 to and . Source: SR.

(Updated) - According to SR (Swedish Radio) The Race Legends at Anderstorp Raceway has been canceled due to too few tickets sold and debts totalling over 3 million SEK. (300000 €). Local businesses have been encouraged to buy tickets to support the whole happening, but apparently that hasn't worked out as planned. This means of course that the Roxette concert August 14 is canceled as well. Urban Stamming, CEO of The Race Legends, points to a press statement that will be published "tomorrow".

So far there's no information regarding ticket returns, but The Daily Roxette suggests you talk to whoever sold you the tickets.

Update: Now The Race Legends homepage says the race isn't canceled, but moved to next year. No tickets are refunded. The Daily Roxette highly doubts this goes for Roxette.

Update 2: is still selling tickets to the gig since "it still hasn't been officially canceled." also points to the statement that will be released tomorrow.

Update 3: "We need to have all relevant information before making a statement so if everybody could please just have some patience while we figure things out," comments Marie Dimberg, d&d management, manager of Roxette.

Roxgal contributed to this article.


I hope this is just a bad joke!

please tell me this is a joke... I’ve spent a fortune to come from Australia for this.

That is a joke or?

Cool. So I booked a flight, a hotel and a car for nothing.

This is more than not-so-funny!
Wonder also about “no tickets are refunded”. Could not really happen in Sweden.

Is there any official statement from D&D managment?

I was going to spend 10 days in Sweden to go to this concert.
I’m from Spain. A lot of money LOST!!!!

Hope the concert will not be cancelled.

Do what you want, but harm no one!!!!

We’re talking to d&d at the moment.

Sorry, what is D&D management?

Do what you want, but harm no one!!!!

d&d management is Marie Dimberg’s office - she’s Marie and Per’s manager.

And what’s the official comment from d&d?

Let’s wait and see what happends. I hope they can find the way to play somewhere else, i wouldn’t mind to pay a new ticket for another concert taking place the 14 of august in any other place in sweden.

I really HOPE the will only move the place for the concert. A whole CANCEL would suck so much!!!!

”...No tickets are refunded. Race isn’t canceled, but moved to next year...”
Great resolution. :D
Let’s wait for MD response.


so do I need to call a lawyer now?? Wuaaaahhh!! This whole organisation was rubbish right from the beginning!!! If they don’t take the tix back they have to refund at least the accommodations.....I hope to get more detailes info soon. Thanx to TDR so far!

but this means that people are not interested in Roxette and other artists who were to play August 14th? or low ticket sales also depend on another?

I have an only concert ticket they have to refund this .....

Goteborg or Halmstad gig in the same day would be perfect:-)

To be honest: I don’t believe that it’s the fault of the less ticket sells....Race Legends is obviously just not ablet to organize such a big event.

Roxette can still do the concert on the same date and place or Per can move it to some place in Halmstad.

They ust do somethig like this cos we already paid for flight tickets ,car and hotel.

I agree Emil!
We all paid much money,because we want see Roxette!
So I hope they will can do something!

Örjans vall? But I think it’s to late to change the location.

From the Race Legend webpage...


We have asked the band if they can play in May 2011 at the postponed event, but it is to early for them to give an answer as they have not set their schedule for 2011 yet. As soon as we know we will announce this on our website.

I want a concert on August 14!!

Me too!!

Race legens is bankrupt I would guess!!!

that is the only concert i can go to, i hope for an other location, maybe Halmstad...

This is really, really, too bad. No way I was going to be there, but I feel for everyone involved.

Next year will be useless to me, so hopefully something can be sorted out.... Getting out there this year is costing me $2,600 for the flight from Australia alone, so getting back again in May is just not financially possible for me. I had to miss other events in Europe that I was very keen to see to attend this... This will be the biggest disappointment of my life as it was pretty much my last chance to see them live.

Hey you all! I’m sure many of you have some kind of like travel insurance? So at least you get your fly ticket money back, right?

Because race legends canceled?I think this is not a vis major,so travel insurance NOT PAY!!

I phoned yesterday to the travel agency, and even if i cancel the flight i wont get all my money back, as i have to pay all the airport taxes, witch in my case are almost the 80% of the price.

I very much doubt insurance would cover you for this.

At any rate it is not so much the cost of this trip, as I had decided to make a proper 2 month holiday out of it given that the flight time from Melbourne to Europe is about 22 hours and there is no way I’m canceling that now as I stand to lose several thousand dollars in deposits etc.

It’s more that, if anything were to be rescheduled, I would have to spend several thousand more dollars just to make use of my ticket, and considering I have already spent close to $10,000 on this trip prior to my departure in 2 weeks time, it is unlikely I’m going to have much cash left to return anytime inside the next 2 years.

I have several dreams in life. Near the top of that list and probably for me the hardest to achieve was to see Roxette play live... I have the ticket in my hand that was supposed fulfill that dream, and to have that taken away from me when I could taste it is just horrible and a very bitter pill for me to swallow.

First of all I don’t think that 15000 sold ticket means, that people are not interested in seeing Roxette. 15000 people ARE interested at least!
But this event is not only about the band and let’s be honest, non-fans are not really aware of the circus.

Anyway, before start crying, I would wait what Marie Dimberg & Co figure out. I still have the trust in them, that they think of us, fans, especially those who would arrive from different part of the world and spent a fortune on organizing the trip.

I hope to see many of you this Summer in front of the scene ;)

I suggest that you all try to reschedule your tickets (if possible) so you can go and se them in Sundsvall instead.

Oh no, my heart just missed two or three beats...
What a shock! Can’t believe what I am reading!
I indeed planned a whole trip too. Dying for an update from Marie Dimberg..

So what does your travel insurance pay? If it pays many back cos you are sick, so just pretend to be sick. Or tell the doctor that you can’t fly because you have just lost your releative or something like that, the doctor prefers not to fly and you get your money back. It works, trust me :)

Nobody needs the races, everybody wants Roxette. Change location, sell even more show tickets, everybody’s happy. Simple logic.
Gyllene Tider forever!

They know (Race Legends) that 50-70% of their sold tickets are from Roxette’s fans. So if there is a ticket refund.....they lose about 10000 sold tickets.

Do what you want, but harm no one!!!!

Roxette will play in Halmstad on August 14th :-)

let’s pray for that!

It’s true. Check the front page! :)


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