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Concert moved - again

Written by tevensso on July 13, 2010 to and . Source: Live Nation.

HALMSTAD - This morning an additional 3000 tickets to the Roxette concert in Halmstad were released - and sold out in 24 minutes! The Roxette concert is therefore moved from Brottet to Marknadsplatsen in Halmstad and more tickets are already up for sale.

Tickets can be bought at LiveNation and Ticnet and are 500 SEK plus a service fee. NB! All concert tickets previously sold are valid, while race tickets are not.

No one seems to know where this fabled Marknadsplatsen (market place) is located at though, not even the Halmstadians.


Oh my gosh, what’s more to come? :)
I guess we can expect anything from now on, haha!
Well, as long as it’s not cancelled, I am happy.

This article describes the position of the venue and it is most likely here marked correctly

Don’t quote me, as I’m an Australian traveling over for the concert and have never been to Halmstad.

But from my brief searching, it looks like it is in the center of Halmstad

If you go into Google Earth, and zoom right in on the red dot the marks Halmstad, the dot is located in the square.

I just chucked a “market place Halmstad” into a search engine and got a bunch of tourism sites that listed a few things next to the square such a St Nicholas Church and some fountain that is in it called “The Rape of Europa”.

If somebody wants to check it out.... co-ordinates are: 56 degrees 40’26.03N 12 degress 51’26.10E


I also found the place mentioned in the posts above mine... It appears to be an industrial site of some kind judging by the big pile of dirt.

I read this at Hallandsposten, the stage will be placed behind Tullhuskammaren (Tropic center, for you who have been in Halmstad before). So thats the place, until they move it again..! ;)

As I remember the Tropic Center is near to the place you see at Roxetteblog.

Near the Halmstad Central Railways station?

At any rate of the 3 locations they are all in straight line more or less from where I have booked to stay... So I’ll just walk until I find people!!! lol

Seems like a boring place to play. Brottet is a lovely place with a nice view and lots of grass to sit on and have a few beers before the gig. But of course I’m happy about the ticket succes. I bought my ticets this morning, the tourist center (helsingborg) opened an hour early just because of the Roxette tickets. Lovely.

That means Örjans Vall isn’t “free” that day?

Örjans Vall should be free that weekend since Halmstad BK doesn’t play there that week. They maybe don’t wanna play at a venue with a capacity of 25 000+ if they “only” sell 15000 tickets. If they sell out Marknadsplatsen this week I’m sure they’ll move.

Well, that’s right. At the moment it’s “enough” for this marked place. ;) Let’s wait (and hope) how many of them will go on sale - again. And overall: Who needs a full ÖV?

is there any differences between this new ticket and the old Biljettnu ticket? will all be getting free standing ticket? or will there be ticket for standing much closer to the stage?

Good question.
I would really like to know.

@rezmad I know your over the other side of the world... but let me tell you, from your directions a whole bunch of 12,000 people will be partying in the middle of Halmstad square perhaps we’ll stick Per and Marie and the rest of the band in the fountain and we’ll party around them! Don’t worry we all laughed this morning when we heard it was to be in ’Marknadsplatsen’ because we had visions of a Roxette concert in the middle of Halmstad town centre - look at the front of the ’Church of your Heart CD, that’s the centre of Halmstad that your thinking of.... :p

Maybe they’ll get ÖV for free... after all it’s Roxette... :)

@faithar I think they are going to be a first come first through the gate ticket... unless something changes!

You’re probably right..

I want a DVD pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

There are also other teams which plays on Örjans Vall :)

True. Halmia are playing at ÖV on the 14:th. But I guess they can move their game to pretty much any soccer field in Halland. That should nit be a problem. I guess there won’t be close to 500 people watching that game. But you never know. Hopefully they move to Örjans.


Yeah I looked at that when I was sifting through stuff, wondering how they would organise it... lol Of course the only other guess we had at that time was a pile of dirt.... Turns out it’s a spot almost halfway in between the two, and more importantly within walking distance of where I’m staying.

Anyway I can’t wait to get over there. I board a 22 hour for London on the 26th of this month and then do a tour of Eastern Europe that ends on the 11th of Aug in Berlin, before getting to Gothenberg on the 12th, Halmstad on the 14th then a longish drive to Stockholm on the 15th.

@Roxerally Thanks for the reply.. there’s no information yet on what time the gate will open right?

@rezmad Seems like our plan is more or less the same. My friend and I will rent a car from Gothenburg and will drive all the way down to Halmstad in the morning of 14th August. Anybody wants to join us from Gothenburg let me know. We plan to visit Halmstad first before going to the concert in the evening and then drive to Stockholm on the 15th. It would be great if we can meet up and at least go to the concert together as my friend won’t be joining to the concert actually.

Anybody’s actually planning for a worldwide fans meet up in Halmstad to go together to the concert? That would seriously be totally awesome!

I’m thinking to make the same trip in the same days. August 10=Gothemburg, AUG12=Halmstad (meet with Spanish friends), AUG15=Stockholm by car from Halmstad (alone at the moment)
So if you want, we could talk about a meet and a Joyride!!!
Do what you want, but harm no one!!!!


Sounds like an idea...

I’ve already got a car booked from Gothenburg from the 14th to 15th, will drive to Halmstad, then make a run for Stockholm the next morning, likely to be stopping at Lindkoping on the way to visit the Air Force museum there and break up the drive.

I must say that this change in venue made life easier to find somewhere to stay.... At the rate I was going, my lodging for the night at Anderstorp was the title of a certain single off CBB.. lol

There is a pre-planned meet up happening in Leif’s at Hotel Tylösand on the evening of Friday 13th August for those who will be in Halmstad that evening, a few of us fans who have met before at previous concerts, anyone in Halmstad that evening is welcome to come along and join in! :)


... I’ve not done the Sleeping In My Car, but I’ve done the Sleeping in the bus shelter... and Sleeping in the train station in ’Falun’ in 2004 for Gyllene Tider, it was a last minute train trip there for me and friend and we couldn’t get a hotel, a certain pop group seemed to hog the only one we could find in the town near the venue!!!! :p

Does anyone have any idea who the support acts will be?

“Does anyone have any idea who the support acts will be?”

According to this site:
the support acts will be 2 bands called “Paintbox” and “Vikunja”. Both bands are from Halmstad.

According to the info on the above mentioned site, Paintbox have been touring a bit in Germany and France as supportact to David Rhodes (Peter Gabriel). Their first album was called Bright Red and Gold and was released in 2008. They are now currently working on their 2nd album which is planned to be released in november / december. The other band, Vikunja, was formed in 2006 and have done some festival gigs around Sweden, and have released a video to their song “Some People”. Their music is described as a blend between Abba and Nirvana.



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