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Roxette to play in Halmstad on August 14

Written by roxeteer on July 13, 2010 to and . Source: d&d management.

(Updated) - As a replacement for the canceled Anderstorp concert, Roxette will play in its hometown Halmstad on August 14. Here is the press release we received from LiveNation:


Roxette’s concert on August 14 has been moved to Brottet in Halmstad. The reason for this is that the 3-day event "The Race Legends" in Anderstorp Raceway has been canceled due to financial problems of the organizers.

Since more than 9000 tickets had already been sold, Roxette has decided together with Live Nation, to move the concert to Brottet in Halmstad. The bought tickets are still valid for the concert and more will be released on July 13th.

"We were very surprised when we heard that the Anderstorp weekend had been canceled since the ticket sales had been so good. We know that many fans from around the world had bought tickets and in order not to disappoint them, we will play in Brottet in Halmstad and we will offer a fireworks of hits in the Halland summer grass," say Marie and Per.

Tickets for the concert at Brottet in Halmstad will cost 500 SEK plus service fee and will be sold via, Ticnet 077-170 70 70. They will go on sale July 13, 09:00 CET.

ONLY concert tickets bought for the concert in Anderstorp will be valid for the concert in Halmstad, NOT race tickets, and additional tickets will ONLY be sold via Ticnet, NOT

Questions regarding tickets are directed to [email protected]

Update: The concert has been moved to Marknadsplatsen.


Yep, it’s true. Hope they will accept Anderstorp tix.

Glad for all the people travelling from all over the world can now see Rox!! Great work P&M!!

gäller det även oss som köpte biljetterna på race legends där konsertbiljetten skulle ingå??

we have sent the question to the management, we will post more information as soon as we have it
Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true

thats so great!!!! yeah! Thanks!!!

Thank youuuuuuuuuuu!!

I’m so happy!!! I love forever ROXETTE!!!

I think we’re all really happy now and I guess that all of us old Rox-fans knew that they would move the concert!! Thankyou very much!!

That is what I call a great solution to the problem we have faced. Rox on everybody!!

Gessle: Det spelar ingen roll vad som skrivs, bara bilden är bra :D

I bought the “Race” tickets for the whole event, which include the concert with Roxette. Is this Race-tickets valid for the concert in Halmstad??
Or is it just the concert tickets alone that is valid?

This is fantastic!

According to Swedish newsletter ALL 3-DAYS TICKETS from Anderstorp which included Roxette show ARE VALID! People who bought race tickets will be signed in on the list in front of the venue :)

According to Urban Stamming on Race Legends, is it NOT decided yet if the Race tickets will be valid for the concert in Halmstad.
Decisions shall be taken at the beginning of next week.

Perfect solution for all the Rox fans! Actually this looks better than the original plans. Wish I could go there. Thank you, Roxette & management, you’re great! :D

You are crazy!! You are the best! You rock! I kiss you!
And now it would be also top and great if these Race tickets would be valid please!!!! They have been so damned expensive!!!!!!!

perfect solution

Great solution, now I want to go to the concert to.

According to what David-78 wrote above, this is really strange! I called Urban Stamming late in the afternoon today and he said that the combinated tickets for both race and consert WOULD BE valid too, it should be no problem he promised.. So what is right or wrong?! The same person, two answers... Does we have to wait until next week before they have a “real” answer, and than perhaps pay even more money for a new ticket? Would be nice if D&D could let us know the real truth, thanx!

really strange, yes!! I called Urban at 3 PM today and he said to me that they will decide next week, if the Race tickets will be valid for Halmstad or not.
haha... same confusion as always with this event!!

Seriously great solution! I’m from Malaysia. I’ve bought everything from the plane tickets, train pass and more for my Europe trip and I started planning my Europe trip because of this concert. It would be great if it’s changed to Gothenburg since I bought my plane ticket to go there but never mind Halmstad is great enough. After all it’s Roxette’s hometown! :D I would like to know if everyone will get same free standing ticket like the one for The Race Legends? If not, how do I change my ticket to get the best place and as closest as possible to the stage? Thanks all!

Halleluja! :)

Tylösand Pre-Party the day after!!! It could be a great international meeting!!! See you there guys!!!

You are FANTASTIC, Marie and Per!! Thank you:-)) Could we get better news?? I think no!!!!

This is SO great!


what about the biljettnu tickets are they vaild too???
I havent seen anything about them
know anything Tev?

Thanks Roxette. We are proud for being your fans.
You will never walk alone!!!

Do what you want, but harm no one!!!!

The biljettnu concert tickets must of course be valid too, right? Biljettnu was the official (and originally the only) ticket partner for the concert tickets. When Anderstorp concert tickets are said to be valid for Halmstad, that must be the case for all Anderstorp concert tickets - no matter where they were bought.

Biljettnu by the way still has Roxette in Anderstorp on their front page but the link doesn’t work anymore.

ALL concert tickets sold are valid.

Awesome..... Just Awesome news....


The big question:

Is the “3 Days” Race Legend’s ticket considered as a “Concert Ticket”?

Do what you want, but harm no one!!!!

Best possible solution. Thank you Marie and Per.

A perfect, seriously great, best possible solution.

@Roxvet: As far as I’ve heard: no.

“ONLY concert tickets bought for the concert in Anderstorp will be valid for the concert in Halmstad, NOT race tickets, and additional tickets will ONLY be sold via Ticnet,NOT”

Just trying to seek some clarification here.

Does this mean my existing ticket from for the concert only is not valid for Halmstad and I will need to buy a new ticket?
Does this mean my existing ticket from for the concert only is valid for Halmstad and I can still use that ticket?

Existing tickets are OK, but new tickets from won’t be, so yes, your ticket is valid.

“ONLY concert tickets bought for the concert in Anderstorp will be valid for the concert in Halmstad, NOT race tickets, and additional tickets will ONLY be sold via Ticnet,NOT”


“ONLY concert tickets bought for the concert in Anderstorp will be valid for the concert in Halmstad, NOT race tickets, and additional tickets will ONLY be sold via Ticnet,NOT”

So.. is this the truth? Where does this info come from? I just called Urban Stamming again and now he had changed his answer since yesterday. Now he did not know if the combinated race and consert-ticket would be valid in Halmstad.. An answer of this should come up on their website in the begining of next week. But how is it possible to sell new tickets to Halmstad when they aren’t sure if they have 6 000 more already sold valid tickets?
Who can answer me NOW before Thusday when the new tickets are released? Must I have to buy a new ticket only because of that..? I think all ticket-sales on Thusday should be advanced until all information of this is 100 % sure and everybody have the same opinion about which tickets are valid?
If there is 9 000 tickets sold for the consert, how many of the rest 6 000 sold tickets are sold to people who wanted to see the race only? How many here on this forum have the combinated ticket for both race and consert? The reason why I bought this sort of ticket was just because it was released one week before the consert-tickets that should be released limited. Limited.. hmmm, 9 000 tickets are sold, so that was just a marketing-trick to sell more of the expensive tickets...

I hope it’s not only me who have this problem? 800 SEK for a ticket I can’t use, and then I have to pay 500 SEK more for a new ticket... that’s NOT funny...! Stop the ticket-release on Thusday and give an official statment for which tickets that are valid!! Anyone who think the same?
Hope someone had patience to read this! I just want this to be fair for us who have tickets, it’s not our problem that The Race Legends have economy-problems..

Cheers mate,

That’s what I thought I read it as. But better to be safe than sorry given the distance I’m travelling.
Can anybody beat 15,900km as the crow flies? (or Airbus A380 in my case)

I did the same thing as you did! I bought 4 tickets from race legends because they were released earlier... I gave 3 away as birthdaygifts and now it seems like I have to bit 4 new ones... expensive gifts I’ll say...
Never mind. Just as well to buy new tickets - it’s the concert that’s most important. I am just happy that there’ll be a concert!

This is an official statement. tickets already bought are valid, but from NOW ON tickets can only be bought via LiveNation and Ticnet.

Race tickets are NOT VALID according to information from LiveNation. I would not trust information coming from The Race Legends. They are not in charge of the Roxette concert.

I don’t think that’s so hard to understand?

Yes, IT IS hard to understand when you get different answers from everyone you ask! I have also talked to Live Nation, and they told me that ALL tickets are valid, even when I asked twice about this race-ticket, just to be sure. So that is a lie, or?

This is really, really BAD! We have already spent several thousand SEK on Race tickets and the concert with Roxette was INCLUDED in this price! Now we are forced to pay 1000 SEK to see Roxette in Halmstad! but we have already pay for the concert once in the Race-tickets!!!.
How do Live Nation think????

Ok. I’ve got two ’3 Days’ tickets for The Race Legends too. Firstly, this is not a big problem for me. I’m thinking to denounce ’ The Race Legends ’ for breach of dates and contents in his event, if I don’t get a ticket refund.

The big problem for me and all the nonSwedish people will be to get Brottet tickets in If you try to get Roxette’s Sundsvall concert tickets, you’ll see you can’t pay them because you need a Swedish Bank Account. It seems you can’t buy a ticket with a credit card. Have anyone bought Sundsvall tickets outside Sweden?

So I hope (I pray), Brottet tickets will be available for people outside Sweden.

Do what you want, but harm no one!!!!

Our information is from d&d management, that’s all I can say. I understand this is very upsetting, but all we can do is to relay the info we get. d&d says race tickets are not valid. If LiveNation says they are, then I’m at a loss.

Nobody seems to know what’s right in this case.. But now when Live Nation has written at their website that the race-tickets NOT are valid, then perhaps it is so. I’m very dissatisfied with The Race Legends and I’m definitely going to denounce them for this if I don’t get my tickets refund. I hope everyone who think like me will do the same, we can’t accept this!

sorry to repeat but just to be sure

“Existing tickets are OK, but new tickets from won’t be, so yes, your ticket is valid”
that means that my ticket bought in February from biljett nu are vaild??
but the ones who buys tickets during the next days from biljettnu- those tickets are not vaild.

@Mannen: I cannot find what you said: “Live Nation has written at their website that the race-tickets NOT are valid” ——-> where??????

@Ted: biljett nu will not sell any new tickets, that what is meant with that sentence. All biljett nu tickets are valid.

How can this all be so confusing? how the hell can the people from the race be so unprofessional? I think the same Mannen...

We, people from other countries, might not even be able to get a new ticket for the Halmstad gig, because at least for the Sundsvall concert that is only possible with a Swedish bank account... and it will be the same sites selling the tickets: ticnet and livenation.

Anyone can tell in advance if they will make the Halmstad tickets available for people outside of Sweden?

Update: sorry, it is possible to pay with credit card if you choose to pick up at a TicnetOmbud instead of ATG!

I just read the news about the cancellation of The Legends Race.
I surely hope that the “race tickets” will be valid too because for a foreigner to buy a ticket from Ticnet is
almost as impossible as to get an appointment with the Swedish royalty.

Ticnet sucks big time and if it turns out that the “race tickets” are not valid and that Ticnet will not
accept credit cards from foreigners I think I will stay at home.

I kinda DON’T like it like that!

@ ktoto:



@Gabba, it should be possible to buy with credit card, you just have to switch the place of picking the tickets (default is ATG) to ticnet Ombud!!!

@David; tack, now I understand why I couldn’t find the info... the very same link but in English is missing those details!!!!

@roxvet @ktoto
We are from Germany and we bought tickets for Sundsvall !!!
I kept asking questions on the Ticnet-Website and they really did help me. Finally we paid by credit card (Visa). We bought the tickets six weeks ago, so I do not exactly remember how it worked. They do not accept email bookings. We had to book on the website, than had to choose delivery mode “Ticnet Outlet”. They do not send the tickets by mail, but they told me that they will hold them for us. I explained that we can only collect them (in one of their outlets), when we come to Sweden beginning of August and they replied this would be ok. I have an order confirmation with a booking number, the amount was debited to the account, so I think this will work.

@Per + Marie
We also have tickets for Anderstorp. Moving the show to Halmstad is the perfect solution. Thank you so much!!!
We have organised a two weeks vacation around both of the concerts, including trips to other places in Sweden. This costs a fortune. I am so happy, that you know and respect your fans, and that you did not just cancel the show, as other artists would have done. Thank you. Love.

ktoto: This is the link: But it’s only in Swedish (the red text), if you turn the site into English, then the text about the race-tickets are gone..

I really hate this ticket chaos now but it seems to me that the Race tix just can not be valid cause this criminal Urban..whatever is surely not able to pay the artists.
So what now...I have a Race Ticket for a show with some old ex- race drivers I don’t care a thing about and I ’m sure this event won’t even take place May 2011 because NOBODY would go there and the company is surely already bankrupt. They won’t give us the money back and that makes me sooooooooo angry..angry that I got fooled and that I didn’t listen to my inner voice which warned me right from the beginning after the first ticket confusions.
Anyway, not the fault of Rox and their management. I ’m just angry...if I now won’t get tix for Brottet I ’ll have to stay at home with over 250 € I’ ve spent for NOTHING!!! :(

All of you that have a not valid ticket for the 3day race should write to race legends or/and the ticket seller and say that you want your money back since the mainattraction for you has cancelled.

If they refuse you can try to get your money by making a complaint to “Allmänna reklamationsnämnden” (Consumer complaintcommitté (excuse me if that is a bad translation)). However they are not a court and their ruling is not binding, but most companies follow their decisions. The sad thing is that the complaint has to be in swedish. The good thing is that their help is free.

More information on:

I bought tickets for the Sundsvall show as well and I’m in the UK. I bought my tickets from a few months ago via the phone. I called the ticnet call centre, for non Swedish speakers they have an option to speak to someone who speaks English and technically they don’t accept credit cards from outside Sweden, you have to do a bank transfer from your own bank to their bank in Sweden which takes about two days. You order the ticket or tickets dependent on how many you want and they reserve them for you with a unique reference number. They give you the total amount due in SEK with postage costs and a reference number and their banking details, you then have 48 hours to start a bank transfer. The tickets are then posted to you; I got my tickets within about a week!

However if we can buy tickets on Live then for the EHM tour we could buy tickets from outside Sweden online with our credit cards and print our tickets off ourselves at home which is cheaper and so much easier, so I am hoping we have this option for the Halmstad show when tickets go on sale on Tuesday.

I’m emailed Live Nation this evening to ask them, so I’ll let you know what they say when they get back to me!


I doubt anyone is going to be getting money back from the organisers of ‘The Race Legends’ who hold the three day race tickets, because by the sounds of it the company are on the verge of Bankruptcy... people who paid with credit cards should contact their credit card companies they may be covered for getting there money back that way!

It looks like even P&M are not getting their money for the 9800 tickets sold for the Anderstorp show, so they are technically partly performing this Halmstad show for free, how many artists would do that for their fans!

Thanks Roxerally, your info is most helpful!!! Let us know when you get an answer from Live Nation :)

my biljettnu ticket was 605:-, the new tickets cost only 500:-, do they give the difference back? i guess this too much to ask for, the difference is too little but still, it’s something!

@randall: Of course not. They are in debt over 300 000 €.

Thanks Roxerally and daniel_alv for some very helpful infos here.

However, I have a 3-days-racing ticket as well and if successful or not, at least I’m trying to get the money back from this damn RaceLegends-organisation. And I only can encourage everybody in the same situation to do the same. Don’t make it that easy for them!!!

I’m just sooo glad that our original plan was to get accommodation in Halmstad and drive up to Anderstorp. It’s worked out well for us, at least, so thanks to Roxette. And apologies to all that may now have a battle on their hands :(

My original plan was to avoid Anderstorp! I had a feeling something would go wrong with this concert and venue... Still managed to get some decent accommodation in Halmstad for three nights no problems and flights were fairly cheap to Copenhagen so looking forward to an additional trip out there now! Never actually stayed in Halmstad, visited it many times but never stayed for a few nights so it’s kind of exciting! :)

@tevensso As there are obviously several hundreds or even thousands Roxfans Race-tickets holders, maybe it would be a good idea to ask dimberg if she can change locations, maybe to Örjans vall? Here & on Facebook, so many people with the more expensive race-tickets are in fear not getting hold of one of tomorrow´s released tickets. It seems like 6.500 race-ticket holders are Roxette fans actually. Grand stands B1 & B2, the cheapest ones, were sold out, and I guess, all Roxfans have those tickets. Maybe, we should count? Let me begin... 1! ;-)

I as well decided to sit Anderstorp out, too much fishy things going on. Glad I did. Sad for the ones who didn’t. It will be somewhat interesting to see if this race actually takes place in May 2011. My guess is that it won’t.

It was a blessing in disguise for me that my credit card refused to work on the Race Legends site... being the big motorsport fan that I am, I instantly tried to book race tickets.... canned that after about 10 tries and got concert only from instead.

@randall: I don’t think you can get 105 SEK back since you accually are getting what you payed for. In that case you would have to take the fight with them and get all money back and then buy a new ticket. When a company lower their prices the ones that bought for the higher price in generally doesn’t get the difference back.

Also I would like to add that if the company accually is going bankrupcy it will be hard to get the money, but since they have postponed the race and not cancelled it they atleast have to have some money. They must have some money left, otherwise they would have to file for bankrupcy. I would atleast try to get the money back if I had a 3day ticket.


here is the answer I got from TRL today...just to let you know that there is something going on concerning the race tix, but what...



vad betyder det? Jag måste ju köppa de nya biljetter redan imorgon...


The Race Legends Tickets schrieb:

> Mer information om race biljetter kommer att komma under början av nästa vecka.
> More information about the race tickets will be announced early next week.
> 11 jul 2010 kl. 10.38 skrev andreaskaempf :
>> Hej,
>> jag har 4 3-dagars biljetter till The race legends i Anderstorp den 13.-15.08.2010, som jag köpta ENDAST på grund av Roxette-konserten.
>> Som ni vet, har Roxette konserten flyttats till Halmstad eftersom The race legends kommer inte till i sommar.
>> Även om der blir av nästa år (untan Roxette) är det så att jag köpte biljetter till en evenemang till en bestämd tid (augusti 2010) och inte till en evanemang som kommer att blir av när som helst...
>> Desse biljetter gäller inte till Roxette-konserten i Halmstad och jag kräver att ni återköper dessa biljetter och betala mina pengar tillbaks!!!
>> MVH
>> Andreas

sleepingSingle: I got the same answer from Urban Stamming at TRL when I called him two days ago, Saturday. Something is going on, yes, but what? To make sure that I can see this consert I have to buy new tickets tomorrow, who knows if TRL ever will do anything.. I don’t trust Urban and TRL at all.. I hope for an answer from TRL this afternoon!

The best news ever! :-))

Good for Swedish tourism.:-)
I am really happy that the concert is not cancelled.

I would not trust TRL either.

Got this answer from The Race Legends:

Right now we are working to solve this.

We are doing everything we can to make sure that everyone who have a race ticket will be able to see the Roxette concert in Halmstad
on the 14th of August.

As soon as more information is available it will be announced on our website

As soon...I just don’t believe them......
Would be cool if the new Rox-Tickets selling would start maybe a bit later.......Otherwise this could get my most expensive Roxette concert I’ve ever visited!!!!

Got a new mail from TRL saying this:

Just nu arbetar vi med att lösa detta tekniskt. Inom några dagar kommer vi att återkomma till dig i detta ärende.
Vi ber om förståelse då det är många som hör av sig till oss just nu.
Vi ber om ursäkt för de problem detta för med sig.

I am confused...and will buy tix for Halmstad tomorrow...

Men jag har ingen förståelse kvar!!! Absolut igen!!!

How will they really solve this problem when they are not able to pay Per and Marie and the band etc...?.(if this is true)

Personally I don’t have a race ticket. I bought a biljettnu concert-only ticket when they were originally released. But if I had bought a race ticket, I would have demanded my money back. It’s an obvious case. The tickets were marketed as a package of race+concert. When the concert is cancelled, it’s not what you paid for. Everyone can go to court and get their money back. At least start with allmänna reklamationsnämnden if you like.

If they are a limited company (aktiebolag) with shares, their equity is not allowed to go below 50% of their share capital. If all of their equity is share capital and their share capital is for example SEK 100 000, their debts are not allowed to be over SEK 50 000 higher than their assets. If this happens, they have to issue a control balance sheet and have six months (if I remember correctly) to increase their equity to the full share capital. If this isn’t done, the company will be liquidated.

A large part of their balance sheet should be cash as assets (received payments for tickets) and prepaid revenues as debt (“debt” to the people who prepaid tickets for an event that will not take place during this financial year). None of the ticket sales are allowed to be booked as revenues or profit during this year.

If they ignore allmänna reklamationsnämnden, then just go to court. It’s an obvious case. After that if they can’t pay, Kronofogdemyndigheten will be involved. If their assets aren’t sufficient, they will be bankrupt. I would be so angry if I had bought their race ticket. If they don’t voluntary pay everyone who bought race tickets to see Roxette, I think they deserve bankruptcy. It’s not up to Roxette fans to finance a private company that can’t handle their business or profitability! Everyone should demand their rights.

Where is Marknadsplatsen located? Google gives me nothing. Is it downtown?

I haven’t found it yet either. I’ll let you know when I do.

Why not move the concert to Örjans vall ??

I hope that place is in Halmstad..... I just booked a place to stay last night.... grrrr

Ok, dug this off of the Race Legends

Press release from Live Nation:

After the Roxette concert on the 14th of August were moved from Anderstorp to Brottet in Halmstad, another 3000 tickets were released this morning. On 24 minutes all were sold out and Live Nation is now pleased to confirm that the Roxette concert is moved to meet the enormous pressure. The concert is moved from Brottet to the market square ”Marknadsplatsen” in Halmstad, and more tickets are on sale immediately.


Tickets for the concert at the Market Square in Halmstad costs 500 SEK + service charge and are sold through, Ticnet 077-170 70 70. Purchased concert tickets for the concert in Anderstorp are valid.



So Market Square, anybody know where that is?

It’s apparently a grassy field / camping ground so rumour has it... how true that is I don’t know! Getting tickets was not such a big problem for me from the UK this morning, caused a little headache and stressed me out but was easier than Sundsvall!

LiveNation you can buy online with a credit card and print your tickets off... or you can order online get a booking number, call them up as them nicely to extend the holding date of the ticket till when you arrive in Sweden so you can collect and pay when you arrive, ideal if you will arrive in Sweden for the Sundsvall show! It all really depends on who you speak to on the phone, but it’s so much easier if you have a credit card to buy online with LiveNation and print your tickets off at home!

Hi roxers!!!

I was very dissapointed this weekend when I read about the Race Legends fiasco. I thank roxette so much to take care of the fans and move the concert to Halmstad, many of us were going to travel from other countries all over the world just to see them on stage.

I wrote to [email protected] and they told me first that they would do their best to try to solve the problems with the validation of the Race Legends tickets, so that the ones who bought the 3-day access (that’s my case) could go to the new roxette concert in Halmstad. But they weren’t sure at all.

I wrote to the girl that sent me via e-mail my reservation confirmation of my Race Legends tickets payment to the Race Legends event. She told me that the tickets would be valid for the new concert in Halmstad.

I wrote to Livenation too, cause the english version of their website dind’t say that our kind of tickets were not valid. They didn’t answer me, but today is said in their website that the only valid tickets for the new roxette concert are the concert-only Race Legends tickets. This sucks!

I didn’t know which was the correct information. So necessarily, as many of you, I had to buy today two new tickets for the Roxette concert in Halmstad in order to be sure that my husband and I could go to the concert... so I’ve expended a lot of money by the way. Now I have my two 3-days access Race Legends tickets which included the Roxette concert too, plus the two new Roxette concert tickets that I bought today. That’s 4 tickets, and I don’t even know If the first ones will be finally valid for the Roxette concert in Halmstad because every information is so confusing. Probably, I made a silly thing buying the new two tickets, but who knows... I’m happy to have these two new tickets!

Now I can only wait to see what happens and try to get my Race Legends tickets refund, cause I bought two tickets that included the access to the Race Legends Event and to the Roxette concert. I don’t understand why the concert-only tickets sold for the Race Legends event are the only valid tickets. The organisation can’t change things like this, it’s not legal.

It’s not what I paid for and I will claim my money.... all of you should do the same.

Rox on!

Hi, I feel for anyone caught up in all this, I too was sposed to fly to Sweden (I’m a NZer) but now I can’t due to making an important sporting event I’m in. I have a single - concert only - ticket - which is transferable - and was bought in April, if anyone wants it at the price I bought it for please email, I’m not after a quick dollar - I would rather make someone happy with it. Its a standing ticket. Cheers. On the up side - i’m going to both the Roxette concerts in Russia!!! can’t wait!!!!

Hi! I’ve bought 4 tickets to the 3 days race legends so I could go the concert. Fave away 3 as birthdaygifts ( not so great now...) That meens that I also bought new tickets yesterday when the tickets were released. Lots of money thar really could have come to bettet use...
I wrote to race legends yesterday - demanding my money back- and they haven’t sent me an answer yet. All of us who have these useless racetickets must keep pushing them to buy the tickets back!!!

In that case they should have changed the headliner to Gyllene Tider as well!


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