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Written by Roxwriter on July 16, 2010 to .

Following Wednesday night's appearance of "It Must Have Been Love" on Australia's national countdown clip show "20 to 1" Australian cable (Foxtel) channel MusicMAX aired a 33 minute "Best of: Roxette" special on Thursday 15th July at 10.30 pm (AEST).

The songs played were as follows:

- "Joyride"
- "The Look"
- "Dressed for Success"
- "It Must Have Been Love"
- "Listen To Your Heart"
- "Milk and Toast and Honey"

Basically these are the only Roxette videos they have in their archive. They are missing the obvious hits and this reporter urges all Aussie Roxette fans to mail MusicMax and ask them for "Dangerous", "Fading Like a Flower", "How Do You Do!", "Sleeping in My Car", "The Big L", "Spending My Time", "Wish I Could Fly", "Run To You", "Crash Boom Bang" and "Almost Unreal".

Jophesine77 contributed to this article.


Better to probably mail Dimberg and give her the details of MusicMax to organise some lacky to send them some videos. I can’t see MusicMax going out of their way to look for videos. It’s a pity these others videos never get seen anymore. Us aussies really need to come up with a good plan of attack to get these other great songs on air! Also ’Church Of Your Heart’!

Good idea. We should all email MusicMAX and Dimberg and EMI OZ. I mean for a music channel NOT to have Dangerous or Fading Like a Flower is insane!

shouldn’t forget ’The Centre of the Heart’..and..’Anyone’..and..’June Afternoon’(just to throw it out there..people should know a summer tune as catchy as hell was written in the Winter!)..and..’Salvation’..the scenery in both ’Anyone’ and ’Salvation’ videos is amazing.. makes one want to get up and go somewhere Tropical or Ancient.. If Roxette are to come back stronger; due to interest from new fans, prospect fans that happened to catch a Rox tune on the radio and they enjoyed; then it’s all up to us.. fans. We want them where they once were and the only way of doing this is by dedication and using this dedication in a healthy manner to get radio, tv etc.. attention to our fav band.. yes, our band is back! Night of the Proms = Energy Drink... Per’s vid’s = Tease! .. View of Marie = Angelic..Salvation..Survivor.. Beautiful.. “I do believe..” that a great way to get people’s attention is by using ’Wish I Could Fly” It’s ageless..a masterpiece–great to hear in the evening yet, a great tune during the hot summertime in the afternoon–even songs like ’Breathe’ or even ’Entering My Heart’ wouldn’t surprise me if it caught on and fast.. The last 3yrs have been great for music..It’s even greater now and I believe Roxette can do this again.. We know you can.. We want you and want you to succeed.. We want to see you on stage again and even though it might be the last time; to witness such a class act..’event!’; it’s going to be a lasting memory ’til our death bed.

I must say I have noticed a change of attitude towards Roxette here in Oz the last few years...

5 years ago if I said I was a Roxette, people would laugh or ask who they were... Roxette had pretty much been forgotten.

Today if I say I’m a Roxette fan, the average response is generally positive, and whoever I’m talking to would be say something like “Oh cool, I love them, are they still around?”

Somewhere along the line there has been a shift, maybe those of us who were school in 1989, and are now hitting our 30’s heading towards 40 are hearing the songs and remembering them from when we grew up.

@rezmad: That’s what i’ve noticed too! And the fact that suddenly all these specials are appearing on OZ TV tells me its not just in my head ;-) I still don’t know where they would stand with a new album, that ship may have sailed but if the songs are strong enough & radio decided to pick them up again then you never know! Fingers crossed!

I was always hoping Max would do some Roxette best of or similar show. Too bad they had nothing to really show.

imazombie.. said: “Better to probably mail Dimberg and give her the details of MusicMax to organise some lacky to send them some videos. I can’t see MusicMax going out of their way to look for videos. It’s a pity these others videos never get seen anymore.

I did email Max about this a long time ago. Their response was something along the lines of “EMI haven’t supplied us with the videos, thanks for watching MusicMax.” So it seems it’s up to the record company to provide them and seeing how EMI is, there is a pretty slim chance of anything happening. Although it would be nice if Ms Dimberg was able to give EMI OZ a kick up the butt and get them to organise something.

Roxwriter said: “I mean for a music channel NOT to have Dangerous or Fading Like a Flower is insane!”

It really is pathetic that Max only have 5 out of the 40-odd singles Roxette have released. Especially as at least half of them have made the the top 20 or higher. So many great songs and videos like Spending my time, How do you do!, Wish I Could Fly, Sleeping in my car, A thing about you, and people just don’t get to hear or see them.

re: 20 to 1 - It seems Charli Delaney has good taste in music, hehe. Too bad they couldn’t have used a better and more appropriate clip from Per/Marie relating to the song. If i’m not mistaken that clip was taken from making of Joyride where Marie was talking about how she find it hard to write in english, even though it’s a Per penned song.

Well get to work guys, on attempting to get Roxette to Oz and get those missing videos you want / need!

Contact D&D here...


i noticed the shift shortly after the rox remasters hit the digital stores. that being said the alot of usa vendors dont still have cbb or room service or the boxed set in digital form. i have my reservations about a new album only because i dont want them to be the object of ridicule if it turns out to be less than what people come to expect from roxette and seeing how awful the one wish video was i wonder how well the album will be promoted abscent a video. so say we all

@Roxerally - Do the same in the UK?? What do you think??

correct me if im wrong but mainstream music video channles wont air videos for songs not released in their country and dont lables still have to pay to get videos into rotation. so say we all

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