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Roxette World Tour 2011 schedule

Important info regarding Roxette tickets!

Written by tevensso on July 13, 2010 to and . Source: Live Nation.

(Updated) - WARNING!

LiveNation warns ticket buyers to not use unauthorized sellers!

After the Roxette concert August 14 was moved to Halmstad, are no longer authorized to sell tickets to the concert. However, LiveNation has found out that still sells tickets to the concert - they will not be valid.

Tickets bought from after July 9 are not valid for the concert. Tickets bought before July 9 are valid.

Three-day race tickets are not valid.

Per Gessle himself stresses that you should get your tickets via Ticnet.


Well you could not have put it simpler than that... anyone that can’t understand that – I give up! ;)

Hehe... we got there eventually.....

Now guess I’d better find a date on my ticket, or print up the e-mail etc I got it with as proof of purchase date... just in case!

I think there will a long-long ticket control! ROX ON!!!

so my ticket dosent have any date on it (when it was printed) how can it be checked that its bought before july 9 which it is?

I’m actually quite pleased I didn’t plan a trip this year

Wow, this is sooo sad. Roxette on hiatus comes back after forever and they get stuck with a crummy deal like this has been. I won’t be anywhere near where they are going to be; but it is nice to think of them doing their thing again! Hope it’s a great concert.

LiveNation knows which tickets are valid and which are not.

I’d imagine it’d all be in the barcode on the ticket.

Still wont hurt to take a print out of the e-mail you got the ticket in, as that will have the dates and order numbers etc, on it as well.

I haven’t these email yet!
So i hope all be in the barcode!

Like Rez says, not a bad precaution.


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