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Per Gessle and Ryan Adams?

Written by tevensso on January 17, 2008 to .

STOCKHOLM - In several articles on the web one can read that Ryan Adams has been working with "Per Gessle, the guitarist of Roxette," in Stockholm. Per himself does not know that he has been working with Adams: "Maybe he's been working with MP?"

Further investigation by The Daily Roxette finds that Adams has been in Nord Studios, in part owned by Micke "Nord" Andersson, who indeed was Roxette's guitarist on the world tour '94-'95. When The Daily Roxette asks Per about this, Per replies "Gee, I don't know, perhaps Micke said he was me?"

Per, the “former pop star,” gets tax cuts

Written by tevensso on January 15, 2008 to . Source: GP | E24.

Due to the new real estate taxation law in Sweden effective January 1 a few Swedes can rejoice in huge tax reliefs. Among those is Per Gessle who tops the list and will have 123,000 Swedish kronor (13,000 €) more to shop with. Per Gessle is nowadays apparently a "former pop star" according to the Swedish article.

EMI, a company in deep crisis

Written by alchemiste on January 13, 2008 to .

Up to 2,000 jobs at EMI – more than one in three of the workforce – are at risk under a radical restructuring of the music group drawn up by private-equity boss Guy Hands. Thousands of artists will also go from EMI’s 14,000-strong roster. Little is known which artists will have to go at this point.

Robbie Williams is refusing to release his next album until he knows what kind of service an artist of his magnitude could expect from his record company. Williams' manager says that EMI's new CEO, said Guy Hands, is behaving like a plantation owner. Coldplay is also considering leaving EMI while Radiohead and Paul McCartney have already left.

The flying Dutchman flies again

Written by 7-Twenty-7 on January 7, 2008 to .

Grammis-awarded Cornelis Vreeswijk tribute compilation, 'Den flygande holländaren' was re-released (January 3) in the shape of a 3-CD digipack.
It comprises the classic double-CD, the following 'Den flygande holländaren 2' from 1998 plus five bonus tracks. The cover artwork was slightly modified to fit all the artists in it.

Familiar to all the Marie fans, the songs 'Veronica', 'Ann-Katrin farväl' and 'Felicia adjö' were originally recorded for this tribute album, and later included as bonus tracks on the 'Den ständiga resan' remastered edition. Eldkvarn's 'Somliga går med trasiga skor' features Marie on backing vocals. The instrumental intro was produced and arranged by Marie and Anders Herrlin. You can hear her playing the keyboards on this track as well.

Sort of a '20th anniversary' expanded edition, a chance to grab a copy since the original CD has been out-of-print for quite a long time.

Year in review 2007: Gessle on tour, Marie and husband in studio - but where was Roxette?

Written by roxeteer on January 5, 2008 to and .

12 months have gone by in a flash and it's again the time for The Daily Roxette's annual "Year in review" article.

2007 was something you can call a slow news year - Roxette wise. Per released a Swedish solo album, "En händig man," and did a summer tour, but there was not a single Roxette news article after March 2007.

Late December 2006 and a couple of days later in January 2007, Radio Halland aired an interesting two-part interview with Per Gessle. In the interview Per revealed for the first time that he's working on a new solo album. The reporter had also heard rumors of a summer tour and asked Per about it. According to Per, nothing had been decided at that point and that the "Mazarin" tour had been put together only two months before the premier night. In March the tour looked more likely when Expressen published a story about Per releasing an album soon with a tour following it.

Per also claimed he's working on a follow-up to Son of a Plumber album, but later Per admitted that he was only trying to fool people with it. Although, later in the year, Son of a Plumber did make a surprise comeback…

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