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Per Gessle and Ryan Adams?

Written by tevensso on January 17, 2008 to .

STOCKHOLM - In several articles on the web one can read that Ryan Adams has been working with "Per Gessle, the guitarist of Roxette," in Stockholm. Per himself does not know that he has been working with Adams: "Maybe he's been working with MP?"

Further investigation by The Daily Roxette finds that Adams has been in Nord Studios, in part owned by Micke "Nord" Andersson, who indeed was Roxette's guitarist on the world tour '94-'95. When The Daily Roxette asks Per about this, Per replies "Gee, I don't know, perhaps Micke said he was me?"


Haha, funny, “Per himself does not know that he has been working with Adams”. :D

I discover Ryan’s music by accident over one year ago when he releases his Cold Roses album. Absolutely great one, unfortunately I cannot tell that about his other CDs.

this news ? gee tight pickings. lol


maybe Adams just said “the guitarrist of roxette” and the reporters, well informed as they always are, just added Per Gessle to the article? ;-)

I mean, I suppose Adams knows with whom he has recorded an album or? ;-)
Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true

Plausible reasoning, Judith!

For those who are interested in more info on these sessions, see ->

Yes Purple, and Per’s name was mentioned on the Wiki site as well, I removed it. :)

“Gee, I don’t know, perhaps Micke said he was me?”

:D :D :D Thanks for that, it really lightens up my day, PeGe. Keep on roxin’!

Gessle: Det spelar ingen roll vad som skrivs, bara bilden är bra :D

Hehe, something to laugh about :-)

At first I thought it was a mistake. I’ve always heard about Bryan Adams, but this Ryan doesn’t ring a bell at all!

This is getting quite usual. A few weeks ago somebody mentioned an Australian singer (Ian Starr) was working with Per:

Today promotion is everything. And if the name Ryan Adams (*g*) doesn’t work then try something else. And obviously that “something else” seems to work ;-)
I Love The Sound Of Crashing Guitars

There is no mystery (regarding where the “lead guitarist” comment originated). On NordHansen Recording Studio’s website, Micke’s biography reads:

“Mikael was the lead guitarist for the band Roxette on their World Tour 1994-1995.”

No one said that part was a mystery. The “mystery” consists of the name Per Gessle being that guitarist in Roxette, and recording with RA.

Btw, what do you all think who is better guitarist Micke Nord or Jonas?

According to what we can see in the Live in Johannesburg concert I would say it’s Micke, he’s doing more solos than Jonas and plays pedal steel guitar as well.

I think they are both excellent guitar players, I think Nord is more on the heavy side, Jonas more soul/jazzy. For me they could both play together for hours with Marie adding some random improvised vocals = heaven ;D
Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true

@Judith: I couldn’t have said better!

I’m gonna get dressed for success


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