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The flying Dutchman flies again

Written by 7-Twenty-7 on January 7, 2008 to .

Grammis-awarded Cornelis Vreeswijk tribute compilation, 'Den flygande holländaren' was re-released (January 3) in the shape of a 3-CD digipack.
It comprises the classic double-CD, the following 'Den flygande holländaren 2' from 1998 plus five bonus tracks. The cover artwork was slightly modified to fit all the artists in it.

Familiar to all the Marie fans, the songs 'Veronica', 'Ann-Katrin farväl' and 'Felicia adjö' were originally recorded for this tribute album, and later included as bonus tracks on the 'Den ständiga resan' remastered edition. Eldkvarn's 'Somliga går med trasiga skor' features Marie on backing vocals. The instrumental intro was produced and arranged by Marie and Anders Herrlin. You can hear her playing the keyboards on this track as well.

Sort of a '20th anniversary' expanded edition, a chance to grab a copy since the original CD has been out-of-print for quite a long time.

3 comments it just expanded or is it remastered as well? Just curious. was just thinking of Pirates of the Carribean as I read the headline....forgive me Marie! ;) LOL
Somwhere between my CD’s I have this old double version...didn’t listen to it quite often though

haha! I just got the latest 2 DVDs of Pirates and watched them on weekend, when I read this I wondered “what the hell does Depp have to do with Roxette” :D then of course a second later I realised.
Funny how, a Swede plays in the Pirates, and he is “part of the flying Dutchman” :)

Anyway, the title of this album must have to do with the legend about this ship, I suppose something like a metaphore like the Dutchman (Cornelis) who never rests (he seems to have moved around quite a lot) or so.

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