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Per, the “former pop star,” gets tax cuts

Written by tevensso on January 15, 2008 to . Source: GP | E24.

Due to the new real estate taxation law in Sweden effective January 1 a few Swedes can rejoice in huge tax reliefs. Among those is Per Gessle who tops the list and will have 123,000 Swedish kronor (13,000 €) more to shop with. Per Gessle is nowadays apparently a "former pop star" according to the Swedish article.


This was also mentioned in Finnish news papers.

According to this article Per is “ex-Roxette”. I send them some feedback...

kind of is really. More pop rock star lol

Gessle can buy himself a new coat.

of course “a former” pop star.....................we all know how to deal with such comments about Roxette, Marie or Per in the press, don’t we?!?

This money are for a year or for a month?


He he - former Pop star. How funny! Where was that ’journalist’ last year? Probably under a rock somewhere!!!

Former, ha??? :(
Anyway, can somebody who speaks Swedish clarify it for me? This “före” means former or before??? I mean it’s about the “former popstar bla bla” or “before (reducing the taxes) the popstar bla bla...”?
However it is, Per is still THE popstar for me :)

@joyofatoy2: “Före detta” means former.

can someone explain me how to understand expression “more to shop with”?
thanks in advance

he will have more money for shopping

About money – good for Gessle, about former pop star – no comments

To clarify the tax issue somewhat:

Per’s house has been one of the most ridiculously over-taxed ones in Sweden, if not the most over-taxed house. From Jan 1 the gov’t has decided that the tax will be gone, and instead of that a fee will be charged, for houses worth lots you get to keep lots, but if you take for instance my house, I will save an extra 1000 kronor compared to the tax. Better yes, but not really so much better.

my comment have nothing to do wit the article but on pers website sombody says that he had eating disorders, is this true?? must have a answer!!

I don’t find where it says “former pop star”? :D I am no Sweden but with the sentence I understand “since before this popstar’s home was taxed with 16,8 mio crowns, the new tax law is surely welcome”? :)

Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true

It’s in the sentence before 16.8 million. ;)

ok :) funny :)

tried to reach you via msn but you not online..
Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true

Have a nice shopping, Per!

I’m gonna get dressed for success


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